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I wont buy Nintendo at day one ever again , because of the poor support it had from the big companies.

It dont matter how powerful the next console is, if it dont have the software support the likes Microsoft and Sony get, it will be a expensive dust collector.

Nothing wrong with the Wii U, but it was expensive and took ages to get decent games on it (not many at that), i wont make the same mistake again. #19
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Nathan Fillion is the one, but he does need to hit the gym to lose a few pounds and then he is good to go. #26
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It will soon be cheaper than the memory cards, but then again that wont be suprising, given the current state of Vita memory cards. #10
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Picked up the full edition dirt cheap, so the PS+ edition only servs as a demo at this point, might aswell buy the full version if you like driving games because its so cheap and you get more. #10
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Doom and Fallout 4 have features that will do this generation justice. #5
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A follow up to Red Dead Redemtion is always on the cards, it is too much of a big game to just ignore, the game was so awsome and immersive.

Anyone could pradict a follow up at this point.

But its always good to see a release date, so gamers can get pumped for a game thats worth getting pump for. #21
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I think if they would have saved it until E3 it would have been more dramatic, but maybe they have extra to please the crowd. #3
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Fallout 3 needed more horse power back when it was released, so i can't see the next one being supporting by last gen, if they do they are asking for trouble.

Last gen consoles are still relivant, but not for a game on this scale im afraid.

Just my thoughts. #17
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Windows 8 was not needed over 7 for stuff to function , but if 10 is the last main OS and is a free ubgrade then its a no brainer, atleat reserve it with the windows 10 update app that people should be seeing in the task bar right about now, that will last until July 29th 2016. #15
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Last gen for me, i was hoping for more Xbox 360 exclusives.

Alan Wake : I thought was really good, although it was ported to PC which i now have aswell

Fable 2 : I didnt know what to think about it at first , then found myself enjoying it alot.

Gears of War: This was a great exclusive by Epic Games, to jump start the 360 into the HD generation.

Mass Effect 1 : Pure greatness, but then it came out for PC and PS3 later down the... #91
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Cant stand him, comes over has a major brown noser, maybe he is kissing ass at another company. #27
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I would like to see an option that would allow me to buy a game as a gift, so i can send it to a friend, you would be suprised how many people are paranoid about online purchases.

And i would like to see a wish list aswell. #17
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Gets me how so many people go out and buy hardware that is optimized for 100 - 120Hz and use a 60Hz screen.

I say this ... AAA games are aimed for the mainstream market aswell, so turn FRAPS off and just play the game, instead of trying to justify to the world that you bought a workstation to play games.

We have lower spec cards in the office that we use for complex graphical scenarios that dont cost anything like these top end cards that have plenty of juice... #8
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It would be nice to have access to PT Demo when you need to show smoneone how a game should be made to scare the shit out of people.

This game should be made, Silent Hill or otherwise, because i aint even witness anything like this in my life, not even in a movie, ive had the odd jumps, but PT left its mark in my soul.

The Demo was one corridor, can you imagine what a whole game could do, man it would take you years to complete because you would be still in s... #20
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LMAO, A10 right into the side of an AT-AT, crazy stuff. #9
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£33 for a season pass is a right rip off.

Batman are really good games, but the DLC has not bean that great.

With a high price for a season pass i would expect heavy story addons, but with how DLC goes it will be skins and a mode that is totally useless.

I have bought alot of DLC/season pass over the years and to be honest i have always been left feeling that i didnt get value for money. #18
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Sony have had plenty of time to lower the price of storage, they have left it too long for most people who have Vita's to give a crap now.

What they need now is Vita streaming from a PC, because if you can store Vita games on PC, then why not stream from it?

I would even say that the transfer speed between PC and Vita is fast enough for game streaming vs the crap standard Vita storage. #10
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Come on guys look at the address, .... really? #18
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I was quite blown away with it, crazy brutal Batman combat with crazy driving and crazy upgrades.

Works for me. #67
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Start worrying if you cant get internet access to patch the bugs.... FATALITY! #28
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