CRank: 5Score: 0 is doing a fine job preserving our game history. All the games missing from there are still copyrighted by the creators or not working on newer machines yet. But they continue to update the library every week.

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Your point is that any console can have a great, awesome, epic games. Which i agree with.

But why not pay less for better hardware? I would never buy a worse graphics card more expensively if it was a PC.

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If you take it to the PC gaming world, it is easy to find comparisons between two AMD cards with exactly 1.3 and 1.8 Teraflops. A Radeon HD 7770 and a 7850.

Link to a small comparrison (easy to find others):

conclusion: The increase in performance is the difference between metro 2033 being unplayable at 19fps ...

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you guys are forgetting that most games on steam are sold during sales, where they cost pennies compared to console games.

30$ for a console game is considered cheap, while 5$ is cheap on a pc. 10$ is alright, 20 is hell no, i'll wait for sale.

So do you want to be able to get 2$ back for your 5$ game when you're done? sure, but it really doesn't matter at that price.

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Great review, and i feel the same way after playing it for 10 hours or so!

Also that bow is freaking epic. i find myself trying to line up 100m shots with it just for fun, instead of pulling out the big ass sniper.

One thing i'd like though, is to have some use of animal skins after i craft the mandatory items. I might be missing something, but i feel there should be options to combine some leathers into something sellable or into something you could appl...

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Video is down?

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Probably not.. But it looks awesome ;)

If the next consoles are able to run 1080p at 60fps and current level graphics i'll be more than happy. I get frustrated when playing games with the fps jumping all over the place.

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Next gen can be seen right here:

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relevant picture:

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ughr ughr ughr ughr ughr *snap*

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Happy or not, how did Joker teleport my crew to the normandy while the ground crew was fighting husks, and the normandy was fighting reapers?!?

I chose Garrus and Tali for the last mission, they both stepped out of the normandy in the cutscene.

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This 6 year old game did it better.. thats 1 reason

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December 21st 2012! "TIME TO GO TO HELL!"
This is what the mayans predicted, everyone will be too busy playing D3 to worry about anything, hence the world has ended. :O

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Raise the difficulty? On Master you WILL spend that mana, since you have to use wards and heals a lot more + more expensive attacks.

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Recently picked a female high elf in Skryim.
I wanted to make a really evil mage with black eyes, dark makeup and black hair. Female simply had better options for this.

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nah i didn't mean it literally. Just that no matter how good the story is, it is still a short game for me.

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agree with you. Uncharted 3 might have the story of the century, but it is still a game i can only play through twice. Once on hard, Once on crushing. I am not interested in the multiplayer at all.
Skyrim i can pretty much play for 200 hours as a warrior and then 200 again as a rogue or mage, as i've done with morrowind, oblivion and both fallouts before it. So definate GOTY for me too. (50 hours into skyrim atm, not done with main story)

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hey, lets all just play. like they say, games that stay are the ones that make my day.

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man that sucks.. the game is so addictive once you start playing though, got 28 hours in on the pc version so far, and i'm supposed to be working on a university project :<

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Consider what else we could get from a new generation:

Smarter enemies and more of them.
Faster loadtimes (or even no loading at all)
bigger environments with lasting damage.
Multitasking on a console ? (eg. website + music + a game + voice chat)
Easier game developement- they can spend less time optimizing hardware allocation and more time creating other stuff.

These are the reasons i would like to see a PS4. 1080p 60fps graph...

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