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the wiiU this thing is still alive? Let it die already

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Awww reeze and lopez sound hurt and in denial, tear*

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Youre an idiot, companies use MKV all the time because of the no license fee, do your homework moron.

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100% agree, mine has been collecting dust, huge waste of money.

Runner up would be watch dog delay.

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Who said All consoles? Who said Ever? You.


Seriously you live in denial, Nin history of consoles is rocky at best. They need to stick to handhelds instead of risking their cash with lame duck console sales\install base every other console gen.

SNES = Great
N64 = Lackluster
GameCube = Lackluster
Wii = Great
WiiU = Lackluster

See a pattern kiddo, because you bet the share...

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You made yourself sound pretty stupid. Why even comment on a next gen topic if you could care less about the tech it should bring.

Why did PS4 even bother with 1080p, it doesnt matter right? It did matter thats why they did it.

Seriously get a clue.

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After ACM, count me out, they are officially boycotted as a company for me.

Dont even get me started on Duke Nukem.

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Buy it, FOR ROME!

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The WiiU is crap, seriously, why do people even fight for this thing anymore, its just one big mistake the only ones not admitting it are Nintendo Loyalist

when comparing the Wii to the WiiU its like night and day.

PS4 will mop whats left of this thing up.

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The WiiU is crap, the people defending it are cracking me up,


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LOL, that all you got? Lets talk after PS4 Son...


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You sound hurt, and too me you are personally attacking someone and off topic.

Get over it, if you dont like what someone says, do not respond to it

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your post is one of the worst post I have seen in a while, seriously go back to business school if you ever attended. Im not going to explain business to you, but its you who clearly not educated.

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I like the part where Master Chief dropped in and waxed the whole seen with stickys.....tight

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Google you are smart and ahead of your time

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16GB minimum , if xbox doesnt do it SONY should.

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I to was torn by this rivalry trading my friend back and forth he has N64 I had a PlayStation, however N64 titles were to far and in between for me to feel like it was consistent and the price of the cartridges was nuts, I think I paid 70 bucks for KI Gold, in the end the PS1

Was my all time fav system when all was said and done.

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LOL @phil32

your a disgrace

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I concur with MadMen, nailed it.

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