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no shit? #10.1.1
think youre special because you know john 117? #1.1.1
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yea but they dont claim to be an mmo and have more to them than whats offered in destiny destiny is just a shell with no filling or really bland filling just a horrible execution of what they were going for #32.1.1
story in the game is pretty much nonexistent so it has nothing going for it. if it was the same game and had a team of 10 people in one story mission with more enemies and stronger to make it seem like a war it be fun but I have more than 2 friends that I play with so its not cutting it. #31.1
sorry to tell you guys but sony exclusives triumph all #30
I like the sound of people clapping #3
looks worse than the psp thumb sticks so thats not good. #23
1. who the hell actualy goes to that site?
2. the time changes suring the game so its not always going to have a sun right there.
3. I would rather the sun out the game but dont care because I don't play it.
4. its madden.....seriously guys. #43
yep thats the game I was thinking of. #8.1.1
nvm I was thinking that other driving mmo game #8
PT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! i haven't even finished playing it because I want to show a couple friends the game and have the same reaction so we all piss ourselves together. #16
Just destroying everything twitch was nice job google.
Without a doubt someone will come up with a twitch competitor worth using very soon to capitalize on all the negative that is coming from the google buyout. #8
yea ummmm no. #1.1.33
would have bought 15 games from the list even though I probably wont play all of them #16
you are already too late #4.1
it plays better but its not that much better looking at all, it already was a good looking game. #5
game over promised and showed us nothing special just a coop game. #14
think I might just get a used ps3 from cowboom and play it because mine broke after i beat tlou and I have a nice library of free games i need to play because my ps4 is again catching dust after the only time i played it was the destiny beta which was over hyped if you ask me. #27
when you buy into the all mighty cloud this should not happen they whole cloud thing was a lie #1.1.28
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