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The N64 game is called Body Harvest, not Blood Harvest. And DMA Designs and Rockstar North are the same company with different names. #1
From a role-playing look at things it increases immersion for me. It helps me to better learn the character I'm RPing as by looking at them and growing with them.

I only use first person if I need to zoom on something, when I'm playing an archer, or sometimes when sneaking. Although I did I have to change the default FOV of first person, it felt too zoomed for me.

So I guess I play in 3rd like 85% of the time. #7.1
Wii is the superior console this generation. #10
I choose female characters purely for role-playing and/or lore purposes. #22
l #3
Xbox Original was the biggest fucking piece of shit.

PS2 fucking dominated the last gen. Even Gamecube was great with their exclusives. Xbox sucked. #28
I'm pretty sure you forgot the dog, Meeko. #3
I didn't say it's dead yet, obviously it will sell well but the franchise is, undoubtedly going to die eventually. GTA is already losing it's charm and other devs are improving on the GTA formula (Saints Row, Mafia, LA Noire, Just Cause). #12.1.1
Grand Theft Auto is a dying series. My favorite game of all time is probably Vice City with San Andreas close behind and III somewhere in my top too. But even me, the GTA fanboy that I am, hated GTA4. I even thought Saints Row 2 was better. It was soooo much funner, GTA4 took itself too seriously. I'll probably pick up both when they come out but I think I will probably favor SR3. #12
I want another SP FPS like on N64. This looks good though. #3
Looks just like all the other call of duty campaigns. #1.4
I agree with Laxman, I would call it a FPS Puzzle game. As for Oblivion I would more call it a FPRPG...with some shooting. #2.1.4
Bad list. Writer is obvious consolefag. Plenty of games that came out on PC went unnoticed on that list.

And Brink is an updated Team Fortress 2!? lol okay sure. #1.2.1
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Ah, I miss Battlefield moments. #3
Awesome #2
Bad list. #4
I'm in the process of upgrading my PC. I was thinking of going with the 460 but I might end up getting the 560. What graphical settings are you running? I assume Medium or Low. #5.1
Yeah but the beta helps to fix the bugs so it's worth it. #6.2
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