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Cant stand him, comes over has a major brown noser, maybe he is kissing ass at another company. #27
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I would like to see an option that would allow me to buy a game as a gift, so i can send it to a friend, you would be suprised how many people are paranoid about online purchases.

And i would like to see a wish list aswell. #17
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Gets me how so many people go out and buy hardware that is optimized for 100 - 120Hz and use a 60Hz screen.

I say this ... AAA games are aimed for the mainstream market aswell, so turn FRAPS off and just play the game, instead of trying to justify to the world that you bought a workstation to play games.

We have lower spec cards in the office that we use for complex graphical scenarios that dont cost anything like these top end cards that have plenty of juice... #8
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It would be nice to have access to PT Demo when you need to show smoneone how a game should be made to scare the shit out of people.

This game should be made, Silent Hill or otherwise, because i aint even witness anything like this in my life, not even in a movie, ive had the odd jumps, but PT left its mark in my soul.

The Demo was one corridor, can you imagine what a whole game could do, man it would take you years to complete because you would be still in s... #20
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LMAO, A10 right into the side of an AT-AT, crazy stuff. #9
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£33 for a season pass is a right rip off.

Batman are really good games, but the DLC has not bean that great.

With a high price for a season pass i would expect heavy story addons, but with how DLC goes it will be skins and a mode that is totally useless.

I have bought alot of DLC/season pass over the years and to be honest i have always been left feeling that i didnt get value for money. #18
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Sony have had plenty of time to lower the price of storage, they have left it too long for most people who have Vita's to give a crap now.

What they need now is Vita streaming from a PC, because if you can store Vita games on PC, then why not stream from it?

I would even say that the transfer speed between PC and Vita is fast enough for game streaming vs the crap standard Vita storage. #10
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Come on guys look at the address, .... really? #18
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I was quite blown away with it, crazy brutal Batman combat with crazy driving and crazy upgrades.

Works for me. #67
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Start worrying if you cant get internet access to patch the bugs.... FATALITY! #28
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I enjoyed them all, but 2 and 4 i cared more about. #22
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I have to applaud anyone who does texure/material reconstruction in any form, such a long and tedious process. #3
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The general consensus of the circle of folks i've brushed shoulders with in the past, is that they dont trust AMD and ATI because what they have rolled out in the past, for example AMD's CPU's that used to really overheat and crash PC's which was on a big scale , and ATI had really bad drivers that plagued them for years, and then the 2 companies joined forces so people think more of the same disappointment.

Now this day and age they may have fixed these probl... #17
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I dont think N4G is an American only site ..... just sayin. #8.2
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VR has not sold me yet , what ever they say, i need to see that the right software experience is ready, for example first person shooters as they are dont translate well, but maybe a slow pace game would work nice as you can still feel in sync with the flow of things.

I just hope you can atleast use the headset as a display without VR, that way i can have my screen in my face and game noraml. #11
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An article like this even before E3 just says it all, so quick to undermine somthing this early what ever console it is, is just pathetic.

And any site that is trying to spin negative crap about a product that is powerful and a good price and has massive software support, is just out of touch and bitter or has a agenda.

That site has gone in my block list, and more will be joining it, i have had enough of sites thinking Nindendo , Playstation and Xbox are pol... #17
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I welcome a remaster at the right price.

End of the day last gen was very limeted in the sense that hardware was maxed out really fast with certain engines, low memory etc, so it will be a noticeable difference at least for people like myself.

Batman last gen used Unreal Engine 3 , this gen they are using version 4 , im using UnrealEngine 4 at the moment and the difference is night and day.

So yes a classic should be polished and brought with... #88
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Valkyrie looks awsome, that is for sure. #6
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Well the game has been made, so keeping people on a payroll for just standing around is a waste of money.

People get hired for a job, the job gets finished, time to move on, it really is that simple.

Dont rely on a 2 year contract to save your life, or any contract for that matter.

Seen too many folks selling thier homes and fast cars after a couple of years. #18
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I just hope i can stream games i have purchased from the PS Store at some point, other wise the service in its current state seems pointless when i can go out pick second hand games up, and it works out cheaper, and Sony dont make any money when i buy a used game.

They should have it like netflix with a monthly payment to get access to a bunch of titles, aswell as stream what you buy from their digital store, at least the old stuff PS1, PS2 , PS3 , i dont expect new stuff on... #11
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