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I don't mind the right amounts of motion blur being used, but the dirty lens effect has been bugging the hell out of me since last gen. Battlefield 3-4 were both really bad about it, but there are others as well. It's all too common. Kinda like the shiny plastic people and environments early last gen, when devs were just starting to experiment with shaders and thought slathering the world and everyone in it in a thick layer of vasoline would make their game look cooler. #1.2
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Be careful, those come from the moon. #2.1.1
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Which, considering they couldn't get a game with mediocre visuals running at 1080p/60, shows their lack of skill. #1.2.1
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Oh my god, it takes an entire 30 seconds? You mean I have to wait 30 seconds instead of waiting for the PS4 to boot, logging in, selecting my game from the menu, waiting for the splash screens showing the logos to play through, waiting for the game to load, selecting my save file, waiting for the save and subsequently the level data to load, and then jumping right back into my game?

That's WAY too long! /s #1.5
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@ turd & cutz

all the latency gains, bandwidth, and optimization in the world will not erase the fact that it is only 32mb. Period. The rest of the ram crawls by like a turtle.

There's a reason why you keep hearing "just a little while longer!!! just wait! we'll show you! We can optimize it to make it all better! Clouds will help! There's secret sauce! Coprocessors that we never told you about!" and never seeing the results materiali... #1.2.12
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God forbid anybody want to be able to pull up an entire archive of family movies, pictures, and their entire music collection from their living room no matter which PC in the house the data is stored on... No, only pirates would have any interest in that sort of thing.

God forbid me, as the owner of a multimedia production company, would ever want to stream media that showcases my work to clients who are in the viewing room no matter what PC in the buildin... #1.2.5
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I have a friend with a form of muscular dystrophy who cannot play certain games due to his hands not being able to comfortably move in those ways. This is a godsend for him.

Also, for games that do not offer customizable button configs, this is great even for users who don't have a handicap. #3.4
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Joining a friend's game from the home screen rocks too, it'll definitely cut down on the number of steps needed to jump into a game with a friend.

I agree on DLNA and media playback. I used to use my PS3 to play all of my promotional videos that I could conveniently store on its hard drive and take with me to conventions. I no longer can play any video clips at all on my PS4 unless it is streaming media or a blu-ray disc. That sucks. Thankfully, as the owner of a vide... #1.2.3
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"That has resulted in what’s called Resolution Gate"

Trying to blame it all on the API is a bad idea for them, it will backfire. You can improve efficiency and reduce the strain of a bottleneck with a more efficient API, but in the end 32mb is 32mb. A far cry from what you'd be able to do with up to 8GB of similarly high bandwith memory. So, the resolution/framerate differences will always be there.

Just remember, a few months ago we were suppo... #1.2.3
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When it comes to visuals, none of us see the same thing the exact same way. Some have poor vision, others are colorblind, etc... Some see razor sharp and can easily tell the differences.

So, while buying the PS4 or PC version of a game may make playing that game better for YOU if it runs at a higher resolution, has better AA, etc... it doesn't make it universally better. Someone with poorer eyesight might not even be able to tell, or someone with a worse quality TV. To t... #1.1.17
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well, most of us have a 1080p tv, so we want games that run at that resolution. However, when it's a game that could have been run on last gen hardware, it isn't so impressive. #16.1.2
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maybe a bragging point if Xbox 360 were running it. #16.1
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actually, the next PS4 fw update enables 60fps remote play, as well as 60fps game streaming. #1.2.1
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They have SOME great games, but few that appeal to me. Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid, Mario. That's about it. So far no proper mario game other than the 2D sidescrollers which are pretty much the same as their 3DS counterparts, no metriod in sight, so that leaves 2 games I give a crap about. I had that many games I like a month after buying my PS4. Now I have several games on my PS4 I wouldn't want to miss that I can't even get for my PC.

I'm glad to see Nintend... #1.1.7
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Make no mistake, it was the mobile news that sent them soaring, not NX. Investors have been pushing Nintendo to go third party for some time now, especially with mobile, so it is no surprise to see them rally around this decision (it is, after all, the smart thing to do when you have a company that makes games that sell like hotcakes on hardware that doesn't). If NX fails to take off, you can bet the pressure to go third party in the console space will increase exponentially as well.
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You forget that PS4 has its own extra 2gb pool of DDR3 RAM (as well as a subprocessor) in addition to the 8gb of GDDR5. It also has an additional 256mb of flash memory. The difference being, the 8gb of flash memory in XO is nowhere near as fast at reading and writing data as proper DDR3 RAM is, so PS4 actually has a speed advantage there, though XO can fit more in its 8GB pool of slower memory.

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becoming a third party developer has always been inevitable, they are just taking the first step in a direction they should have gone long ago. They can still come up with gimmicky input devices for their games as well without having to make the actual hardware that processes the games, which they've always opted to go for weaker hardware (as of late) anyway.

I'm curious to see if they reverse course with NX and actually try to compete on a hardware level. IF so, it&... #1.2
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Wow. Talk about desperate. #1.1.5
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Even then, still take with a grain of salt. #2.1
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That one of them often doesn't? #2.2.1
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