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1. Spend a lot of money.

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Thankfully PS4 has had no problem rendering 60-90fps in all PSVR games (as required by the specifications Sony has made for devs to follow), which get reprojected to 120fps by the hardware.

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Yes, they are different, but don't pretend like Nintendo games would not do well on other consoles.

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Nintendo finally takes one tiny baby step into the realm of being a third party developer, and look what happens. They always made better games than systems, the company should have gone this direction long ago.

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Wireless 3D HD video with less than 8ms latency (needed to hit 120fps)... not happening anytime soon.

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I'll stick to the Neo... Sony helped invent the format, you know they're not going to be beat on the quality if their player.

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If kept under control, it could be a good thing for gaming. Until now, the generational wall completely separated communities of gamers. Take gamers who had the last gen version of Destiny, for instance, not being able to play with current gen. Also many gamers didn't get to enjoy the new games unless they forked over a bunch of cash for a new console, which not everyone can do. Developers also get hurt every new console cycle as they have to take big risks and release AAA $$$ games to a ...

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@starchild, that is incorrect. The Xbox One S is more powerful than the Xbox One is. It is a mid-cycle revision to the hardware just like the Neo is, it just isn't AS powerful as Neo which is why you aren't hearing Microsoft make a big deal about the additional power. It does improve framerates and resolutions on some games, however. It is the second hardware tier of this generation, just like Neo will be. Scorpio takes that hardware revision a step further, into a third tier. Sony ha...

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There probably won't be a "next gen console", we'll just keep getting backwards/forwards compatible updates to the current consoles. There really isn't a need to separate generations anymore now that we've moved onto the X86 architecture. Much like PC's, they can just keep on being fully backwards compatible out of the box.

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@darth, the previous models did not feature 4k UHD BD drives, but rather just standard 50gb blu-ray drives. Neo so far is rumored to contain the new UHD drive, which holds more data than the 50gb discs can, but the games will still come on standard 50gb BDs to ensure complete backwards compatibility.

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What is the point of directly comparing the two? Xbox One S is more akin to Neo than Scorpio is. Both are upgrades over their predecessors, but Microsoft went ahead and announced its third tier product as well. Look at it this way:

PS4 & Xbox One: Tier 1
PS4 Neo & Xbox One S: Tier 2
??? & Xbox Scorpio: Tier 3

Sony has not yet announced what they plan on doing for their third tier product at this point. Plus, Scorpio is comin...

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It just happens to have not been working lately, but hey, keep trying the same thing until you get different results, right? Surely it just wasn't the RIGHT gimmick attached to a weak console last time.

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They are merging Xbox and PC like they should have done years ago. PC is a space they control. They write the rules so to speak. They tried stepping out of their comfort zone into consoles but never could make any real profit. If they merge with PC, but keep making living room friendly boxes, they get to enjoy the best of both worlds in a way their competitors can't.

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Scorpio is their third tier box. S is the second tier. More powerful than the One, but not as powerful as Scorpio. Sony so far has only shown (or is rumored to show) their second tier with Neo. There is nothing stopping them from releasing a third box later.

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This windows 10 store only thing I'm sure is Microsoft's way of eventually merging PC games with Xbox, so they both run the same game code.

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Yeah, he totally touched her butt.. that wasn't an "almost" thing... and her laughter was probably a nervous response, indicated by the fact that she did indeed file a complaint, and she had every right to do so. His punishment was just, we as gamers need to make women feel more welcome. If a girl can't go to an e-sports event without the fear of some thirsty geek groping her, that is just pathetic.

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If they can manage to completely bring down the wall between PC gaming and console gaming, in other words making all PC games run on Xbox and vice versa, as well as them all being on the same network, they can take top spot and stay there.

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While it is an improvement over GT6, it does lack compared to more modern racers. I guess Driveclub spoiled me... then again this is 60fps with split screen and VR, so I'm not going to complain too much.

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Microsoft is the only company that is in the position to create a living room PC/console hybrid. Anything else would be seen by average joe as another console... one they've never heard of, and with no brand recognition as a result. Microsoft has Xbox, a well known brand, already in living rooms. They also have PC on lockdown, with a near-monopoly status there. So, if they were to promote a powerful console that also was a PC, add in a slick UI that simplifies doing PC tasks in a console ...

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Crossfire isn't 100% efficient, however, and that performance will only scale in some applications. There will be some things you do get better performance than the 1080, but other things that the 1080 will be able to do better. In the end, having one card doing something is always going to be the preferred route to go if you can afford to. This is a great way for budget gamers to get high performance, but for people like me, who do things like CG animation, video editing, motion graphics...

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