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"JB's future games are going console exclusive." - it should read. #1.1.10
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If the system can do 900p comfortably at 60fps (don't forget, it isn't just the resolution or framerate that determines how good your graphics are, the quality of the lighting, textures, anti-aliasing, etc. all factor in as well and are just as important) and still look like PS4 games, but be a handheld I can take home or dock into a station to play at home, I'd consider picking one up if the price were right.

Also, don't forget a survey is for gauging consum... #1.1.17
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The real life Sonya Blade is the actor that played her in the original MK trilogy... Kerry Hoskins. #1.1.9
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PSVR's screen can update faster than Oculus CV1, so it can achieve faster frame rates (120hz vs 90hz). This, when coupled with the frame reprojection hardware (able to upscale 60fps driveclub VR to 120fps), can possibly lead to fewer people experiencing motion sickness with PSVR vs. Oculus.

The additional resolution of Oculus is a good advantage, but when comparing frame rate vs. resolution, we all know which we all prefer. #1.2.7
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"far more" is dependent on the situation. Is your game going to rely on a lot of GPGPU to aid the weak CPUs that both systems have? If so the PS4 version will be your best version by far. Is VR your target? PS4 will win hands down (bigger frame buffer makes it easier to render 3D at high FPS). Is 1080p at 60fps important? PS4 will likely have an advantage there as well, since XO tends to have to drop resolution to maintain fast frame rates. Is your game CPU heavy in ways that can... #1.1.9
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Someone at an ad agency just googled a bunch of images of video games and had no idea which platform they were on. #1.8
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Most Japanese PCs run American made operating systems. Japanese people love apple products. Using country loyalty as an excuse for poor console sales doesn't hold up. #1.4
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PSVR isn't meant to be a smashing success. It is being released as an add on device, limiting its potential. However, before Sony can put out a new console that supports vr out of the box, this add on launch gives them the chance to fine tune the experience and learn valuable lessons they can apply to the next console. #2.1.6
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Playing back 1080p video on a 4k set may benefit slightly from the upscaler, but other than that the resolution of the set isn't going to help the video quality much... however his set may have better contrast ratio than yours, which can result in the perception of better color clarity and sharpness. #1.5.4
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Even to those who don't have a large enough set or good enough eyes to tell the difference in resolution, the color quality is better. 4:2:0 color compression is typically used for both 1080p and 4k tv and blu-Ray. Viewing 4k content side by side with 1080p content on the same size screens will result in more color definition packed into the same amount of screen space... A lot more. #1.5.2
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2pac is right. No TV or film content is produced at 1440p, so no tv's natively display it. They can by up or downscaling it, at any frame rate up to 60. #1.2.2
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Steam's stats are based on pc, which typically uses smaller screens. A console would be more likely to be connected to a 4k tv. #1.1.5
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Square announces FF7 for ps4. People get pissed because it's an exact copy of the original. They make a remake... People get pissed because it isn't an exact copy of the original. #1.1.8
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Microsoft isn't the only company offering cloud services, and few games benefit from what the cloud offers currently, which is why after years of development, they've only been able to put it into a couple games, and only one game with results that could be considered impressive and not possible without the cloud... And only during multiplayer matches.

More hype than substance, as usual. #1.2.1
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They did specifically use the words "console exclusive", so it wouldn't hold your breath on it not coming to PC... and there's nothing wrong with that. While I have a PC that could eat my PS4 for lunch and not even break a sweat, I'll still get it for PS4 just so I can play the game in my living room with wireless controls on a quiet machine small enough to sit on my entertainment center without having to mess with bulky operating systems, driver updates, etc. Some folks... #1.11.5
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Yes, PlayStation is on fire. Yes, this is awesome news. However, before you start bashing other consoles, you need to consider that Kojima is independent, and while it's likely he'll stay aligned with Sony, he could decide to make his next game on Xbox as well if he wanted to. Since he's independent, he'll be eyeing profits, not console allegiance. #1.4.4
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I can hear your bubbles popping. #13.4
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Won't happen. They don't need Microsoft. #1.1.1
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It doesn't require a million lines of code to pull off... IF they wanted to support it, it would have already been supported. #2.1.2
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