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Sculpting worlds in 3D VR is something I've always wanted to do. Now my Dreams are coming true.

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Circling the drain. This one will get canned.

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About time these games stopped holding your hand through the experience. Nobody wants to have to take the time to get good at anything anymore. It all has to be instant gratification.

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Polyphony: "This GT is centered around online racing."

*A year later*

Gaming Media: "Looks like our fears about SP are true..."

Gamers: "Waaaaaaaah! I don't want it if it doesn't have SP!"

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The entire concept is "let's pay money to buy a game, and then pay more money so we don't have to play all of it."

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This game is cool. Definitely one of the best PSVR games.

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Note that I said "No reason to go beyond 8K", not 4K. Physically, it wouldn't make sense. We couldn't resolve the pixel density with our eyes and any reasonable distance from the screen. Rendering is different, though. AA is always needed if you are rendering at 8K native and displaying at 8K, same with any other resolution. If you display at the same resolution you render at, you get aliasing. Rendering above your display resolution and downsampling (supersampling) or any o...

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Easily one of the best games of this gen, and my favorite PS+ game so far.

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the shadows and unrealistic bokeh are the only giveaways.

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There is no logical reason to go beyond 8K on the display side of things. Even 4K exceeds our vision at 8 feet away, even the best eyes can't see the pixels that far back.

Rendering, that's a different story (4K with supersampling for great anti-aliasing).

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You don't have eyes capable of seeing 16k resolution pixel for pixel on a screen that can fit into your house. Not even theaters use those resolutions.

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There's also the rumors of the price hike having some unannounced goodies to show for it soon... not to mention the quality of the PS+ game collection has been quite good lately, so I'm not complaining about getting a decent online service, tons of great games, discounts, and possibly more to come for the cost of one game per year.

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It's far more relevant now than it was at launch, so your foolish prediction is far from coming true.

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Bear in mind, GT often reuses assets from previous games in future games, so this is actually a great thing as it means those assets will be very high quality when the new console(s) arrives.

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Switch doesn't have a lot of time to pull that off before it will be dated hardware (it already is in a lot of ways).

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Definitely the most impressive visuals I've seen in PSVR.

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GT Sport was sold as a game that focused on multiplayer racing from the start, why are you acting surprised now andrewsquall?

The headline says income drops, but the chart shows an almost 180.5% boost? Revenue is also up 15%,

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I'm trying to like this game, but as of now it's just a bunch of boring grinding. No real challenge, just hunting resources endlessly and dealing with not having enough space to store them. The only real difficulty is making it harder to... hunt resources. I want a challenge that goes beyond gathering and exploring worlds that still lack any real variety. I think they are building a solid foundation that a fun game can be built upon eventually, but as of now it still doesn't quite...

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@black havoc

You mean like Vice City and San Andreas were called GTA2 and GTA3?

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Same reason Slapping brought PC2 in? lol

GT is the most popular racing franchise on earth (77 million GT games sold to date), launching for the most popular console on earth (these aren't opinions, but facts based on sales). It will do just fine regardless of what PC2 does. Look at how well PC sold (2 million) against GT5 (12 million) or GT6 (5 million), and it was multiplatform!

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