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hackers sympathetic to ISIS terror group hacked the PSN network. anyone blaming this only on sony needs to get the head out of their ass, this is a much bigger problem, and i hope to god the American government deals with these s.o.b's

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The reason why borderlands isnt on ps4 is because borderlands 2 is being released for Vita.
If the Pre-Sequel was available on ps4 it would diminished the Vita release and people would just remote play the pre-sequel.

But i believe the pre-sequel would eventually be released on ps4 as a game of the year version

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i believe the voice commands on amazon fire only work for the amazon prime video service
they dont work for netflix, you still have to use the controller and enter text

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"Zeke was insufferable" way man, i guess you didnt like the first 2 games. im not against anyone not liking the game, i admit gta5 has raised the bar extremely high for open-world games. but i dont play those games because i dont like the american/urban gangster mentality of gta. so to each his own i guess.

I just placed my order for ps4 earlier today along with this game. cant wait for monday

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this is why you need some sort of fantasy element to these kind of hack and slash games, ryse looks too boring trying to be realistic. its why god of war and darksiders worked and this doesn't.

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dont bother, its a rubbish article

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the library of classic films available on bluray blows netflix out of the water. and most of these films have undergone new high tranfers

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wrong reply

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just like heavy rain, i'll be skipping the demo and waiting for my preorder to arrive. i have faith in david cage and everything ive seen about this game so far

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they only thought about this now, im still not buying. bf always had daunting flying controls and the fanbase basically camps by the aircrafts. then they rush you when one appears in front of you.
Battlefield players are the worst players out of all fps games. major league campers.screw this series i hope it bombs.

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This is a great article

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microsoft isn't worried about sony?
let's see..... nobody wants a windows 8 phone, nobody wants a windows 8 tablet and the windows 8 for pc is a UI embarrassment. so yea i guess microsoft has more things to be worried about, like their OS moneypot will one day just dry up.

sony has gaikai, which is the future of games, maybe not now, but definitely in the coming years.
what does microsuck have office excel spreadsheets.

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Kaz will bring back Sony from the brink.
It will be a new age for Sony. (like them lord of the rings movies)

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added $25 to my account,about 4 hours ago. it still hasnt registered in my account. there's a message saying "There may be a delay in processing the transaction." no s**t.

i hope its just a delay in the network because everyone sign in back in.

i normally use a website to buy my psn cards digitally, i use "jerry cards". if you have a paypal account you receive the card in less than 15 minutes.

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sony has a lot of flops.....thats the truth

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no. it steals your soul and puts you into a shitty kojima soap opera where you are forced to watch boring cutscene after cutscene with no gameplay.

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moehammed & aisha wedding night:the videogame

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longtime sony fan, 2 ps3,hdtv,sound system....but im ready for next gen with microsoft.
i have lost faith in sony being a competent software developer. just a litany bad ps3 updates.

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personally i have that "rgb setting" thing set to limited. full range makes blurays appear way too dark.

...ive heard something about ps3 being able to play games too, but i dont know anything about that

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its time for the SONY to die to make room for the xbox 720 and steambox and nintendo wiiu.
we dont want you any more sony. get lost.

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