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Ah, I've been meaning to get that game.

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I wasn't interested in Alan Wake at all. But I love the grindhouse feel that American Nightmare has, now I'm going to go play the first one.

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You must have never played vCoD/UE or even CoD 2. CoD 4 wasn't the worst in the series but it still wasn't very good. CoD 3 was much funner and required much more teamwork than 4 did. Only way 4 can beat 3 is with CoD 4 Promod on PC.

vCoD/UE is still the best hands down. Anyone who played back in the day would agree. CoD 4 is an overrated piece of poop. CoD 3, though a disappointment compared to 1 & 2, still much better than newer cods.

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1) vCoD
2) CoD: UE
3) CoD 2
4) CoD 3
5) CoD 4
6) CoD 5
7) MW2
8) Blops
9) MW3

And that is honestly what I think. A steady downhill drop in quality every year.

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I thought I was the only one who ever played Armed & Dangerous.

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You can just buy it on steam. It comes with the original Half-Life and Half-Life: Source. HL:S has better graphics and physics than the original.

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Anyone on here talking about Gears is an idiot. Gears had a terrible story, holding your hand the whole way through. MGS games are great, but MGS4 wasn't better than Half-Life.

What a lot of new gamers don't understand about HL is, it wasn't just the story that was great. It was the atmosphere and the delivery of the story that was great (among many other things). HL didn't use cutscenes, or any of the typical (at the time) things to progress stories.

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Even if Zelda follows the same formula as other LoZ games, it's because it's a good formula. Why should it change drastically if it's already so great? Call of Duty is following the same broken, lazy formula. It needs to change because it's not working. In other words: LoZ = Great. CoD = Shit.

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More like why Battlefield 3 isn't as good as Battlefield 2.

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This game will be so fucking awesome!

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Anyone ever hear of ORION: Prelude?

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I'll stick with my Daggerfall.

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All multiplayer games need to just show overall points on the scoreboard.

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Don't forget to add the original Operation Flashpoint, Red Orchestra and AA3.

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Combat Arms? Really?

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I think they could have picked someone better than Obsidian, most of their new games suck, but they did make some epic games back in the day. Have to wait and see.

(Also, is Kenny a princess?)

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@BlmThug That made my day. Thank You.

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Wow, that was actually a great article.

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AC1 was the only good one.

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