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Colonel, there are two native 4K games on PSPro currently. It's how the dev chooses to use the available hardware. Even MS said not all Scorpio games will hit native 4K.

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This article is a bunch of stills from a trailer that came out almost a year ago... The youtube video was uploaded back in October of last year.

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It's likely that MS was going to rely on Oculus for a VR solution, as it is the most affordable PC option at the time, and there has been talk of discussions between the two companies about future support.

That said, this is temporary. Palmer will get dropped like a bad habit, will become the next "pharma bro" (hated, but too rich to care), and we'll only hear him blow hot air about politics once in a while. Then Oculus will resume course.

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Disappointing, but expected. It is Nintendo, after all. Hell bent on using gimmicks to sell weak hardware, not giving a rat's ass about third party support or online.

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I do video projection mapping for a living, which is similar to this. Basically, it works the same as that Microsoft's Illumiroom tech, but on a simpler level. A depth-sensing camera makes a rough 3D model of the room, and they stretch and deform the image across that model so that, from your perspective, it appears as it you are looking at a perfectly square screen when in reality the image the projector is sending out is all skewed and distorted so that it wraps around the 3D objects in...

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It's linked to up top.

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My article got approved, but was failed after the fact because someone reported it as "fake" citing House's statement about no firmware upgrade being possible. Of course N4G's mods immediately failed the article. Now Gaming Dolt does the same thing, rips off my article with a less informative article with more useless filler, and they let it slide through.

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"Elite dangerous is absoloutely mind blowing for first 10-20 hours then its just boring catapulting your self from one star to the next. The concept of the game would be amazing if you could do more on the planets."

Same thing with NMS, except it only takes 5 hours or so. A lot could be changed and added to NMS between now and the release of this game, so I'll hold off on calling it an anything killer at this point, but good to see that others are starting to ...

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That's because the only thing it needed to do to add support was a drive that had the firmware telling it the error correcting code data blocks were inverted, and then they needed to upgrade the HDMI port to include HDCP 2.2. HDMI 2.0 comes with HDCP 2.2, and is also what PS4Pro uses. I believe they also put a hardware video decoder in there because the Xbox One isn't powerful enough to decode 4K HDR video by itself. If I remember right, Netflix stated i...

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Funny, I wrote a similar article right after Pro's announcement, which was failed as "fake" on N4G because Andrew House claimed that a firmware upgrade couldn't fix PS4 Pro's lack of BD playback. Now Gaming Bolt puts out an article that basically says the exact same thing, and it's passed through.

Here's the original article, which actually goes into more detail.

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Scorpio is like a girl that goes out and buys the best clothes, spends hours getting her hair and makeup just right, and by the time she makes it to the party there's only a few people left cleaning up the mess and one guy out vomiting in the yard.

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HDMI 1.4 can do 12 bit color at 1080p resolution, which actually goes above the minimum spec required for HDR, which is 10 bit color. It can also do 4K resolution (non HDR) at up to 30fps.

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There is no such thing as "fake" HDR. You took one statement by an uninformed Microsoft rep saying he wasn't sure how HDMI 1.4 could do HDR and how they were pulling it off, and took that as "PS4 HDR is fake.". News flash, PS4 has a HDMI 1.4 port. HDMI 1.4 is capable of 12 bit per pixel color at 1080p resolution, which is ABOVE the standard for 10 bit HDR. Nice try, troll, but you fail yet again.

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86,400,000 pixels per second are rendered at 900p 60fps. 62,208,000 pixels per second are rendered at 1080p 30fps. 28% more pixels being rendered per second by PS4.

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Watch 4K/HDR that wasn't recorded in 4K or HDR!

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"Skip something you can play now for something that only exists on paper and will be launching a year behind its competition, meaning you'll be drooling over all those Pro games for a year before you'll even get to mess with one Scorpio launch title."

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The best games are timeless.

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Sorry, but RE hasn't been a horror game for a while now. Even though there have been some great RE games, it became more of a zombie action game. Not so much survival or horror. This is a welcome departure from that recent trend. Creeps me out like I remember the first game doing.

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There's a big difference between having to have your game run smoothly on 2 hardware configurations vs. 200... especially when both systems use the same brand CPU/GPU and the same RAM.

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A $400 console can't do what a $1000 PC with a $400 graphics card struggles to do? No way! Totally not worth it.

Totally surprising that a console with 8GB RAM has the same texture resolution as a console with 8GB RAM...

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