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@GMR, Bloodborne, while a spiritual successor to the souls series, is technically a new IP. The majority of "average joe" gamers do not know of its association to the souls games, and the souls games were never heavy sellers. The other 2 games are sequels to well established franchises, especially Batman, which has been a big seller since the first arkham game. #1.2.14
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I called it... #1.2
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The way driveclub applies physics to each rain drop, so that as you turn the rain sloshes around on your windshield and side windows, is simply amazing. So is going into photo mode and seeing every leaf on every plant also getting wet. #1.1.3
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Will cost more than a console... and has a limited field of view. I think this tech needs more time to mature. #1.2
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They are a very small team, and a flood has already wiped out much of this game's development once, and they kept at it anyway. With all the hype around this game, Sony wouldn't let it slip through the cracks. Look at how long they've dragged TLG around despite all the issues its development has had. #1.1.1
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I don't have a 4k TV. I don't plan on upgrading for a couple more years at least. I'm good for now. #1.6
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And GT7 will "wipe the floor" with forza 6, if you want to compare games that haven't even been shown running in real time yet. #1.1.12
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I knew it wouldn't be cheap. This thing has kinect strapped to it, as well as its own processor. It pretty much is a console you strap to your head... and one that has a very limited field of view based on user impressions. Apparently the "holograms" are all located in a little box in front of your face, it doesn't wrap around your field of view. #1.1.11
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"Lets start by saying you don't know how to add. So, let me take your numbers, change them up by throwing in accessories and converting prices of when the bundle launched to what they are today, even though you specified you were talking about when the bundle launched, and then I'll get a different number and prove you wrong, TROLL!"

The fail is strong with this one. #1.1.12
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Maybe won the war by Sarah Jessica Parker's nose... #1.11
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Aggressively invest in getting Kojima a new studio under the SCEWWS wing! #1.10
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Yes, but any game project he'd get involved in would be at least 3-4 years out for full development. Since Konami likely owns Fox Engine, Koji would have to make a new one. That could give Del Toro time to finish his current work while they got the tech side of things in place. #1.2
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There are only 2 "jump scares" in p.t. (dying and when she throws the windowpane over the balcony), and the trailer they released for silent hills didn't have any. After playing p.t., I think first person is the best for horror. Better immersion. #1.5.1
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Nothing wrong with buying mgs used. You still support kojima's work without giving konami a cent. #1.1.10
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Forcing devs to add content to a timed exclusive on another platform is a far cry from requiring devs to release on both platforms at once. #1.1.11
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Had they not originally scored it a 7.5, I'd agree. Though I personally would rate it 8-8.5. #1.2.3
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Yet another jrpg with a name that sounds like they threw random English words in a blender. #1.1.3
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"This could look incredible but I reckon the campaign will take a hit in terms of resolution and possible frame rate if it is going to look as good as this (or as close to what we think the in-game bits are)."

Maybe 240p at 15fps. Otherwise, it won't be close. We've seen what the MP looks like already, use that as your metric, not this. #2.1.1
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I miss when gameplay trailers showed actual gameplay, not something that took a room full of powerful computers 2 weeks to render... that shows the "game" from camera angles you'll never see during gameplay, that doesn't show ANY of the game's mechanics in action, etc.

Worse than bullshots IMO. #1.1
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Not pixelation, but aliasing, or "jagged edges". At higher resolution, the jaggies are smaller (because the pixels are more densely packed together), therefore harder to see. #6.2.2
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