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Yeah and every image different, each one using post processing in a totally different way, greatly altering the scene with allsorts of haze , motion blur etc.

People are too busy throwing buzz words around to point out the obvious.

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If i can buy Xbox games from the store to play on my PC (The Real Beast), then why would i need a Scorpio?

And when people see Anthem running on PS4 Pro, they will be more than happy with it and realise its not a exclusive 4k trip that only Xbox X can provide.

And btw the look of Xbox X is so plain, quite boring tbh.

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[Quote] HotMoltenLava : I don't always play games, but when I do I prefer Scorpio.

Cool, so what games are you playing on Scorpio?

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You dont need FPS counters if you make great games. :D

But Xbox fanse can rejoice that Xbox Scorpio is a getting a new exclusive IP, its called Terror Flop, it has a high resolution counter that sits in the middle of the screen running in true 4K, from the screenshots ive seen, this is going to blow the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Driveblub and Uncharted away. Stay Tuned!

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Fantastic game, pure class and it has so much going for it, i would not know where to start.

Hacking a Trampler and watching it go back into the herd and go berserk never gets old. :D

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My console is winning , My console is winning ! Ha Ha

Show me the exclusive games , and value for money.

I just see Microsoft as a Placebo Effect, because people know they are forcing and breaking principles all the way to the bank on all their platforms, and people still think they are great.

Its funny how we now pay for mandatory online multiplayer service, that now Nintendo are introducing,which seems the norm now ,that Microsoft int...

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It really is a great game, no messing about!

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To make VR a mainstream tool, these companies need to organise mini road shows, because you need to put the headset on to experience what is going on, you cant do that on Youtube videos, and E3 etc, will not reach enough people to make it mainstream. Get these things in music festivals , holiday resorts , instead of waiting for people to come, take the platform to them.

I remember crowds of people gathered at a PlayStation booth at a music festival in the early days of Pla...

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[Quote] According to Bossa Studios Co-founder CEO Henrique Elifiers, he is considering whether there is still a future for his company in the country as some of the best and brightest European talents he employs are refusing to resettle in the UK.

Well he may just have to run that by 21st Century Fox and Apollo Global Management since they both own Bossa Studios with 50% each.

Just another company trying to exploit cheap/slave labor as far as im concerne...

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Anyone in the right mind can see this console is still in beta, with very bad design. The docking station is a disaster.

And to think that Nintendo are going to start charging for online play in a few months time while these problems exist is a absolute joke. This is going to be somthing that scares 3rd parties from bringing software to the system.

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Ted Price and Insomniac just lost alot of fans and support becuase of this.

My money aint going to anyone who supports open door policy in these uncertain times.

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Resident Evil and Silent Hill are/have been destroyed over the years after their 3rd installments, and not because it had anything to compete with, but because they tried to build cash cows. This is no differnt, VR and split into episodes.

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Alot of cringe moments.

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60 fps or higher resolution aint going to make Darksiders any better, because it is a game that pulls you in to the point that none of that is a concern, but i still think the tweak is a good thing for people who aint played it yet. Darksiders are good games.

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They (Sony) have just brought a VR headset out and a Upgraded Console.... how the hell are they in danger of losing the competative edge? Not to mention the fantasic exclusives. If anyone is in danger its the Xbox brand, remember all the Dx12 hype of how grate Dx12 was for Xbox One, remember the companies back in the day were they thought by bringing a much more powerful console out too early would be great, back fired on them for lack of third party support because of the timing, but i hope ...

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Wake me up when the games get revealed, im not falling for the same trick as Wii U.

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I dont like how it makes me feel after ive played a VF game, i feel some what down and a little depressed , but im going to try a few more titles, but i think its going to be a waste for me, i think im just one of those people who cant handle VR.

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From Steam :

UPDATE [10/6 / 6PM PT]:
We currently have a patch running here at the studio that includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options in the video menu, among other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. We’re verifying the patch now to ensure everything is working as expected. If everything goes well, we expect the update to go live this weekend. We will be keeping the PC community up-to-date on the status of the patch throughout the week...

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How can you build a PC to that of a console which has a custom chipset?

Totally disregarding the word CUSTOM like it means nothing to them a still believe that they are comparable.... they are not.

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