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CS players don't want anything drastic. They don't want a new game, we just want a slightly updated one. Just think of it as a really big update.

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Reviewer is some butthurt noob who is mad because he sucks. Red Orchestra is not a CoD-clone. The first RO came out in 2003. It is based around realism.

Game is good, worth every penny.

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I remember the days when 3D gaming meant Super Mario 64.

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@InNomeDiDio 1920 x 1080

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Where would a GTX550 fall on that chart? Anybody?

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This article is pretty dumb. BUT an Adventure Time game would make an excellent Action RPG. The whole show is basically set in a fantasy role playing world anyway. And the show actually has some pretty decent lore.

I'd love to see an open world (at least semi-openworld) Adventure Time Action/Adventure RPG. The show has so many great locations, characters, and enemies. And the quests would be very interesting being that each episode of the show is basically a quest. Imagin...

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@Drake117 If you wanna be a sheep than be a sheep. Plenty of indie devs have created great MMOs. Just look at upcoming Firefall.
Those 10 year old games are still better than most of the games today. Not to mention they paved the way for current games, they should not be forgotten. And Interplay developers are not 'washed up'. Many Interplay devs went on to make games like KOTOR2, Neverwinter Knights, Fallout NV, Dungeon Siege 3, Alpha Protocol, and more.

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Do you want to support a giant greedy corporate company that releases unfinished games and puts smaller devs out of business.
Do you want to support a struggling smaller, more independent developer who has produced some of the finest games the industry has ever seen(Bard's Tale, Fallout, Earthworm Jim, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, MDK).

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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Yeah I played the two time games with my brother all the time, I don't think I ever beat them but they were some fun times. I also remember a sidescrolling Tiny Toons game.

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I loved South Park 64 and even SP Tower Defense. I do think that South Park does have a lot more potential as a game though.

Bugs Bunny, I have some fond memories of Looney Tune games as a kid, mostly on the PS1. But I really can't speak about that without being blinded by nostalgia.

(Oh and the Michael Jackson game is epic)

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Technically it's NOT a beta.

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Counter-Strike is still one of the kings.

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very cool

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Well you're missing out man. And, yes, it is a 'real' sport. Just look at Korean gamers, they treat the top Starcraft players like most countries treat their top celebrities.

E-Sports also adds so much to the community and makes a game much funner. It gives you incentive to improve. Watching is fun, especially if there are good announcers/commentators at the event. You get to see how others play, a lot of the time it is very suspenseful, just like other sports. ...

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Oh yeah, this article i defiantly unbiased, it's not like the website is called PlanetXbox360 or anything. /sarcasm

Fact is that 60 FPS DOES make a big difference. If you're a casual player than it really won't but if you play a game seriously than you need the 60 frames. Which is another reason high competitive gaming is almost exclusive to PC (along with superior aiming, etc.).

You can buy it on console and I'm sure it'd be a fun game a...

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I want a code O.o if someone PMs me one I will be your best friend. But seriously I'll gift someone a game on Steam or something.

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I fear BF is on it's path to self-destruction. Also I'm pretty sure that picture is from SOCOM Confrontation.

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Okay, but it still doesn't take skill.

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lol cod doesn't require skill.

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