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Now... If only we can get this browser updated and up to speed.
I can't stream anything and I'm totally missing my ESPN all my hoop & football games .

I regret trading it in..... It truly is the poor man's Cable Box

Say did you know that there are websites that you can stream tv shows on right from the Ps3??

No Sons or TWD ohh man. I had stars in my eyes this past Thursday for the Ps4... co...

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Word as bond Majin! Bubs for the funny bub.

Preach.. Chuuuch... Tabernacle...

I dammn sure wasn't feeling that Milo cat..

I believe that an Amber Alert should've been issued for that cat years ago right?

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Ferreal Molynuex? Now you sir take a seat over there by Mr. Reggie "Meh" Fis Amie

These guys are incredible. One guy is mad that ppl won't be talking about his console as much after this November...

The other has a failed franchise (except for the 1st one).

Yea umm... Can I get some Milk with this PB & Jealous much sandwich please?

Rock★ earned that shit! Can they live... Sheesh


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Me either... but GR is a boss ass game. Kat is so dope... I swear on my imaginary gamer card... I'm going back to that and I'm gonna finish that joint! Annnnd who's messing with Kat in PS Allstars? She will give you the business boyeee... especially if you know how to use her character.

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Man I am gonna have to get back on SS to bag this Magusar fella... But I wonder if you can jump in Super Stardust err Soul Sacrifice Delta... Lol

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This game is truly amazing and I must return to it.

As always, I wish that there was a Vita version of this incredible game! Peace

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I adore this game. That is why I give cats the blues in PSAllstars with madam Nariko.... I so love Heavenly Sword and I would love to see a resurrected series. Antoniades is kind of a douche although I truly believe that Sony could have promoted HS a lot better. Anyway... you'll know where to find me. Peace


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They've gotta add Arabic. It's weird that they won't. That's where all of the $$ is. But seriously tho they may have to add support for it down the line.

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Pious Pope Kazuo Harai! Visionary!

"Who got it? This guy"

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3 more words: Uncharted Golden Abyss

4 words: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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I am gonna respectfully disagree here. I did not pick up my Vita for that "one game". I got mines for the love of portable quality console gaming as well as those casual pick up and play games on the go. The problem I think most people have is that they are afraid that there will be absolutely nothing on this console that will suit their needs. But I'd suggest here that the 3 month $17.99 PlayStation Plus deal is where one would go to get their instant library started.

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Here we go again sigh. During Sony's Gamescom panel, did you hear what the devs had to say about the Vita? I'm with them, "The Vita is a dedicated device, and that it does not try to be anything else"

I am getting so tired of the same worn out Vita has no games comments! PlayStation Plus has changed all of that. Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Crown to name a couple. Not to mention everyone who still is comparing Vitas to cellphones and tablets lol. Now a price...

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well I am a gamer that prefers Sony but overstand, my loyalty lies with the gamers.

I just crack up at how I shared my opinion and they shut my comment down and marked it offensive...

btw, it's funny how the tide turns speaking of these 'loyalists' because I remember if you dared to say something unfavorable about XBOX the dogs would come out for you..

doesn't take away how I feel about these entitled gamers...

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N4G mods... yall are the absolute worse.

WTH was offensive about my comment. I knew there was a reason I stopped coming to this awful site

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I disagree.. the game isn't dying... I love Allstars!!! Man I play it every day..

It could definitely use a patch.. The online is terrible at times I hope they release a patch to stabilize that too.

Too bad they won't be adding new fighters..

Allstars rocks yo... Hope we can get a sequel!

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"Maybe now he will stop playing video games and help others."

You sir.... really need a reality check.. your comment makes you appear very ignorant.

I had to think for a couple of minutes before responding to your idiotic dribble...

I started to cuss you out but N4G mods are pretty itchy with the ban hammer..

The problem with your comment is in all truth and sincerity, very unintelligent and makes ABSOLUTELY no sens...

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OMG these guys no disrespect are sheer Nintendo fanboys... and they're just like the rest... The Vita is doomed, it has no games argument... my goodness kill yo selves.

"The Vita is still screwed", WOW... I remember when the 3ds had NO GAMES on it and everyone declared it dead in the water... now it's finally got games and oh how we forget about the 3ds sorry ass launch.

I'm sorry, but my Vita is way more appealing to me than the 3DS. No...

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