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@Andrew, it isn't all that crazy, Sony does the same thing with PSNow already. However, net speeds still aren't quite up to par. Bandwidth is great, but pings haven't improved as much over the last decade, and that is what really counts when gaming in the cloud like that. How fast your button presses can get back to the server, and how fast that server can get the in-game response to that button press back to you. Most internet connections these days put all their focus in how muc... #1.2.7
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lol@XBL, the trolling is just getting desperate now. Sony selling off one of their most profitable divisions to avoid bankruptcy? Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater... #1.1.14
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All but one of my PS4 games are digital. I like the convenience and lack of clutter from game boxes. #1.2.1
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Actually, he isn't alone. I watched industry analysts go on and on the other day about how this was the first sign of Xbox being spun off. When you think about it, since Minecraft isn't going exclusive, that now makes MS a third party software developer. I think that is what they should go for. They never get hardware right, but they do good at software. If I were CEO, and I think Nadella agrees with me here, I'd cut away all of the money hole hardware divisions (Xbox loses billio... #1.1.1
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Destiny graphics comparison:

"Wouldnt have have sales numbers (Which is all they care about) but they would have made a better game "

By that logic, it should have been PS4 exclusive so they could have both. #1.1.16
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XBLSkull, funny that ICE programmer knows more about computer hardware than you ever will, considering he's the one actually making these games for the hardware (for one of the best developers in the world, no less) and is the one whose day to day job is to figure out ways to get more out of that hardware. If he wants to say something is the best or is not, he's qualified to do so. You on the other hand, just troll forums. When your name pops up in the credits for the next Uncharted g... #1.1.14
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... but only if rockband agreed to have the camera circle around Scott Stapp as he held his arms up in the air like Jesus while standing atop a cliff. #1
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so by being more informed, by more sources, it is making people people more sheeplike? That logic doesn't work. People have always been like sheep, however now there are many ideas that never would have taken root 20 years ago that are thriving. The information age has changed us, and in some ways for the better. #1.1.15
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The CPU benchmarked barely better than iphone 5's, and the GPU wasn't much of an improvement either (what improvements there were have been attributed to the metal API more than the hardware). We might see Xbox 360 level visuals out of it, but I doubt it.

This is 2012 phone tech repackaged with an apple logo. #1.10
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Having played both the alpha and beta, Gamespot can eat a d***. This is a good game. I would have paid just to be able to keep playing what I had with the beta. I wouldn't rate this as a 10/10 groudbreaker, but it's definitely the best FPS on next gen consoles IMO. #1.24
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They realized nobody cares to spend that much time pointing at their screen. Arms would be hurting by the end of the level. #1.2
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Game demos rarely gave you more than 15 minutes of gameplay. There's a difference here. #1.1.3
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All the Dynasty Warriors games are like that. Lame AI, a bunch of mindless, faceless characters standing around doing nothing while you attack them. Throw in a boss once in a while...

They've managed to keep that same formula for decades. How they can still sell the games without adding an ounce of innovation in is beyond me. Now they're doing it with both Zelda and Dragon Quest. It was one thing when it was their own franchise they were ruining with lack of innovatio... #2.1
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Minecraft has nowhere near the popularity to justify a 2 billion dollar purchase. #1.1.5
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As far as activision is concerned, shipped = sold (to their customers, the retailers), so they've made their $500 mil back already.

Good for them. This game is worthy of the praise. #1.1.10
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1. The video is obviously poorly upscaled from a lower resolution, or poorly downscaled to fit both frames in, one or the other. all edges are jaggy and low res.

2. This is a cross gen game whose next gen versions barely differ from the last gen. This isn't much to speak of, especially since both are so similar. #1.1.18
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Not to mention it isn't as powerful. 4GB of DDR3, a dual core CPU... this thing would choke running most PS4 games at PS4 resolutions. It takes more than a good GPU to do that. As a complete system, PS4's specs stomp this one. #1.6.2
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"Can run games like Titanfall" ... A cross gen game that's next gen version was barely better looking than the 360 version... Great place to start your comparisons. Lets see this thing run Driveclub, P.T., Uncharted, The Order: 1886, etc. at comparable framerates and resolutions... without setting anything on fire or killing anyone. #1.6
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Only 633,600 pixels per frame difference, on average, along with better frame rates, but who's counting... right? #1.4.1
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Just wait... now millions of unsuspecting perverts will be caught wanking, and won't even know it because they can't see or hear who just walked into the room. #1.1.2
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