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It's kinda sad, that someone has such a lack of a social life that they spend their time in the submitted articles section waiting for new articles to pop up so they can toss in some worthless comment as a placeholder and then edit in more garbage later. It's nothing more than a glorified version of saying "first!"... and the fact that someone is willing to devote so much of their time to achieving that shows they are living out a pretty hollow existence.

Qu... #2.5.1
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The biggest problem with the PS3 updates, most of them were "fixes stability issues" or "improves system performance" only, without actual features on the user-end being added. Add (at the time) slow download speeds to not getting new features, and the updates became a chore with no noticeable payoff most of the time. #1.1.3
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Not 50% more power?

The 50% number was actually derived from the number of compute units in PS4's GPU. PS4 has 50% more CUs than Xbox One.

It has 250% more RAM bandwidth to its main pool of RAM.

It has 50% more texture units (each CU has 4 TUs in it, so 50% more CUs = 50% more TUs).

It has 400% more asynchronous compute engines.

It has 100% more render output pipelines.

So, that 50% was a... #1.1.14
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They would be good numbers a few weeks after a price cut if there was as much demand for an Xbox One as PS4 and price was the barrier that was preventing new adopters from jumping in, as many suggested. However, this is the initial spike, and as with any price cut, it will only go downhill from here, with no other price cut or high profile game coming for a while to boost sales. #3.1.2
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No, worthless comment let's chunder! #1.2
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They want to take full advantage of the tiny, tiny fraction of the PC market that has good enough hardware to outperform consoles, but in the end money talks and they likely will end up needing to bring it to consoles, especially after many of the PC gamers pirate the game. #1.1.15
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PC gaming is fine, but the price doesn't justify it to me. I don't see a reason to pay anywhere from 2 to 5 times as much money for the same games at higher resolution. It isn't like we're talking about a generational leap in visual quality. PC gaming isn't going from PS3 to PS4, 360 to Xbox One... It's just an upgraded version of what we're already playing on consoles, in some cases less than others. Some games run like crap on PC due to poor ports. Mods are great... #1.1.33
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Don't you love how people use the few examples of indie games that are simple and/or use throwback 8 or 16 bit graphics styles as a blanket statement for the entire indie game industry? Shows how little they know of it. Hell, No Man's Sky is one of the most ambitious games ever made and it's indie. War Thunder, also indie. Don't Starve, ThatGameCompany's games, I could go on and on with indie games that were either fantastic or even genre-defining experiences. #1.4.2
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This is evolution studios we're talking about...

"The cloud cover and conditions you choose will dictate how much snow and rain will fall. The wind direction and speed determines where snow will settle. Then when it stops, the temperature and height of the sun governs how quickly clouds evaporate and roads dry out. We’re really striving for consistency in every detail just like we have done with everything else in the game.

You can expect every one o... #15.1
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Dev re-confirms Xbone limitations.

Xbone fans rush to justify by throwing together lists of games (mostly cross gen, remake, or downgraded) that run at 1080p. The rest of them assume the "so I guess it's all about graphics and not gameplay" arguments, ignoring that in many cases the same gameplay is on other consoles... with better graphics.

Ps4 fans rush to correct their mistakes, over and over again. post war reaches critical mass, story rock... #1.16
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Games-as-a-service is definitely what the industry is evolving towards offering, as both this and PlayStation Now prove. However, only Microsoft so far have made it clear they intend on implementing this into being a required part of EVERY game in the quote I posted above. That is the main difference here.

Sony, Nintendo, and even PC games may require something like this one day, but so far nobody but MS have made any such intentions known. The others have remained committed... #1.1.11
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This is the second article in as many days whining about PS+ not having AAA titles for PS4 yet... This is really getting old. Can't you armchair "journalists" come up with something original? At least try?

I miss the days when being a game journalist required more than a fundamental knowledge of how to write an essay (spelling and grammar not included) and an internet connection. #1.1.3
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"Oh yeah? Well here's a completely unrelated post about a handheld."

Go back to eating your paint chips and turpentine cereal. #1.5.1
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The problem is, more than just the frame buffer needs access to high bandwidth. #1.3.1
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"Cloud Gaming is an overloaded term which is used to refer to an assortment of game distribution and monetization models. In this talk Microsoft will suggest that by thinking more in terms of the cloud and gaming, we can settle on a set of use cases for cloud computing technologies in gaming that embraces creating new or enhanced user experiences to the SHIFT to GAMES-AS-A-SERVICE. In doing so we see more clearly how cloud will become a NECESSARY part of EVERY game"

... #1.1.5
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Exactly. Anyone trying to sell PS4 owners a product would never admit they dialed anything back for parity. #1.2.3
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What wrong with this author's English skills? #1.5
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Keep in mind that was the old 640x480 PSeye camera, the new camera with its dual 720p sensors would be able to do far better. #1.2.3
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This is only useful if your head is moving. Sony did this with PS3 years ago, and it didn't require you to wear anything on your face. #1.2
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I'm not really seeing what I would call a downgrade. The contrast and lighting are different, but both look great. #1.7
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