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4GB of GDDR5?

So guys what do you think is better spec-wise;

Playstation Orbis with fast 4 GB GDDR5 Ram
Durango's rumoured slower 8 GB GDDR3 for next-gen multiplatforms?

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I hope we see AT LEAST 1 Next-Gen title.

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They were hinting it on us since Halo:ODST...

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Five reasons why "invert-on.com" will be on my "ignore" list.

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Yes.According to the leaked document it will come first to 360 and Next-Box in late 2013 and on PS3 in 2014(Not PS4)

From the contract:
-Destiny 1 releases Fall 2013 on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
-Destiny 1 releases Fall 2014 on PlayStation 3 at the same time as Comet 1 on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
-Destiny 2 releases Fall 2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Oh YES!,1st quarter of 2013 is gonna be HOT!

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The user who uploaded this,is obviously trolling with us.
I mean,c'mon,"confirmed by HipHopGamer"?
Wasn't he banned?...

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I think Xbox and Playstation are not only threatened,but terrified even by the name of it.OUUUUUYYAAAAA!.Sarcasm.

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Which reminds me i haven't played The Witcher 1....
DOUBLE Shame on me!D:D:

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Propably a next-gen title since they only revealed the title and some artwork(and a blog?),so definitely not before 2014 at best...
Sandbox cyberpunk RPG sounds cool though...

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Valve.New IP.Sold.

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Valve's console(Steambox???) and Half-Life 3???
...and then i fainted....

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NASA scientists play videogames???

And GTA IV on PS3???????.....o_O

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PC Gaming in Japan is "over 9000"(owners)...

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Publisher is BRAZZERS...

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That Figure...

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Another shity article from a shity site...

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Current-gen OR next-gen o_O???
Anyway the hype train was worth it.
Hope to see that real time gameplay video soon...

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Current-Gen,Next-Gen,whatever. ...JUST BRING IT!!!!

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iCEnhancer kicks ass...

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