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And it shouldnt be, one more month until i have the DK2.
Also loking forward until the VR gloves become moe mature.

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feminism and religious fanatics will kill all the fun in the world.
Theres also nothing immature about booth babes, car shows have them too.

Almost any event has booth babes or cheerleaders.

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If its like brotherhood, then it might be possible to select females.
I had a whole harem of femme fatales by filtering out all the guys.

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I think Cassie Cage is a troll, her portrait looks very generic.
Its just a joke from boon to put everyone in the wrong direction.
I think he wants to keep the plot secretive.

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Pc and consoles for Wrpg,s, and 3ds for jrpg,s, that pretty much covers it.

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Sony hype, they bought themselves some exclusivity again, and show games that wont be out anytime soon.
Keep calling X1 fans fools if you like, it wont make things any better.

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Pretty good for a launch game.
Sequels tend to be longer because they dont have to rebuild all the assets from the ground up, like with new ip.s

I have not got this game pre ordered, but il get it for sure when the x1 launches in the netherlands.

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I see no reason for that, the 500gb on the ps4 wont fill up as fast as the 500gb on the x1.

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exclusive, so sony got the $$$ talking again by buying exclusivity...

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i pay more for more and better games, you pay less for muddy textures and crappy free to play games.

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Its not just you, but the people here are too busy counting pixels to actually see that the x1 does things better.

Its like sony purposely told ea to push the resolution, and sacrifice details, so sony could claim they have the better version.

I am not surprised because sony has been using dirty tactics for years

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just let them celebrate over nothing, it shows that the sony side is losing.
The losing side always marks out over any little victory they have.

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why would i cry, i always play the superior version of any game, whether it be a multi on pc, or an exclusive on the x1.

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any experience can change your perspective of things.

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unless ofcourse, their next game wont be titan fall 2, but for example bad company 3.

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Congratulations to all sony fans for having a couple of straws more in some games.

Il stay home with the x1, where you get the most big budget titles.
Pc + X1, all thats needed.
X1 for the exclusives, pc for having a whole farm full of straws.

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O yeah, i can really tell the 50% difference, /sarcasm..
l play it on a system that does make it look 50% better, my pc.

Meanwhile il console on a system that actually got fun exclusives the x1.
Enjoy the straws people!!

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early 2014, i seriously doubt that.
end 2014 is more likely...

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what about killer instinct.. at least mention it.
Killer instinct > knack > warframe.

Warframe isnt exclusive btw.

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