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Most VR games require very little body movement. I only have 2 that even require you to stand.

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This was expected when they went X86. Not only can they do BC, but enhancing old games becomes much easier.

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Once in a while a game like Horizon comes along that nails every element just right... those are the classics.

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Who runs CPU intensive games while running a bunch of CPU hog apps in the background anyway? DX11 games seem to get a very slight boost, but some games actually run worse with the new update, even with game mode turned off. Lots of work left to do on this, but it is a step in the right direction to know they are working on ways to streamline PC operating systems for gaming.

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Isn't that what they want?

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I agree. They stopped making WWII games because... we were sick of WWII games. Just because a few years has passed does not mean we're not going to be getting more of the same old crap. Honestly, war games in general are quickly losing their appeal to me. These days it is just slapping a new coat of paint on the same old tired and boring game mechanics.

I quit playing COD at MWII. I've played a round or two of some of the newer ones, but other than a few new moves ...

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You'll say that until you play a game that is genuinely better in every way in VR than otherwise, like a good RTS, racer, or flight game/space shooter. That is, unless you get motion sick. Then they all suck.

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aaaaand the thread has been deleted. This is why we're not supposed to allow forum posts as news articles. Why was this approved?

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The days of the console number system are coming to an end. We didn't see a PSP2, we got a Vita. I highly doubt PSVR's successor will end up being called PSVR2. PlayStation will probably keep the number scheme since dedicated consoles only have a couple generations at most left in them anyway, before they try to transition us to a full "gaming as a service" model. I still don't know if network latency will ever reach a point that can keep true enthusiasts happy, though, ...

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See that, Microsoft? Investing in new IPs DOES pay off! Now Sony has a solid franchise, and considering the first game is doing so well, it bodes very well for the future of the series.

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I just wish AMD's drivers were more solid. I used to have an all AMD system, Radeon 6870 paired with an 8 core FX8320, but the GPU was so damn unreliable. I do video projection mapping for a living and if I tried to use all 3 outputs at once (which required buying an expensive active displayport to HDMI adapter), it was a pain to get working right and the card crashed on me in the middle of a gig (bad crashed, like almost had to re-install windows crashed) more than once, and nearly cost ...

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Don't need a PS4 to play PS4 exclusives with compressed image quality and much higher input lag. *fixed

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Last night I bought your mom. I don't earn much, but thankfully she was cheap.

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VR Really is the perfect format for that genre of game, just like pinball you can easily look around the playing field in 3D to make seeing smaller elements easier, or elements that may be obscured behind another.

I definitely love Zen pinball in VR, can't wait to try a RTS!

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It looks just like a puppy someone beat with a shovel! How cute!

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2160p, yes... we all know that the "PS Poor" can't do 4K, but other than resolution the game is mostly identical on both systems.

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I think Microsoft is tiring of consoles, and they are going to merge PC and Xbox completely (they're almost all the way there now), and Xbox as a system will end up being a windows based steam machine like device, maybe with a version of windows streamlined for gaming. We're already seeing games that run on both PC and Xbox, so the bridge is almost complete. I think Microsoft is realizing there is bigger money in it for them to grow gaming in the high performance PC space rather than ...

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Doom would be a vomit-fest for most people. You really have to give yourself time in VR to be able to play games that have that much motion in them. The whole walking without feeling your body actually being affected by gravity like it does when you really walk can make you nauseous. Running is way worse. That's why most VR games that do let you move around freely without being in some sort of vehicle usually make you walk at a snail's pace.

This is coming from some...

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A lot of the Gaikai tech has been used to improve remote play among other things, so it wasn't a bad deal even if it doesn't go anywhere. However, as network infrastructure improves, the purchase will end up being justified. Those patents will be worth something once there is a good enough network in place to support them. Same with Microsoft and their research into cloud gaming. Ahead of its time, but it will be useful eventually.

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