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He's been talking about a new IP for awhile and that he's been excited for it. I'm sure we'll find out what it is after some long countdown.

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Did you rike it?

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DE1 was my favorite survival/horror game this gen, and even if it takes a more action-oriented route, I'm sure it will turn out great. I'd prefer to see more scares and suspense than relentless shooting, but ya can't always get whatcha want I suppose.

Nevertheless, I'm very interested in seeing how much horror and suspense they kept in the sequel. Hopefully the demo will have the answer.

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it looks like a can't treat this as a true horror game. The action looks very good (from this very short, blurry clip), but the atmosphere of the first DS NEEDS to be in there. I think Visceral said once that they wanted to make "Modern Warfare 2" moments, which IMO would kill an intense survival/horror experience (look at RE5 for example). Visceral better not lean toward the action side of things this time, because without a creepy, suspenceful undertone, it could really kill this ...

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Two games that really need more recognition IMO.

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I'm pretty much convinced to get this. The demo was fantastic, and the reception is positive. This and Red Dead Redemption should fulfill my sandbox needs.

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I strongly feel that Versus will be one of those FF games people will remember the most years from now (like FF7, FF9, and FF10).

It's amazing how much hype it has considering there are only 3 trailers of it, and they're pretty much the same thing. I hope it can live up to the expectations and deliver a mind-blowing experience.

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I've got other games to enjoy. I really don't think I'll ever go back to MW2. It's nothing but a disappointing FPS I played last year. Nothing more, nothing less.

But for the people who still play MW2 (which I'm guessing is a ton), I'm sure Activision will enjoy gobbling up your money in exchange for a few maps. They just LOVE that kind of stuff.

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It looks gorgeous and amazing!! It's Rockstar quality, so you know it's gonna be a high-quality sandbox, and I'm pretty sure the scale is bigger than any other Rockstar game as well. This is definitely a game to get excited for, and I wish more people knew about it.

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Big Boss is the universal sign of badassery. Don't think so? The cover begs to differ.

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Good to see God of War 3 sittin' up there with a 10/9/9/10. Gamestop needs to get my Ultimate Edition shipped faster so I can dive into this beast!! The demo can only hold me over for so long!!

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The boobs have a mind of their own!!!

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Hopefully it's for the better. Delays for polishing are smart, and with a big title like this, I'm sure Kojima and his men are making it as good as it possibly can get. It just takes time I guess.

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seeing that I want to get a PSP for Peace Walker, but the green is a turn off. Maybe I'd be better getting a used black one with the game. Hmmm....

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2010 will definitely be an interesting year for the Wii. Will it surpass the PS3 or 360? Probably not. But I really think this will be the best year for itself. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M make it a great year already, and adding in the new Zelda game would push it even farther. In fact, if things turn out well, I may even pick a Wii up to play them (Zelda being enough of a reason). Hopefully these games and the other releases like Red Steel 2 will turn out great. As long as Nint...

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Yeah, everything Bioware does is spot on. Dragon Age and Mass Effect (1 and 2) were some of, if not the best, RPG's I've played in awhile. And another thing they do really well: learning and improving. All the flaws in ME1 were fixed in ME2, and there wasn't much to fix in the first palce. And as far as improving goes, the combat was a HUGE step up. They know their stuff, that's for sure.

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Being a Mass Effect fan and all, I'm really looking forward to this game. A mix between stealth combat, a variety of choices, and RPG elements is a sweet spot for me. Hopefully Obsidian can deliver and the delays allowed for some fine tuning.

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I felt that the depth of abilities were too shallow, whereas in ME1 you had a whole big list of abilities. I think Bio focused a little too much on the combat this time around. Hopefully ME3 will combine the great combat from ME2 and the better RPG elements of ME1.

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I really wouldn't want to see GT5 with Move. Actually, I cringe at the thought. There are certain games that you just can't do that to, GT5 being a BIG no-no. If they do put Move into the final product, it better be an option, not a necessity.

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is Infamous. A semi-dark story/undertone, shocking innocent civilaians, and a good amount of "sh*ts" could definitely make it an M game.

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