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"Enjoying gaming regardless of platform"


In the early days of achievements/ tropies, I could see your point. But now most game developers have a good grasp on them and it helps you to do more in a game than you normally would. For instance, I just checked the achievement list for The Witcher 3 and did not know I could do some things apparently.

Sure you could just play through a game and be done with it, or you could try to get all the achievements. A lot of times they add to the game with various different ways... #3.1.3
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Cerebral bore FTW #7
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It is a looker for sure. I have it on PC and XBOX One.

At some points it actually looks like a painting especially the water. When the sun is coming up or going down and you are on the water is quite beautiful.

Stopped and stared in awe more than a few times. #2.3
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Been using Windows 10 preview. It is pretty nice but it is almost identical to Windows 8 sans the start menu.

I still don't get all the hate for Windows 8. It is a solid operating system that runs more efficiently than Windows 7. I can understand the start menu gripes but that's the only "bad" thing about it. #3
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Everything to do with roach needs improvement. He randomly leaves the path when on auto. If you aren't even on a path he will randomly go left or right while you are trying to go straight. Gets stuck on everything. Randomly stops when there is no obstacle in the way even when you have full stamina. The overall controls for the whole game are clunky but riding roach is more a chore than anything.

Other than that though this game is amazing. Having a blast playing it.... #2.2
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I had a PS3 I just preferred the 360. #5.1.2
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One of the reasons why I preferred the 360 to the PS3

I used to do it on the original Playstation with certain games. After the game loaded you could take the game disc out and put a CD in and it would play while you were playing the game. The only thing though is that you had to swap the game disc back in when it came time to load something again. I don't even think it was a feature of the Playstation, just something that it could inadvertently do.

... #5.1
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This is a stupid statement. I can run The witcher 3 on high settings with my single 660ti.

Sure I would like to run it at max settings, but this game is gorgeous on high settings.

My 660 still has life in it. I am waiting for the 980ti. I have had it for nearly 3 years. It can play any game I throw at it still. #1.1.4
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Sweet gif #2.1.2
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I have that card and can run nearly everything maxed.

It was around $350 when I bought it. #7.1.2
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watch it in HD on Vimeo's website even better. #4
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My children play any game that they want to play. Why? because they will play them anyway if they really want to. It is my job as a parent to make sure that they know the difference between right and wrong.

They have straight A's in school, they keep their rooms clean, help out around the house, and give their old toys to charitable organizations.

They also know that you don't respawn in real life. I have taught them how to shoot real guns resp... #30
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Got a Wii U about a month ago. Great system. I have wanted one from the start, but I was waiting for games I wanted, Mainly Mario Kart.

It is a lot better than people give it credit for.

I've got my PC for graphics and indies, Wii U for Nintendo games and indies, and the XBOX one for hardcore titles. Once the PS4 has games I want, I'll buy that again too. Had one, just didn't like any of the games at the time and I play multiplats with my fr... #2.2
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Awesome can't wait. The kids and I will have fun. #3
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Yes you can. After you take the pic the upload studio icon appears at the bottom of the screen and if you hold the xbox button it takes you to a menu where setting the pic as your background is an option. #6.2
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Had this update for about two weeks now. Love the new party chat features. The transparent tiles are ok but weren't really needed. Keep up the good work MS update team. #10
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Can't wait until PC mods. #1
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My interest is piqued. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I especially like the hunting and fishing aspects. But I know I would be transporting, robbing, running drugs and so on. I just think it is more fun being a criminal, but being a cop looks like it could be fun as well.

Probably going to back this as I would like to see if this type of game makes it, as it is quite different from everything that is released lately. #4
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Awesome beginning of fight one liner. #3.2.1
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He was referring to the cloud as in online storage that they touted at the beginning I believe. The power of the cloud and such. #2.2.1
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