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halflife 3? oh wait thats never coming out and pc has no exclusives worth even mentioning so i can play basically every game on ps4 #36
at least they acknowledge it unlike playstation with has had problems countless times since destiny #34
wow its just sad the way you people think. hell if i was part of sony after reading these comments i would delay it till the last possible second #2.6
They DONT NEED TO GIVE US ANYTHING so just be happy ITS FREE! you people are really ungrateful

and also it was advertised as a bonus game you were already given your 2 free games. #2.1.1
Just be happy its FREE #2
wish people just told the truth and didnt feel like they had to defend any system.

looks like a white vcr nothing sexy pretty or good looking just a big white box. #23
its a boring driving game anyway just wait for a better one DC is lacking lots of things all driving games have had for years now all it is is a driving game they put 0 effort into anything else all you do is pick a car and drive. #44
Fuk themes fix the UI its slow and and sending messages to people really sucks its just not good over all just good enough to get by same shit they did with ps3 they give you more features and don't address the current issues that really need to be added before themes. #21
forget adding features the need to fix that cluster fuck of a UI #42
no shit? #10.1.1
think youre special because you know john 117? #1.1.1
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yea but they dont claim to be an mmo and have more to them than whats offered in destiny destiny is just a shell with no filling or really bland filling just a horrible execution of what they were going for #32.1.1
story in the game is pretty much nonexistent so it has nothing going for it. if it was the same game and had a team of 10 people in one story mission with more enemies and stronger to make it seem like a war it be fun but I have more than 2 friends that I play with so its not cutting it. #31.1
sorry to tell you guys but sony exclusives triumph all #30
I like the sound of people clapping #3
looks worse than the psp thumb sticks so thats not good. #23
1. who the hell actualy goes to that site?
2. the time changes suring the game so its not always going to have a sun right there.
3. I would rather the sun out the game but dont care because I don't play it.
4. its madden.....seriously guys. #43
yep thats the game I was thinking of. #8.1.1
nvm I was thinking that other driving mmo game #8
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