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Bogus list. Includes indies they claimed to exclude and also includes dynamic resolution games that aren't true 1080p. Also, those of you saying "I'd take 900p with better framerate"... many of the 900p games have terrible framerates also (Ryse, for instance, or witcher 3 with its screen tearing on the 900p xbox one version due to lack of v-sync, despite having a slightly higher framerate at parts).

"That is a loss for PS4 gamers my opinion, because 900... #1.1.10
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sales disagree... #1.2.1
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You can fit many times more data on a sd based memory card than you can a dual layer blu-Ray, with faster transfer speeds and the ability to write content like game updates directly onto the card. Perhaps it is time gamers returned to cartridges. It'll cost more to make (a lot more), but the performance advantage is worth it to me. you can get a lot more bandwidth by caching some data to hdd, some to ram, and stream the rest at higher speeds from the card.

The only quest... #1.1.17
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Same excuse we heard for Wii. #1.5
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War Thunder launched with cross play for pc/ps4, so did warframe iirc.

@moldy, an app is all Sony would need to do it if they wanted to, doesn't have to be built into the o.s. Sony could partner with steam (wouldn't be the first time) to break into the pc space if it ever became a threat... But as of now it isn't.

Also, krypt, Sony is a Japanese company. Nice try, but epic troll fail. #1.1.34
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I'll never forget how amazed I was to shine a flashlight in the mirror in p.t. and see that it actually reflected the light itself, not just my image. #1.3
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Put your money where your mouth is, let's see a list of those "half" you can buy for your overhyped, overpriced phone. #2.4.3
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This is what I said that they should have done long ago. Like Valve attempted to do with the Steam machine, make Xbox and PC cross compatible. Then the install base isn't just the consoles, but millions of PCs as well, which makes devs happy, and the games are hardware scalable, which makes gamers happy. It's a win-win. #1.1
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@V With an ignorant and foolish comment like that, it's quite obvious you don't even own a PS4. #1.1.9
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You won't get a very big image out of this thing. It only has 32 lumens. I work with projectors for a living, as I own a multimedia production company and do IMAG video projections as well as video projection mapping.

The weakest projector we use is 3500 lumens, and it's an ultra-short throw. We only use it because the projector can sit very close to the object it is projecting on, so it'll throw an image of respectable brightness since the light doesn't have... #1.2.12
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Physics and AI are things that I've never denied being possible on the cloud, though even in those cases it will be quite interesting to see how they handle variable connection quality. If your connection lags, what happens to the physics calculations? Those are things that could have a very severe impact on gameplay if it happened, and it happening for one person would mean it happened to everyone since that same physical object must be destroyed in real time for everyone.
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Don't forget Everybody's gone to Rapture, Dreams, possibly Dragon Quest 11... I know there's some other good ones in there. #5.1.3
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Yeah, all the 2015 footage they showed looks hazy. #3.1
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I prefer mine where my thumbs naturally rest, and symmetrical, just like my hands. #1.1.2
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For winter, you want at least one beefalo hat, I usually have 2 thermal stones (I leave one by the fire nice n' hot if I need it). Then for food, stock up as many veggies in your refrigerator and lots of meat in the drying rack. Also, build a bee house and harvest lots of honey from it before the winter. Then you can hunt beefalo and koalafant when the food starts running out, and mix 2 meats with 2 honeys in the crock pot to make honey ham, which restores an enormous amount of health and... #3.1
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"Keep taking snapshots but when it's in motion you can see it."

keep on moving those goalposts.

However, if you want to play the gif game, we'll do that.


h... #1.1.9
Ignoring that, even if the sales were mostly the result of the bundle, which they were not, bundles still cost more than the base unit does, so you're still buying the damn game. #1.2.7
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If Kudo wasn't such a douche, I'd believe it, as this game looks to be one of the most original games to ever release on an Xbox platform, but he is, so I'm still skeptical. #1.1.21
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it means you can expect the console selling the most to get the best games, as developers are going to flock to the console that sells the most and therefore has the biggest install base. Look at all the games coming to PS4 now, it's like the PS2 generation all over again. #1.1.17
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PS4 can't emulate PS3 like Xbox One can emulate Xbox 360. The reason isn't because Xbox One is more powerful, but because the cell processor was such an exotic architecture that it is extremely difficult to emulate. The 7 SPUs were weak in a lot of ways, but could do certain tasks very fast. Trying to shoe-horn that into a general purpose CPU and also emulating the PPU core at the same time, on an 8 core chip that is clocked at a slower speed than PS3's CPU was isn't an easy t... #1.1.11
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