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Really interesting to compare how the game looks now to how it looked when it was first announced as Versus XIII! I was wondering how they were going to fit in Regis' story and I'm glad this is it! :D

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Crazy sauce!! Guess it'll really get people to buy Type-0 HD!

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Really don't know about this game still... but the 9/10 is convincing...

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Totally agree :)

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I can't wait for this to come out. <3

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Completely agree. And great comparison with Heavy Rain... hated doing those freaking trials... also hated having to control the villain upon replaying it.... but alas, that's part of the game *shrug*

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It's a shame because I know Riot Games have really been trying to find the best way to handle people on their servers... I doubt a lot of the goading will change due to the nature of online gaming and the sort of anonymity that comes with it... I just hope Riot Games finds something fast because League of Legends is just such a great game to play. :(

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I can back this. I'm not completely sold on DLC at the moment but if DLC meant that I would be able to enjoy a game I've already bought for longer and not have to buy a sequel sometimes less than a year later... I'd be completely fine with it.

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I almost feel bad for nintendo... :S I wonder if they'll do any more consoles after this one..

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Nice. i'll have to pick this one up! :)

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Definitely agree... although really in my honest opinion I think it should take a permanent vacation.

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it's really interesting... I guess Sony's just a bit like.. yea, you had it last time, but this time we're serious ;)

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Seems like the game all of us Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for! Can't wait to play it :3

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ugh, really hope they fix this soon :(

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This is the best comment I've seen all day. :P

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It's talked about in the podcast, actually :D

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WoW is like a cockroach... it'll find its way back.

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@Hicken - dude, it was a joke... and to be perfectly honest with you, the amount of Japanese actors I actually know... I can count on one hand... >.>"""

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So you'd prefer a list with random japanese actors whom you don't even know... just because they're japanese... and actors.... wow, you're a bit racist.

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Hopefully if they get their funding... they'll be able to improve everything.

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