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I'll buy it in hopes that more games will eventually get developed for the SNES.

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I'd love to see more Arcades in the US. For the same reason I love playing LAN.

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The multiplayer sucks, the singleplayer sucks. Do people even still actually play Call of Duty?

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You're a fucking idiot.

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Activision already killed the SWAT series. CoD: Police Warfare would just be another dumbed down casual game with no real substance. Why would this be good? There are tons of great police/swat games. Play SWAT 4, Kane & Lynch, Payday, and the dozens of tactical shooters.

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I agree with this article completely.

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Well, looks like I'm buying the import.

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Fuck Bill O'Reilly.

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Another bad gamespot review. All the Postal games are awesome.

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I really want to stress my point that being a casual gamer is fine. Most of those are facts. It is a fact that PC controls are more effective, but it of course depends on preference. Someway may still prefer controller over M&KB but that doesn't debunk the fact that M&KB are more accurate, much more customizable and much more responsive. That's the precise reason console has no competitive games besides Halo which managed to build up a scene. I don't feel I was being an as...

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Steam has much more users online on average than Xbox LIVE. Maybe if you combine all 3 consoles there are more players, but isn't that unfair?

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Play only PC for a month and I GUARANTEE you will not want to go back to console. You can buy a up-to-date, almost highest end PC for around $1,000. A new console costs 500 maybe 600 bucks. A PC is well worth it. Once you get accustomed to it you will find how accurate the aiming is, how easier a keyboard is. PC gamers feel superior because the platform they are playing on is superior, granted they still shouldn't act like assholes because of it. I own PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and every other ...

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Just though I should say, I grew up with the PS1 and N64 so I didn't exactly grow up 'old-school'. BUT, who the hell hasn't at least tried XCOM! I may have started playing XCOM 12 years after release but at least I played it! All these new gamers don't even bother to look at the games that came before. I play just as much games that came out before I was born as I do new games.

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This is the most epic thing in the world. I was so mad I heard that XCOM was being turned into an FPS. This makes it all better.

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Ah, I loved playing Red Dead Revolver with my dad. (He only plays western games for some reason =/)

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This game is fucking awesome.

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I found this to be very sexist.

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This is soooo old.

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No, but Guild Wars 2 will.

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I've played it on the Wii, loved it. Wish I had PS Move so I could get the HD version.

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