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Microsoft is in no position to be this cocky. This has been a trend for them lately (like them also saying they don't need to worry about keeping up with innovation because their consumers don't change). They're acting like Sony did at the end of PS2's life cycle and into the beginning of PS3's.

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I agree that third party exclusives will become more rare, but second party partnerships with third party studios to release exclusives funded by the console manufacturer might become more common.

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You also must consider that getting a game up and running at 4K on PS4 Pro requires some tooling around with the engine optimizations that developers may not be that interested in paying their programmers to do on an old game that is long past its sales peak and won't provide a return on the investment. So, you should not be judging Pro by it's patches to existing PS4 games, but rather new games that launch with Pro compatibility baked in. If you start seeing a lot of those games only...

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Exactly. I've never understood that wonky analog stick placement Xbox uses... Our hands are symmetrical, it only makes sense to have our thumb stick layout also be symmetrical.

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Ice halos happen all the time... why is this news?

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Nitus hit the nail on the head. 4K at 60p isn't possible over 1.4. A 4K TV with HDMI 1.4 was gimped out of the box, not the PS4 Pro.

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Don't act like Final Fantasy games haven't ran like crap for a while now anyway... it just runs a little less crappy on pro hardware.

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The easily motion sick crowd would barf after the first turn.

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I am a longtime playstation-only gamer, however I see nothing wrong with this. I was actually interested in learning exactly what had to be changed to make arguably the best looking racer ever in VR. I was glad they covered it.

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There are lighting effects removed (the haze, for instance), but for the most part it's pretty close other than the color grading favoring blues more than the oranges in the E3 original. I can also see more aliasing on the buildings on the new version.

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Not to mention the discs aren't actually 50GB, they are 48.57Gb when you transfer them from the base 2 counting system to base 10 (explanation of what that means can be found here:

That means that despite your disagree votes, if the game was 46GB already, the disc was pretty much completely full already, with less than 3GB to spare. So, there would be no way for ...

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Sorry, but bugs do not cause art assets to suddenly look like they were created by a 3 year old. It may skew them, warp them, make them walk through walls, but it won't reduce the complexity of the model to look like it came out of a kindergarten classroom.

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PlayStation VR Review Review: Not Worth Watching

This review cost too much time to watch, and it gave me nausea. There wasn't enough content in it to keep me interested, just the same old tired points we've been hearing from the few people who don't like or can't play VR.

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Considering the improvements made to the 1080p settings of most PS4 Pro games are things you need to see in motion to fully appreciate, such as higher framerates, these still frame comparisons are kinda pointless.

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Flower clone. Not to say that is a bad thing, Flower is a great game and I'd love to get more of it even if it isn't coming from ThatGameCompany.

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Driveclub VR never was patched. No idea why they have it included in the list.

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Lighting, HDR, anti-aliasing, a lot of shader code is written using 16 bit float. It is used where the added precision is not necessary. Now it is used even more effectively. Your lack of knowledge about this subject is very evident. Don't be a charlatan, educate yourself.

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timotim, 32 bits are not always necessary and would be wasteful to use them anyway. All games use 16 bit for some things. AAA games, indy games, they all use it for some things. Do yourself a favor, watch the video. It has a lot of technobabble that can be hard to follow, but watch it, then learn about how floating point integers work in graphics. You'll start to see why this actually is a big deal. Not an earth-shattering deal that will result in 4K in every game (or even half of them), ...

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Exactly. With PS4 Pro launching at only $50 more than a comparable 1TB Xbox One S, but offering near 4K on all games and native 4K on an impressive and steadily growing list of games, it is an apples to oranges comparison to what we faced with Xbox One and PS4. Remember, Xbox One launched at $499, then spent the majority of its life at $399, while offering inferior resolutions the entire time.

After Scorpio launches, if PS4 Pro costs the same as it does at launch, then you...

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As said in the video, lighting, anti-aliasing, HDR, there are a number of things that can be done with 16 bit floating point integers. PS4 and Xbox One GPUs cannot do this, they have to either do one 32 bit or one 16 bit integer, they cannot do two 16 bits calculations together at the same time. As of now, it isn't confirmed if Scorpio will have this tech or not, and if it does not there actually could be cases where PS4 Pro would outperform it (though things like memory bandwidth would a...

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