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chill, hes being sarcastic!

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This just goes to show what a joke MS has become in the eye of gamers. Fanboy or not, no real gamer liked the press conference and no gamer liked the aftermath with used games etc!

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Thats why we need an orginization for this. A dedicated and serious orginization with goals to educate the consumer and demands equal treatment of gamers!

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DragonKnight, where do you live? Just 60GB :O

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madpuppy, thats not even the problem, the problem is that these assholes dont want you to even play offline. At least with steam you get the option of playing offline!

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gaffyh, lol its totally the opposite dude!

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You guys need something?

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That made no sense at all!

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This is no April fools guys!

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I have a friend that works @ EA and he confirms this. Each studio does and work independently, this is the studios fault.

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yeah Religion will destroy us, not MEN!

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I see many ignorant and anti-muslim comments.....

+ Killerhog, your a fake. You have no beliefs because if you did then you would get offended.

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OMG, WTFFFFFFFFFF the console is not even out yet.

Stop approving shitty articles!

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Fishy Fingers, you have a right to voice your opinion.

You are right that Naughy dog are probably not doing something revolutionary, but what they are doing is perfecting gameplay like no one els.

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lol Already done with them since SF4!

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lol made my day!

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Thats some expensive Coffee your buying !

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I am glad that I have not bought a single game from Crapcom ever since Street fighter 4, which I really regret.

Oh well, lesson learned!

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What people don't understand is that "manuals" are not really manuals. Lets be honest here, who in this day and age doesn't know how to insert the CD or how to start the game etc. The manual is more like a collectors item that should come with every game. The "manual" is something special that should explain the game rules, the world and characters, developer thoughts etc.

The manual is supposed to ad value to the product as video games are not ju...

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Already pre-order the White witch edition!

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