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An Ad on TV is a very different story than a blockbuster game endorsing something based solely on political bias or pandering to a heavily propagandized group for money.

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Speaking of tin foil:

You will know the meaning of "conspiracy" when you visit such a virtual place.

On topic, the attitude that "revolutionaries are evil and secretly trying to kill EVVVERYONE" has been the status quo ever since MW began it's descent into US Military worship. It's disappointing even more since everyone views the USM as so American, yet it was, as we're all very aware, a standing...

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Oh, Reginald?


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Cool! I hope he updates more.

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I see a lot of sarcastic remarks about the game, but very few mentions of how the game glorifies the US military as the embodiment of nobility and righteousness.

I think that's pretty telling by itself. The lack of comments also says that this is a "elephant in the room" sort of issue.

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Comparing CoD and Mass Effect is impossible, they're completely different games catering, in particular, to different sections of the market.

Mass Effect, to my knowledge, has it's gameplay and story. CoD only innovates selling the same game for more money as the years go on, as well as worshiping the US military in new and creative ways, and I wonder if anyone could tell me what happened to the most recent country who lauded it's military to the point of worship...

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It's an example of Europe's idea of "good"?

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The implications of this are kind of terrifying.

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Honestly, I got a little excited because I read too fast and thought the "2013" was the theme of a game set in the future.

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Brace yourselves

The Inception jokes are coming.

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Looking forward to it.

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You guys are awfully bitter about Minecraft's success. The simple truth is, without Minecraft's success, the "voxel" style of games would have far less popularity and mass appeal. I think Minecraft was the greatest thing to happen to basic graphic games because it emphasized gameplay over graphics, which is totally badass in my opinion.

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As long as they don't go pushing DLC on people, I see this only as a badass way to market.

A good example of non-intrusive and well managed DLC would be the Fallout series. If you disagree, please explain why.

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This article is dumb and the author actually had a typo in his main point.


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Isn't it set in the American Revolution..? What other flag besides the Union Jack would even be relevant? The French only supported us through economic means as far as I know, and the Native Americans had no united flag.

Besides, it's the revolutionary flag; not even modern day. If the world has that much of a problem with history, they can go f themselves.

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Wow, that's badass. I may just pre-order now...

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It's pretty damn telling that IGN isn't held accountable but the french website is. That reporter has some balls for standing up to a douchebag like AV.

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Can I ask why 60 fps? Why not just 40? Or 45?

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