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I think people need a year off from buying EA products and services, just so that bubble that they are in burst and they can wake up. You see if people dont buy Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA think that the problem is that certain game, when it is the company as a whole. Sims 4 DLC every couple of months at the price of a full game, its daylight robbery.

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I have had PGD (Playstation Gaming Disorder) since 1995, and i think its because of the insane sales.

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The fact that they chose to show the kissing scene at the showcase was odd, but the whole Sony E3 event was odd, i think they went abit wrong with the whole event with the immersion thing trying to trigger emotions.

Even at the begining Shawn Layden said we have nothing new this year, but we are going deeper into the games, and then banjo's are playing, and young girls are kissing, and then game footage from games we saw 2 years ago.

I have seen that ...

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The price of the games is bad, games that have been out for a while that are technically inferior to the version on other modern day Consoles and PC's.

And now they have joined the pay to play online rat race.

Nindendo is holding me hostage and blackmailing me in this household, because it knows my kids want the goods.

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Leading the way to Preserving The Past... what does that even mean when i can still play Atari 2600 games from early 80's.

Microsoft does not have the monopoly on games, that includes old games and certainly not new games.

The only thing Microsoft is leading, is its own company to a bad place.

Who would have thought that the main selling point of the most powerful console upto date was Backwards Compatibility.

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A radio station being replaced by another.... quoting Rockstar .. " We are replacing some of those songs with a new set of songs on that station " (Russian pop, on Vladivostok FM)

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What was the panic about? Sony just updated their

Are you one of these people who when updates a device, wears a hazmat suit?

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A console got a update/hotfix , how is it bizarre? lol

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Telling the truth or calling it as it is, is now " Unprofessional and Classless " ? Dear oh Dear, what has this world become.

Say more good things about us IGN, here is some more money. lol

Talk about pay to win.

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MediEvil was a great game, cant wait to see what they do with it.

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Here is a thought, instead of all this pointless articles about Microsoft buying companies, why dont they use all that money they have to make a game development team of their own?

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All this started from somone saying " wouldn't it be a good idea if Microsoft bought EA or Valve ". LOL

It just shows you how easy it is to convince and change the prospective of the human mind.

The first question from a common sense prospective, would be to find out if EA or Valve are in a position to be bought?

This just looks to me , is that because the power of the Xbox One X as fell flat on its face, and folks out the...

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Looks like somone had a dream about a Microsoft and Valve love afair, but to me ... its a Nightmare.

Starnge people stil think the answer to everything , is if Microsoft buys everything.

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I guess if im going to feel dizzy, it might aswell be in a higher resolution, with a bigger price tag. lol

VR does not like me, and a few of my friends.

One of my friends was so pumped for EVE: Valkyrie, he played it, then wrang me up and said " Dude the game is good, but i feel sick has a dog, the headset is going on Ebay while its still worth money ".

If folks are thinking about getting any VF headset, test with a few types...

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2 very good Transformer games.

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Got the kids one for Xmas, its all hype and expensive accessories, and the tacky docking station is just a accident waiting to happen.

I can't believe me and the Mrs fell for Nintendo ... again , we said we would not do it again after the Wii U crap, until stuff was cheaper. lol

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How does a petition end a contract?

Challenge EA's business practice by all means, so they change it , and then other companies will take note.

But trying to force them to give a license like Lucasarts to somone else, your living in dream world.

I would imgine by now they have seen the anger/rage, and are working on fixing it, but it will not happen over night, and they will not make a international announcement telling people they ...

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I think you have miss read my first post, i was not talking about last gen, i was stating that PS4 is a cheaper and more powerful console, and Skyrim and Doom are also cheaper and better on PS4.

I think you are abit outdated, just like Nintendo, but cartoon consoles can be fun for the kids.

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You are absolutely right DrJones, the only way to game is on a Tegra X1 at 30fps, with a blistering resolution of 540p scaled to 720p.

And with Bethesda making VR Doom, clearly indicates that VR is coming out for Switch with that very powerful Tegra X1 chipset.

What was i thinking...

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Skyrim and Doom have been butchered to work on Switch, so yeah Bethesda killed the games alright.

These games are that blocky, they nearly pass as a Minecraft game, just saying.

Would it not have worked out better and cheaper to just buy a standard PS4 or Xbox One , and then buy Doom and Skyrim for way cheaper with much better visuals and frame rate.

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