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"Lol you can't compare it's different"

What would be the point of comparing what is the fucking same, geniuses ? #15
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So they... are... working ?

Incredible. #5
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Comparing what is different has always been way more interesting than comparing what is the fucking same. #8
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Ok, so I can play almost all of those games on PS3 or PC...
How in the seven hells are they PS4 exclusives ?

I can't stand those articles anymore, they're just fucking misinformation.

I'm so excited for Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne, can't wait for 2015, but adding multiplatform games calling them exclusives will not make us believe that 2014 is good. #10
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It is not an Xbox One exclusive, it is also coming to my Xbox 360.

Please stop with all the misinformation. #2
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Again, a shitty article that doesn't know the meaning of exclusive.

Sunset & Kinect games VS Driveclub & Infamous (and MLB). That is all. Everything else is port, cross gen etc. Not exclusive. PS4 or XO exclusive = Only on X0 or only on PS4. It's so simple to understand... #23
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Well... That would be an Xbox and PC multiplatform game. "It's not on your Playstation lol" doesn't make it an Xbox exclusive.

"next gen exclusives", "console exclusive debut" et cetera, all this marketing bullshit to sell multiplats as exclusives drives me crazy.

Tomorrow we'll have indie ports for PS Vita with "Portable exclusive" written to help it crush the 3DS ? What a sad era... #8.1.1
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What a misleading title. How can a PS3 or PC game be a "PS4 exclusive" ? Wtf ? #8
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Come on, the real reason is that their BIG games are not ready, so they try to make us wait with smaller projects.

I love indies, but i'm waiting for the big ones. E3 should be fun. #15
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I'm French and here Rayman is loved because it's French... But hey, there are tons of better platformers, whether it's oldies or new games like Tropical Freeze, so yeah huge hyperbole about Legends. #5
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Yes, because:

1)We have to encourage WiiU games
2)We have to encourage platform games
3)We have to encourage good games
4)It's all three at once #31
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Music is a quality. Graphics are a quality. Pacing is a quality. Writing is a quality.

Price, lenght, openness are formats/choices, they're important in a consumer prospective but have nothing to do with the quality of the experience (what really matters for a passionnate like me)

If you can't afford to purchase a 1 000 000 000€ paint, then don't buy it, say it's overpriced if you want, but don't say it's shit because of that, it's... #8
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It's not "cool" at all.

If I say i hate it, you think i will get likes ? No, mostly dislikes. In fact, i think this is a very good game, overhyped yes but still a very good game. But the problem is that even saying it's "just" a very good game i will get dislikes. #23
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Stupid article. Complete misunderstunding of the TLOU ending (Spoil: the ending was not here for a second game but to show human's egoism and the power of love), and i'm not a fanboy (in fact i think this game got much more praise than it deserves, but this article is a total failure with a broken exemple). #8
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Ugly as hell. But people will say this is beautiful because this is realistic, classic... #11
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blablabla #4
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The game is really cool, at the beginning i was like 5/10 but the more i play the more i think it's a 7 or even 8 game. #14
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Neither, depends of the game, stupid question.

But those who say story are not healthy, the majority of the games releasing have a shitty story (no, having motion capture or a cool character doesn't make a good story). It's one of the points the video games need to improve (they're still a young medium, i have no doubt that it will improve over time, as we'll be reaching a limit in terms of photorealism so developers will have to focus on art, story and mechan... #13
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Lol. Someone needs to explain to journalists and fanboys what is an exclusive.

Xbox One Exclusive = Only on Xbox One
Xbox One + 360 or PC (or even both) = 2 platforms = multiplatforms =/= exclusive.

I don't know if people are blind or just stupid but i can't understand why such a simple definition is not clear.

So yeah, on Xbox One i see Halo, Quantum Break, Fable, Sunset Overdrive, D4 and the Black Tusk Project(lol), and on P... #11
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I can understand for Ellie and Liz', but Lara, seriously ? #2
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