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Android Oreo made mynexus5x chug and feel like complete shit all the time.
Windows 10 update made my games stutter
all within the past month wtf is going on here

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Brad Shoemaker?

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you are probably one of them people with a switch that settle for garbage because thats all Nintendo has ever fed you so you dont know any better

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in terms of comfort yes nothing beats controller but in terms of precision not so much

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because wii u had shit for games

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buying it on Wii U and i'm sure i'm not the only one

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nope you can see added effects in the background on the left and better textures so it might even be a case of ps pro vs standard
Edit: regardless if you think its lower res or not you can clearly see better textures more grass and psychics like trees blowing in the wind in the video on the left

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I don't think it does because they would have came out and said it

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my nexus 5 takes less than an hour it has quick charging you are probably on an iPhone so you haven't had modern technology in a phone for a while.

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Wait so they went USB C and didn't add quick charging?

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@KwietStorm Typical fangirl response...

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Dude the controller is a POS and made as cheap as possible! my triggers have broken 13 times since launch and I replace it myself and every time I bring it up I get attacked by the fanboys telling me what I'm doing wrong and I'm not using it right or some bs like that and they even closed my post on the official ps site lol. they say send it to sony they fixed mine free. well #1 that is false in my experience and #2 who the hell is going to send a controller out every time it breaks t...

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they are in every way superior and anyone that says otherwise is just being a hardcore fanboy that can't say anything bad about PlayStation.

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@kaizokuspy you hit it on the head.

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works just like the division

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I love the hitman games but I rather have a disk than a statue as cool as it looks. :(

Definitely going to wait and see how much gameplay this first portion of the game offers before I buy anything.

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Because you need to spend more than double for a vr ready pc and headset as opposed to the 600-700 dollars you will spend total on a ps4 and psvr...

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how do i play because its locked on my American account?

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I dont see extras maybe they took it down?

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