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I cant really complain about a patch until i have played it for a few days to get a real feel for it. #5
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All the action based Resident Evil games didnt fully immerse me into the story progression like the old style games.

The originals had a slower pace with puzzles and memos, that made you hear the spooky music and creeks, wind etc, and that gets you immersed right into the game, making you look over you shoulder and want to learn about whats going on in this place your in. #6
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I think Steam/Valve Vive will be a better investment, it already has a the install base for it with Steam games, and the fact that Vive is supose to feel better.

Although Oculus may work with VR games in Steam, i think Steam will have somthing on Vive that compliments the Steam game library/infrastructure and will be nowhere near those silly prices. #11
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If VR is a success PS4 will go through the roof i would imagine. #15
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I will take it your not old enough to pay all your own bills and dont understand what real value for money is yet. Game Community Nerd or Closet Manga Freak, i`m none of the above, grown up a long time ago son.

Bottom line is, people know they could have done better than a silly sticker, these folks have invested into it for a solid 5 years, most people didnt expect anything, then they come with a sticker. The prize reflects the service, business 101. #27.1.1
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Thanks for making us millions, here is a sticker.

Loyalty rewards should entice people to keep spending for another 5 years, this is an insult to people.

Statistics should be part of your account this day and age, tick what you want to share , end of story.

What the hell is happening to Playstation services .... i know they could be much worse, but they could be so much better. #27
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Oculus is failing, so much bad press about it at the moment, its giving VR a bad name, they need to get it sorted.

The fact that Facebook own it and the price, puts me off right away. #14
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LEGO Hobbit PS4 £10.00 New :

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PS4 £16.98 New

When she took the VR head set off , i thought it was a race horse with those teeth. #40
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Looks cool, with a decent soundtrack aswell. #3
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I dont see these balance issues that people talking about, i have won with both Rebels and Imperials.

In the Hoth battle Rebles have 3 Ship pickups Imperials have 2 and a AT-ST(Scout Walker), then people might say " Well the Imperials have a AT-AT aswell " in that case get your Y-Wings online and stop them. Throughout the beta both PS4 and PC(Origin), people did not really defend the nodes, they just activated it and ran off alot of the time, and as far as unlimited... #7
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I started off complaing about the game for the first day, and then i started to enjoy it , i think it was abit of noob rage.

I think when both sides follow the objectives, you have a fight on your hands, but the first day people were running around like headless chickens just soaking up the Star Was universe and thats fine.

And of course their is a few small issues, but thats what a beta is for, to stress test and iron the kinks out.

Rebels n... #17
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Should be alot more to do in the final release from what ive seen.

But i do agree with some folks, that their is a feeling of spawn die , spawn die which starts to take me away from the immersion of the fantastic looking landscapes and these epic machines walking around Hoth, and then the game forces me to play like im a altered human ninja type of thing.

When i play online shooters i want to feel like ive been in a battle , not spawn killed, so im hoping mor... #18
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Please get these idiots out of gaming, next thing you know we are going to have a game pushed by these clowns called " Transvestite Tycoon "

Out of all that money they have made from that game, he has the cheek to complain aswell.

When are people going to wake up and realise that the Kardashian Circus and the Clowns in it, are fueled buy CONTROVERSY. #32
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I think if people look around they will see companies are starting to build their own engines / solutions.

And its not suprising that Intel have sold Havoc, since they have been promoting Vulkan with other companies just recent, so one would have to ask if Havoc will even be relevant in a few years.

I think Microsoft have bought Havoc to stop them from ever supporting Vulkan.

I mean ask your self, with all the money Microsoft have, they coul... #64
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So many games still to come out on PS3 that are penciled in for 2015/2016 , PS3 aint going anywhere soon. #39
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I dont look at PSTV as a Vita , although it will play Vita games, i see it as a mobile PS4 , and just because reomote play / streaming is not as sharp as playing it on the PS4, it does not take away enjoying the game through PSTV.

For example, i will play a game like DriveClub in its original form with all its shiny graphics etc, but after a few days i dont get as excited with graphics as much, so then i can go to bed on the bedroom tv and beat some lap records and stuff on D... #25
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A milestone like version 3.00 should be alot better for PS4 owners than this.

The only useful one on that list is :

PlayStation Plus: We’ve made a dedicated section for PlayStation Plus, which you can access by clicking the big Plus icon on the top right corner of your PS4 home screen. Once there you can easily manage your membership, see the monthly free games to download, deals for PS Plus members, and all of the games you’ve redeemed through PS Plus on PS4... #37
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I dont know why people would have a problem with Valve at this moment in time, as they are trying with others to get control and flexibility into developers hands with a low-level API.(Vulkan)

Devs were askings MS years ago for this, since the first retail milticore cpu's which was about 2006 and we have had 3 operating system's with embedded Direct X since then (Vista , 7 and 8) and they still didnt deliver, and they always had the money and spec to do it, and now s... #19
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"He was also banned from driving for three years and ordered to take an extended test."

Extended test? ... they have got to be talking about Drive Club 2 with VR.

This guy could get away with it, if he just tells them the game that he had played was still in beta. #20
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