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I love the hitman games but I rather have a disk than a statue as cool as it looks. :(

Definitely going to wait and see how much gameplay this first portion of the game offers before I buy anything. #3
Because you need to spend more than double for a vr ready pc and headset as opposed to the 600-700 dollars you will spend total on a ps4 and psvr... #15
SOCOM! #4.1
how do i play because its locked on my American account? #3.1.3
I dont see extras maybe they took it down? #1.2.2
its not you must receive a code from preorder or other means to get it. #4.1
i dont see it either but I did everything it says #3.1

wrong link here is the correct one still right though #2.6.1
guess I was right after all.... #2.1.6
. #2.5
The ps4 does not give a noticeable performance boost using ssd and for the price you are better of with a 2tb for 70 bucks because that space goes quicker than you think it would.

look at some youtube videos 2 or 3 seconds is not worth the price of an ssd for a ps4 #24
Blizzard going on in NYC right now so I have nothing better to do so here is some proof. #2.4
i have a $1,300 pc I just made last month so i'm far from butthurt i just tell it like it is sorry buddy #2.1.2
definitely not in game shots. #2
as someone who just built a gaming pc in december I am not happy to be seeing exclusive nvidia effects what type of nonsense is this?

I went with the r9 390 because it had better specs than the price equivalent nvidia card. #5
not even close to the best #24
are the back paddles considered extra buttons on pc? #2
I did this today here is dragon quest 8 on the ps2 emulator on my pc #42
needs a new face. #3
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