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Great article. I'd be interested in seeing your top 10. #17
Oblivion sucked. I've hated the Elder Scrolls series ever since Morrowind. Last good one was Daggerfall. #3.1.3
You're a fucking idiot. Go be a corporate sheep and play your BF3. If you played the first RO you would know that it is a great game. #4.2
I stabbed my grandma a few years back, she just stood up and backhanded me. #12
I understand, don't blame ya, they can be expensive(although cheaper in the long run). I'm just saying if you take competition serious and want spectator e-sports than PC is the place to be. #5.1.1
Just play PC. Can't think of one PC game without spectate. Plus PC has the biggest competitive scene. #5
well said. Although my opinion would be PC as the best, maybe because I don't enjoy JRPGs as much. But the Playstation and SNES would defiantly be tied as my second. #6.1
I'm currently reading the first one. It's good, heard the second one was meh. #1
Half the people on what game? #2.1.2
Tera Online looks pretty sweet, and I'm defiantly gonna play Firefall
@Slayer OP Are you a fucking idiot!? He founded id software, he's been his own boss for most of his career. He has created the entire FPS genre and created deathmatch and if not created, than streamlined and improved online gaming. You fucking ignorant fool. I want to see your programming skills. #1.5.1
PC will always be superior to console. End. Of. Story. #1.6
I'm buying a new PC just to play this...and CS:GO. #4
I love Kane & Lynch. At least the game tries something different. #3
dumbest fucking article #6
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I only buy indie games. #1
Still though, CS has more players than both CoD and BF. #4.1
The CS buy system is what makes the game. #2.1.1
your sarcasm hurts me =( #7.1.1
All meh games besides L4D (which I play on Steam anyway). Halo 3 was better than Reach, but I'd rather just play Halo 2 on Xbox original or even on PC.

PC obviously has the biggest catalouge, but when it comes to console exclusives Sony and Nintendo blow Microsoft out of the water. Only thing Xbox has going for itself is the Indie games section, which is mostly ignored by many gamers and Microsoft fails to improve upon it. #71
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