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i am happy for him this is really awesome. #13
I say somebody hack the shit out of the asshole that did that and put the video up because If I know how I totally would. #46
amazon does not price match videogames #2
target will have the Super Mario 3D World Wii U 32GB Deluxe Console for 250 next week or you can buy a referb 32 gig from nintendo site for 200 they're basically brand new after watching unboxings of them on youtube #7
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bought the lbp plate #6
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that game kinda sucked and was way over hyped so unless the have a new game or completely revamp it no thanks. #68
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putting ubi out to fry but the reality is almost every big game this year has shipped broken. #34
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ummm no sorry bud keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel like a better man but the facts are out all you need to do is google it everything I say is true i haven't made not 1 false claim all the evidence to back me up on the internet. you just make yourself look like you don't know anything every other thing you type. its obvious youre a xbox fan me on the other hand i dont give a flying fuck because xbox and ps4 are shit to me right now because I will be playing ssb till somethi... #2.1.14
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@PONTIAC08G8GT The new tech in the ps3 made it expensive and made it justifiable, a bluray player alone was 1k at the time so as high as the price was my point still stands. at the time the ps3 graphics were 2nd to none with everything they were promising times are different now and the jump to ps4/xbone isnt as amazing as the jump from ps2 to ps3. computers are a whole different anaimal now then they were last gen and thats a fact so take your fanboy nonsense someplace else #2.1.12
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the price of a ps3 was justified buy the new tech it offered yes high but rightfully so. but xbox had no new tech just a camera nobody wanted.

also if you bought it at launch after all the backlash it got you weren't very smart, judging by the history of the console war everyone knew it was going to get a price drop after all the bad press and the mediocre launch (putting it nicely) it didn't take a expert to know that. #2.1.8
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make the xbox even bigger than what it already is for 2 small batteries #1
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I honestly think its not that much better looking if at all. could have fooled me not labeling old and new. I think they should make a poll when it comes out of a screenshot comparison without the new and old label just to see what everyone thinks because i'm sure as much as most of you hate to admit it does look better on the old gen in some of them shots. #14
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he got banded wow #12
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i was in a raid and it kicked me off line god damnit #9
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I need arm armor to get to 30 and this game does not want to give it to me for 2 characters titan and hunter my warlock needs body and feet. I have done this damn raid over and over and over and cant even get a full set on at least 1 of 3. god I cant wait till a new game comes out because I put too much damn time into this repetitive unfinished excuse of a game sick of doing the same shit every god damn time I play it till the dlc in december when they give us a hand full of missions that wi... #1.1.1
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You gotta be fucking kidding me fuck this game im done god dammit #1
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halflife 3? oh wait thats never coming out and pc has no exclusives worth even mentioning so i can play basically every game on ps4 #36
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at least they acknowledge it unlike playstation with has had problems countless times since destiny #34
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wow its just sad the way you people think. hell if i was part of sony after reading these comments i would delay it till the last possible second #2.6
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They DONT NEED TO GIVE US ANYTHING so just be happy ITS FREE! you people are really ungrateful

and also it was advertised as a bonus game you were already given your 2 free games. #2.1.1
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