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Uncharted 1-3 for PS4 is the only thing that is going to be realistic as an anniversary announcement.

Last of Us and Uncharted 4 for PS4 we already know about. #28
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When MS get rid of Kinect and have a service better or on par with Playstion+ then you might beable to compare them.

Xbox One exclusives will still beable to be played a about 2 years when its all dirt cheap , MS might have even got better bang for buck deals by then aswell... i said MIGHT! :D #23
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The hype with DX12 is so high, but with the small gains it will have, it will be classed as a let down when it is released , just like all the others, except maybe DX9 because at that time OpenGL was in a strange place until 2006 when The Khronos Group Consortium took over OpenGL and gave it a better direction.

Direct X aint even needed for Xbox, its just another reason to get people to buy into everything Microsoft, as in:

" Hey some of our tools are fr... #35
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I'm sure Crystal Dynamics could do with her working on Kain or Tomb Raider, it would not hurt, that is for sure. #75
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I cant see any proof for this at all, sounds like someone had a bad dream with his tin foil had still on.

But in saying that i do have to question why steam every now and then will want your permission to scan your PC for what you have installed.

" Go on Gabe have snoop around you dirty hacker! " #9
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The Batman games from Rocksteady are fantastic, i think Rockysteady should do other superhero games because they are so good at it. #6
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No Man's Sky is a game that needs to be on every platform possible, so people can see what sort of scale a game can be played, because i have not seen a game that you can fly down from space through the atmosphere land the craft get out walk around and do things, then take a dip in the ocean, that is what i call game immersion.

But if a company makes this an exclusive, less people get to see what this game is trying to do, so the demand for it will be alot lower.
... #19
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I love the scale on what they are thinking, looks good. #2
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I really hope the patch/future patches brings features that are really needed.

The coms codec needs sorting out, it seems really bad at the moment, i thought it was the stock headset/mic, but when i heard a friend on another brand headset it didnt sound good at all.

The media side of things seems bland and restricted compared to last gen, things like media server support, 3D etc. But something is telling me that we are not going to have that flexibility, beca... #16
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Cliffy B joining Black Tusk for a new Gears game? #62
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I like the sound of this, now maybe Epic can focus on a really good Unreal game.

One can only hope. #46
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The time frame they released the console was on the edge of next gen, so they should have had the well known IP's ready to go , and we are still waiting for a Mario Kart for example to be released.

I go on to the Nintendo store over Xmas to catch a deal, and it was poor.

The console is not bad, its just that it needs better pricing on the hardware/software and more of it.

Nindendo have been in the console market longer than the others , t... #11
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When i tested Gaikai before Sony aquired them, i tried Mass Effect 3 demo, and it was quite good for a game steaming service, it seemed better than onlive at the time. But i have a fast internet speed, so that would have helped alot.

I would say its all about what type of game you are playing, for example a fast pace game that requires fast input response time(fast button mashing)like a fighting game may not be so great, but somthing like an adventure game with its slow pace... #81
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Real gamers use colostomy bags. #16
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Unless my eyes deceive, that demo was awful.

I'm not surprised tho as the original Kinect is the same, constantly having to repeat myself , the Kinect is female for sure. ( sorry ladies :D ) #13
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I would like to see a few videos with this happening to back up the facts.

1. You have people taking the PS4 apart on day 1 one, and they put it back together and things don't line up correct.

2. You have fanboy wars escalating rumours making it worse.

Lets see the facts.

Like they say " Screenshot , or it didn't happen" . #36
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Anything that powerful is going to wobble, like a V8 starting up. #39
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Tbh he says that the paste is dry etc etc, but does not show you, the video is cut at that point around 15 mins into it.

I have seen these people all my life, they buy something new, and take it apart and put it back together and think they have done the world great deed. #10
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" XBOX.. drop the price" ... mmm not working, i will wait for them to put that command in.

Tbh i think Major Nelson is demonstrating the response time of the Sony TV. #36
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I would have thought it was something to do with Gran Turismo 6 being released early December, 2 Sony racers too close together, this way GT6 gets to sell more.

As an example, i was going to skip GT6 because Driveclub looks alot better and is Nextgen, but now i will probably get them both.

If i was a driving/racer nut i would get them both if they would have been released on the same day, with a steering wheel and foot pedals and possibly a car door. #144
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