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@KwietStorm Typical fangirl response...

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Dude the controller is a POS and made as cheap as possible! my triggers have broken 13 times since launch and I replace it myself and every time I bring it up I get attacked by the fanboys telling me what I'm doing wrong and I'm not using it right or some bs like that and they even closed my post on the official ps site lol. they say send it to sony they fixed mine free. well #1 that is false in my experience and #2 who the hell is going to send a controller out every time it breaks t...

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they are in every way superior and anyone that says otherwise is just being a hardcore fanboy that can't say anything bad about PlayStation.

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@kaizokuspy you hit it on the head.

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works just like the division

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I love the hitman games but I rather have a disk than a statue as cool as it looks. :(

Definitely going to wait and see how much gameplay this first portion of the game offers before I buy anything.

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Because you need to spend more than double for a vr ready pc and headset as opposed to the 600-700 dollars you will spend total on a ps4 and psvr...

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how do i play because its locked on my American account?

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I dont see extras maybe they took it down?

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its not you must receive a code from preorder or other means to get it.

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i dont see it either but I did everything it says

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wrong link here is the correct one still right though

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guess I was right after all....

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The ps4 does not give a noticeable performance boost using ssd and for the price you are better of with a 2tb for 70 bucks because that space goes quicker than you think it would.

look at some youtube videos 2 or 3 seconds is not worth the price of an ssd for a ps4

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Blizzard going on in NYC right now so I have nothing better to do so here is some proof.

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i have a $1,300 pc I just made last month so i'm far from butthurt i just tell it like it is sorry buddy

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definitely not in game shots.

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as someone who just built a gaming pc in december I am not happy to be seeing exclusive nvidia effects what type of nonsense is this?

I went with the r9 390 because it had better specs than the price equivalent nvidia card.

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