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when you buy into the all mighty cloud this should not happen they whole cloud thing was a lie #1.1.28
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I dont know what to say the system software is shit and they add 3d blueray support. #32
ps3 looks sale have it and beat it no significant difference but amazing game and a must buy if you dont have it. #34
forget about adding features lets just fix the UI we have now, its a mess and the xmb was better. #35
now we or AT least I funded a proof of concept as they call it now which is complete bullshit #4
with all due're stupid. #1.1.10
Don't know why but I actually thought the ps3 version looked better in most of the shots. the ps4 version dont look right its too shiny. #22
I use a asus-vs247h and have problems with hdmi switching sometimes it works and sometimes it dont, but what happens is the screen is also connected to my laptop and when I turn my ps4 on it will switch source but the screen stays black and looses signal. #12
don't look bad but its don't look like anything special and nothing like the gameplay they showed in the past before everything was downgraded but looks fun and i will get it. lets just hope The Division DOES NOT get downgraded or I will be very disappointed and flip out but i have a feeling it will. #27
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don't know what you guys are smoking but that dont look like anything special. everything else looks ok but the faces not so much. #9
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its sad when we have to call a new item news for a nintendo game now a days. #2
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I didnt buy it but I would say Gran Turismo Prologue was way more of a game then this is without a doubt.

Race over 60 cars from worldwide automotive manufacturers, precisely modeled both inside and out.
All-new interior dash view, featuring full driver animation and working gauges.
Compete on 6 tracks with 12 total layouts, including Fuji Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, and for the first time ever, Daytona International Speedway.
Online racing with up to 16... #13.1
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as much as I love MGS I beat all the games in the series and replay them over and over till I unlock everything I actually felt like I have been completely ripped off, I have played demos longer and more entertaining than this game. Konami knew what they were doing when they released this being that there are no games out they knew people would gladly pay 30 bucks for a game like MGS because they have no other games out to compete with it at the time.

Oh and by the way if Dav... #14
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with all due respect you sound like a smart ass that thinks he knows everything so I will also give you one. #1.1.32
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it beats it for someone like me that just wants smashbrothers. some people dont get it and dont see the big picture you aren't saving money you're just spending more than the 250 you originally planed to spend. #1.3
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looks good just wish it had sometype of online play because i'm not really into the infamous story but if it had online play like crackdown did I would buy it. just dont like that i'm going to be spending 60 bucks on a game that will last me 3 or 4 days. #23
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educate yourself people.
you're making a lot more money then we do in the U.S. it shouldn't be a problem. better minimum wage and higher valued money. #27
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why does it need a dongle ???? #17
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almost everyone here... #42
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