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Sony supports consoles for 10 years, even supporting the older ones years after the newer ones launch, so that could be what he is referring to.

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Ghetto VR? You mean the one that has outsold the PC counterparts 2:1 and has a far better game library that consists of far more top rated games including dozens of exclusives you can't get anywhere else?

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Or money is exchanging hands. Shameful if so, but I'd like to think Sony wouldn't go that low.

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That's your own fault for boxing the game into your own expectations and not being able to move past a bad memory despite the game evolving into something far better. Not to say any of the above is excusable but when someone takes a wrong and makes it right, you have to give them due credit. Driveclub, for instance, despite its failed launch, turned out to be a fantastic game. If they took a game that sucked and made an awesome game of it, you not buying it anyway only deprives you of tha...

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Keep in mind the dynamic this gen is different. The same software can very easily be ran on multiple systems across multiple generations now, so it is very likely that Sony will employ some sort of system that blurs the generational lines... I could see, in order to make devs happy because they don't have to reset the install base each gen, them allowing maybe PS4 Pro to play scaled down versions of a PS5 game, at much lower resolutions and framerate, etc... PS5 gives the stock experience...

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Sony took the same approach... tip toed in, then went all in with big investments into the infrastructure.

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It doesn't matter, the federal government publicly updated the warranty terms of all electronic devices, the companies themselves do not have to say anything, you can go ahead and open you box, and if they say something, tell them they're about to wind up in legal trouble if they try to deny you.

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"Looks better"... Regarding opinions...

I personally think being able to see the world in 3D, 360 degrees in all directions looks better than seeing it through a flattened 2D 50 inch window sitting on a desk 8 feet away from me, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Battlezone isn't a graphically intensive game to begin with, so it isn't exactly making PSVR break a sweat, especially on Pro.

But alas, opinions.

I st...

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In order to leave it in my backlog, it would have had to have been in there to begin with. I don't waste money on games I know I'm not going to play for a long time.

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You can tell there was some money exchanging hands here...

Xbox One X has 4K... PS4 Pro, on a graphically simple game, does not go above 1080p.
PS4 Pro, however, has lighting effects the more powerful XBO:X GPU would have done easily.
XBO:X has HDR, PS4 Pro does not... PS4 stock can do HDR, HDR is not a computationally expensive thing to add. You are only using 2 more bits of data to define your color, that's it.

In the end though, P...

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I agree, there are a lot of gems hidden in PSN's less advertised sections.

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Here's the one feature Xbox next needs before it can even start to think about beating PS5...

1. Knowing what the PS5 is even going to be in the first place.

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It was a joke people... ffs. Sony is always releasing stability updates, he was clowning on that. Nothing against PS, after all, it's claimed to be one of the most stable systems ever that still gets constant stability updates... it was just a joke. Smoke a joint, relax, have a laugh.

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I make films for a living... there are millions of DVD and Blu-Ray players out there, millions more digital devices that play video... and the majority of them are free of piracy, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to take advantage of any and all anti-piracy tech available to me. I have bills to pay... it isn't about being greedy. The fact is, every game you have ever played was made for the sole purpose of making money. You're basically saying people should just start givin...

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Xbox 360 never had "Glory Days", it was plagued with the worst quality control issues in console history, costing Microsoft over a billion dollars along the way (for a brand that had already lost over $4 billion on its previous console attempt). It had a few good games, and it is the closest Microsoft ever came to launching a good first party offensive against Sony, but even that wasn't enough once Sony got firing on all cylinders, which is why in the end PS3 eventually pulled a...

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All video is compressed if it is being streamed online, or even offered for download in almost all cases. RAW video takes up a ridiculous amount of bandwidth and hard drive space. It isn't even worth messing with unless you do it for a living like I do.

This video, however, is compressed to the point that even at 4K, you'd be lucky to be seeing half of the actual pixel detail in the uncompressed frame coming out of the PS4s... so keep that in mind before you start ...

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Just a thought... Let's say that 11TF with a Ryzen CPU (for a dedicated machine, this is pretty damn powerful) is the target spec. 2018 release sounds insane, right? Well, if they are changing the model up a bit, maybe not as much.

Those specs in a machine released today would cost upwards of $1000, as some others have pointed out. Sony could opt to take a small loss per console sold, subsidizing it knowing software and plus subscription sales will help offset the loss....

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...and we all know who that one disagree is.

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The fact that it can earn that much money with that few sales compared to other forms of entertainment media that have far more sales but far less profits, is a testament to the fact that even AAA video games still have huge profit margins, and things like microtransactions being "necessary to fund development" is a bunch of BS. They're out there swimming in cash as we cough up $60 per game plus DLC for buggy games that have sections withheld from them so they can sell them to ...

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