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I would have put Quake III in place of CS but CS isn't a bad choice. Never played much SF2 in the arcades, I was more of a MK player but I can see it's appeal. And Mario Kart 64? Hell. Fucking. Yes. #14
-Dumbed down, generic, On-rails cinematic single player
-Unsupported for PS3 and PC gamers
-Aimed at a casual audience
-Easy to learn + easy to master. Requires luck over skill.
-Bad community
-Broken and glitched/hacked
-Overpriced, worthless DLCs
-Annual Releases of nearly the same game as the year's previous
-Popularizing annual releases
-Spawned 100s of FPS milatary shooter CoD clones
-Slowed the evolution... #1.5
Hopefully will be good. Just hope the acting is decent. #6
I completely agree. I stopped buying DLC for games, unless they are true worthy expansion packs. I miss the days when you didn't have to pay for replay value. #11
News Flash ladies and gentlemen: SEX SELLS. Nothing new there. #43
Crysis did nothing to the genre but show off it's pretty graphics. Call of Duty did change the genre, but imo for the worst. Many other games deserve to be on this list. #39
Quite possibly the dumbest, most ignorant article I've ever read.

1. In the long run PC costs much less, anybody with minor knowledge of how to build and care for a PC would know that. PCs only need upgrades if you CHOOSE to upgrade. Consoles need upgrades every 6 years. PC is all about choice, if you choose to you can have the most up-to-date technology, but it is not necessary. Consoles are always behind.

2. Mouse and keyboard provide much better moveme... #63
Dumb article. There is really no problem. #3
Could have added some more but I agree with just about everything on this list. #40
They mad. #7
Uhm...okay. =) #2.1
I agree that's when I stopped watching too. And I made the damn video! #3.1
This has been free for years now. This is not news. #5
People complaining obviously never played the first RO. The game is fine.

Fuck BF3, RO is all about realism. #3
This. Must. Be. Made. Now. #17
And I'd rather 12 hours of awesome :\ #49
fuck you tl;dr

=) #2.3.1
Ain't no trollin' from this neckbeard. #1.1.1
That still sucks, it's still not the original multiplayer. Guess I'm stuck playing Halo 1 Online on PC. #1.1.1
Ok but that's still not Halo 1. #2.1.1
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