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This is an Insult to Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister will not be drinking to this.

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How do you win a Exhibition?

The question should be, can Nintendo shine at E3.

But if E3 was a competition, they would not even be there, because they aint even got hardware that is even on par with Sony or Microsoft to WIN as it is put, that would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

I can just hear Reggie Fils-Aimé saying to himself " but we can win with with Mario and Zelder " ... no Reggie you cant, they just ke...

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I`m loving it!

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They are good for PS4 remote play, had lots of use out of mine.

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I think what we could see is the removal of the number, and replaced with a name... Playstation Neo for example.

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Nate and Sully parting ways will be a hard pill to swallow, listening to those 2 banter is a one of the legs that hold Uncharted up.

Nate or Sully dieing would be the end to Uncharted, and any reboots or spin-offs that come after in years to come, would proberly dirty the franchise.

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I didnt think remoteplay PS4 on PC would be that great because i have PSTV and a Vita, but when i fired it up and realsed i can have it in a window while i surf the web etc.

Quality aint fantastic, but its ok for what it is, and will work great for having the game and a strategy guide side by side for example.

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You are absolutely right.

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When you watch PS1 - PS4 , its quite clear that PS1 startup sequence is the best startup on anything ive seen when i think about it.

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Saying they are open to somthing does not mean its going to happen.

Why would they build the PlayStation brand/platform over 20 years just to export it to the PC?

Sony wants people to buy PlayStation consoles, not PC's, and its the same with other companies aswell, because thats how they have made their money over the years.

People getting way to crazy about VR, next thing you know somone will come out and say VR will be intergrated with...

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The logical step for PS 4.5 would be a PS4 with the VR processing unit/box built into the console , which in return will be more tidy for a package for first time buyers.

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Why are people going nuts on pre-order, its not like it's a one time thing and its not an exclusive special edition package.

Day 1 i was there, ive been there, week 4 still waiting for the patch, week 6 ... picked Driveclub up for next to nothing., see hows this works?

In a couple of years, then VR maybe worth getting when their is a good selection of games and the price fits better.

All ive seen so far is showcase software that makes you...

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Holding the event right on thier doorstep, dont get no better than that.

Its good that this is happening for those guys, been a rough ride for some time at Lionhead it seems.

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When people use the turm " I will look into it " this day and age normally means " go away you are boring me " , or somthing to that effect.

People like Bill Gates, words dont mean anything, actions speak louder than words.

Lets have a AOE that puts this so called DirectX 12 to good use.

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I hit my PS4 and PC with a Dyson EMP blast every now and then, they love it.

If any hardware fails under abit of static, then the hardware is clearly floored. (very hard to prove it is/was static)

Consider this, a fan inside your device leading to convection, which moves cool and warm air, dust , electrons etc, around your divice, while it is being pumped with some nice voltage, is more at risk than vacuuming some vents and fans.

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Good times. :D

T-Rex Tech Demo:

Manta Tech Demo:

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People are not happy at all on the blog.

" Greatness Awaits " and " For the Players " are 2 very powerful slogans , at least try to make it resonate.

I can get these sort of games on my Andriod for free.

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I would say its somthing to do with VR, since they said at E3 about a partnership with Valve on VR.


What people have to realise is that at some point some folks are going to buy VR related media through MS store that is built into Windows 10 , and since Steam and Oculus have the VR headsets, a part...

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The cover could have Hillary Clinton on it, i would still buy it.

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I cant really complain about a patch until i have played it for a few days to get a real feel for it.

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