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Episodes rub me/people up the wrong way, its a bad idea.

If it was a new IP then it might work, but not for a well known franchise.

I don't get why these game companies try to reinvent the wheel.

Who knows with Hideo Kojima maybe we will get a BOX we can hide in when we get scared after each episode.

I still cringe about the BOX from MGS at E3 this year. #7
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Playstation Now will be a very short journey if they dont get the price right. #9
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I don't need anymore screenshots to tell me how great Driveclub is.

People comparing Forza to Driveclub need to be aware that Forza Horizon 2 plays more like a Need for Speed game, that does not mean Forza will be a bad game. I like that Forza is getting classic cars like Ford Capri etc.

Driveclub is different beast, even with just 50 cars, the attention to detail is through the roof, no matter what console you like better , if you cant see that, then yo... #26
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Keep Uncharted in computer land, i cant imagine anyone taking Nate and Sully on, if it was a CGI Movie then they could use Nolan North , Richard McGonagle, Emily Rose , Claudia Black etc

As far as the new game is concerned i think it's graphics moving on, i think when people hear Nate and Sully going at it, it will quickly feel like Uncharted ... at least i hope so. #67
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Since a patch for ether PS4 or Vita after Xmas my streaming as been bad, dropping even before the game as started, i am using wired too.

Not quite the perfect couple at the moment it would seem. #4
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Blasting 200 zombies aint scary , but 1 zombie coming out of a wardrobe while you are not expecting it makes all the difference.

We need to get that scary/suspense factor back into Resident Evil games.

I need me some brown trouser fix. #74
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I think we should at least beable to stream our instant game collection and the games we have payed for ,to what ever device under the PS+ service. #23
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At the moment PS4 looks sweet. #10
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Sony have Music and Video Unlimited for a reason, and that reason is so they can SELL you the content, not folks playing their own ripped music and movies.

So if DLNA is coming to PS4 in 2015, we are doing well considering consoles have a 7-10 year life span before most folks move on to the next big thing.

I think the bottom line is, is that we should be grateful we are getting it at all under the circumstance. #24
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Drive Club continues to impress me, i didnt even think about the rain with windforce on the bonnet, it is another nice touch of realism.

Not a massive selection of cars , but it has a Audi R8 so that makes me happy. #105
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Articles saying Free Games when i pay a subscription for them, nothing free about it. lol

Now i can see it being free if Mummy or Daddy pays for the subs. :D (wink) #6
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Mmmmmm Valve are making Steam Machine which is to push OpenGL/Linux, so why would they say that DX12 is better, even if it was better?

Reading his twitter/blog and between the lines, he is saying that OpenGL needs more support from the vendors other wise DX12/Mantle will leave it behind.

His blogs( ) has a better insight to whats going on, instead of a websites with... #14
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Mind blowing! #47
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So MS have a price drop model coming out in the summer with no exclusive games coming out until the end of the year (Sunset Overdrive).

Because i have a PS4 i have access to Multi-Platform games that are coming out anyway, so the rest 2014 is nothing to get excited for with Xbox One, and you can bet money on it that another price drop is coming at the end of the year. #131
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PS+ vs Live .......

Anyone who has both can clearly see that PS+ destroys live value for money.

And these people saying you get FREE games on PS+, how can they be free if thats what you are paying for in the first place? LOL

But im glad that MS are bad at it, because it shows how good things can be on other platforms.

But make no mistake a great game on Xbox/Xbone is a great game, i aint going blame a game dev for the crap th... #16
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Uncharted 1-3 for PS4 is the only thing that is going to be realistic as an anniversary announcement.

Last of Us and Uncharted 4 for PS4 we already know about. #28
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When MS get rid of Kinect and have a service better or on par with Playstion+ then you might beable to compare them.

Xbox One exclusives will still beable to be played a about 2 years when its all dirt cheap , MS might have even got better bang for buck deals by then aswell... i said MIGHT! :D #23
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The hype with DX12 is so high, but with the small gains it will have, it will be classed as a let down when it is released , just like all the others, except maybe DX9 because at that time OpenGL was in a strange place until 2006 when The Khronos Group Consortium took over OpenGL and gave it a better direction.

Direct X aint even needed for Xbox, its just another reason to get people to buy into everything Microsoft, as in:

" Hey some of our tools are fr... #35
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I'm sure Crystal Dynamics could do with her working on Kain or Tomb Raider, it would not hurt, that is for sure. #75
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I cant see any proof for this at all, sounds like someone had a bad dream with his tin foil had still on.

But in saying that i do have to question why steam every now and then will want your permission to scan your PC for what you have installed.

" Go on Gabe have snoop around you dirty hacker! " #9
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