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Your exactly like me. I have about 150 too. Many I haven't played, some can't even run on my PC, but I'll get to them.

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I think it's stupid to have to be online to play a singleplayer game, BUT, I don't think it would stop me from buying a game I wanted. Just think of it this way, there are plenty of other games to play offline, so just treat it like a multiplayer game and only play when your online.

It's still stupid though, and pointless. Only time I would be upset is if it becomes the 'industry standard'.

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CoD1 - Decent start
CoD2 - Improved many things from 1. Decent story/MP
CoD3 - Questionable changes but some good additions, overall decent
CoD4 - Arguable the peak of the series, along with 2.
WaW - Basically a CoD4 expansion.
MW2 - Absolute. Fucking. Disaster. A big step backwards.
BO - Tried to fix mistakes of MW2. Failed.

It was never a great series, but the fact that it holds the spot of #1 purchased and played game is sad...

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I can agree with some things the article says, but there are way worse games that are way more overrated.

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According to Wikipedia there will be a Windows version.

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Overrated!? Your talking about the guy who invented the FPS genre. The guy who streamlined fast paced arena multiplayer. The guy who made a great side-scroller. The guy who formed one of the most revolutionary development companies in gaming history. The guy who spawned numerous gaming conventions. The guy who always makes the next push in programming.

John Carmack is not underrrated sir. And PS3 does not support the feature he is talking about, I bet you commented without ev...

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I have the entire 40 mins downloaded, I might torrent it or something if enough people want it.

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anyone got another link?

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oh and for the article tl;dr

will read later though.

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Happy to say that I've played everything on this list...twice.

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The list is a lie.

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Dude, your brothers 13? I'm pretty sure he not only heard the word fuck, I'm sure he uses it. Don't try to shield him from reality.

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Deadly Premonition

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or for the codfags: Akimbo

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i just want MUA3

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Or try to bring it back to former glory...

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I wouldn't say G4 is a 'bad' channel (even though I have DirecTV and can't watch anymore) but it is defiantly no great, and defiantly not a good gaming channel.

If they just focus more on gaming like they used to and scrap all the reruns and nonsense they have and get a solid lineup of shows. Or even just play better reruns, instead of COPS show Battlestar Galactica of something.

They show some pretty good movies still.

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Yeah, it would be nice but they don't do it because they want people to get the DVD plan.

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Raise the Instant Queue cap.
Fix search typing on 360.
Netflix achievements/trophies (lol)
Modify 360 browsing so you can get to end quicker
Don't say a movie is leaving when it's not.
At least one recent blockbuster per month.
I could go on and on. I love my flix though.

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