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Anyone with half of a brain cell would use Origin and Steam to get the best of both worlds.

Somting has changed with Origin just recent with better deals and its good.

Steam is of course awsome, but comparing them when you can have them both is just silly, i mean its not like you have to go out and buy a diffent PC like you have to do with consoles. #5
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China are going to go nuts for PS4, they aint had consoles since 2000, it will be a breath of fresh air for them, even without western world military shooters. #11
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Its looks nice. #38
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London was/is the home to a major Templar Headquarters, which is located in Castle Baynard ward.

Full of Templar conspiracy type stuff.

Climbing to the top of Big Ben and running over the roofstop of Westminster would be awesome on a grand scale.

Synchronization Big Ben incoming. :D #4
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You can still unlock the cars buy normal progression if i'm reading right. #6
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WipEout is just taking a nap, and when it comes back it will be an awakening.

You see, you cant just kill the best anti-gravity racing game franchise in the world.

They will probably drop it on us at a E3 few years down the line, because E3 bombshells seem to get people all crazed up like twisted fire starters, and we go out and pre-order stuff.

IMO they should have kept the Psygnosis name and logo , it was symbolic, it also had a huge follow... #13
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I like how they use the word enormous lol, Sony can do better than this.

This is more like a Pink Tuesday sale. #3
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We have a deal in the UK store at the moment called Double Discounts and for example we have:

LEGO The Hobbit for £27.49 = $43.4080

On the Co-op Gaming Sale in the US:

LEGO The Hobbit for $19.59 USD = £12.4083

This is not the only title.

Huge percentage difference , its quite clear who ever is pricing this stuff is taking the piss. #9
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The Driving games that have been released so far, will be a benchmark for what GT needs to do, to stay relevant.

But tbh circuit racing can get boring really fast, but a open road feel can be much more fun, that why Need for Speed series are fun, Police chases etc etc. Looking forward to the The Crew.

Still have to test Drive Club because it aint on PS+ yet, but if i get that circuit feel that shuts the open road out it will be put down even if the graphics a... #13
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I did not find out until recently that War Thunder was Cross Platform with PS4, PC and Mac , good trailer. #4
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Looks very interesting, i would buy this to experience Titanic with this level of detail. #8
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I think we have been flooded with too many Military games over the last ten years, people are getting sick of them and we just buy them for the sake of it now day trying to get that CoD 4 buzz.

Maybe a Star Wars or Unreal Tournament, something with a different genre with the same Leaderboard and Progression system.

Military Shooters and Zombie Massacre have been milked to death. #37
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Episodes rub me/people up the wrong way, its a bad idea.

If it was a new IP then it might work, but not for a well known franchise.

I don't get why these game companies try to reinvent the wheel.

Who knows with Hideo Kojima maybe we will get a BOX we can hide in when we get scared after each episode.

I still cringe about the BOX from MGS at E3 this year. #7
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Playstation Now will be a very short journey if they dont get the price right. #9
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I don't need anymore screenshots to tell me how great Driveclub is.

People comparing Forza to Driveclub need to be aware that Forza Horizon 2 plays more like a Need for Speed game, that does not mean Forza will be a bad game. I like that Forza is getting classic cars like Ford Capri etc.

Driveclub is different beast, even with just 50 cars, the attention to detail is through the roof, no matter what console you like better , if you cant see that, then yo... #26
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Keep Uncharted in computer land, i cant imagine anyone taking Nate and Sully on, if it was a CGI Movie then they could use Nolan North , Richard McGonagle, Emily Rose , Claudia Black etc

As far as the new game is concerned i think it's graphics moving on, i think when people hear Nate and Sully going at it, it will quickly feel like Uncharted ... at least i hope so. #67
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Since a patch for ether PS4 or Vita after Xmas my streaming as been bad, dropping even before the game as started, i am using wired too.

Not quite the perfect couple at the moment it would seem. #4
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Blasting 200 zombies aint scary , but 1 zombie coming out of a wardrobe while you are not expecting it makes all the difference.

We need to get that scary/suspense factor back into Resident Evil games.

I need me some brown trouser fix. #74
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I think we should at least beable to stream our instant game collection and the games we have payed for ,to what ever device under the PS+ service. #23
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At the moment PS4 looks sweet. #10
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