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Playing on ps4 version had the odd cut scene where geralts clothing was moving rapidly as if he was standing in a Gail force wind...even tho he's in a building lol :).Still I ain't getting that skyrim rage experience just yet.

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Are they quick or is it the dog shit split screeners or their vodafone dongle what needs topping up ?

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True or false it still looks incredible the truth will come out leading up to launch though :)

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Possibly the worst article in existence " even if it didnt get delayed umpteen times it felt like it did" are you fucking kidding me and ripping the concept of floating citys as a bad idea and going to rescue missions like it was like playing ico which everyone hated (who the fuck is everyone ???) Ico is a great game.Oh and he hasnt got to play it yet because his pirated copy isnt working rite trololololol lol trolololol :)

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Heavy rain :(

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Agree with you on that one bud, money talks at the end of the day and bethesda are that cocky enough to treat ps3 users like dirt and expect us to swallow our dicks and get on with it :(

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As i was walking down the street reading this article on my phone I had to re read the heading of this article 3 times in disbelief, legs shaking palms sweating I couldn't believe what I saw a ps3 title gamespot and game of the year in the same sentence.Gamespot have finally managed to eject their beef lollipops outta Microsoft's bumflaps :)

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Far cry 3 oozes quality game of the year for me :)

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Yet black ops 2 garners 8's and 9's out of ten yet it's in a worse state than far cry 3 nice try though :)

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You ain't got long to wait now mate, trust me you will not be disappointed :)

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Modern warfare 4 your joking (rolls eyes).

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I prefer the old one it was quicker and had (to me) a better layout of things they could of atleast done something with the colour I know it sounds petty but it looks a bit tacky.

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Edge wakes up on the rite side of the bed i take it :)

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Who does the author think he is the archetect from the matrix jesus christ iv seen it all now :/

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Beta files been leaked oooooooh spooky,i have been playing black ops 2 for the past umpteen years :)

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We can all moan and bitch about this dlc but the fact of the matter is ps3 owners will continue to keep funding bethesda i mean seriously though,they have basically lied to your face breaking promises and knowing full well that they released a broken mess of a game (technical wise).I would rather fund a developer who gives a shit and theirs too many good titles being released in the not to near future,so when your online or in a games shop when you go to pick up that shiny new release from be...

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The same could be said about call of duty 'milking it' is an understatement.

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Your rite their bud im playing it on ps3 and to be honest the maps are too big 12v12 on maps 2-3 times bigger than caspian border and especially if half your team are occupying vehicles aswell theirs hardly anyone on foot.I dont know i hope it grows on me its a shame aswell i was looking forward to this.

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The most balanced multiplayer out the bunch cod4 beats its younger brothers by a long shot,and totally agree with everyone saying that recent cods has now started to lose its magic.Yes it does get the sales and yes its probably got the biggest fan base in gaming history but when all said and done you cant not admit that it needs a break re-group itself and bring something new and fresh to the table and im not just talking about a few new maps/weapons/killstreaks etc.

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Bethesda you keep pumping these broken games out, your all just a bunch of obnoxious gimps skyrim is a phenomenom yea rite! you treat the ps3 version like shit release it broken phuk us about with the dlc and now you expect us to buy dishonored haha cupid not stupid :)

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