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Yes its the same game. Hot shots is what they call it here in the US but in JPN and Europe I believe they kept the kept the original name. Funny that they didnt change it for this particular one.

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The sfv "fiasco" had more to do with them releasing an unfinish game with garbage online just so they could have it out before the capcom pro tour tournament season. Not bc it was on one system.

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Is this pal region only?

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Possibly, lets be honest here. They're charging 150 for an elite controller which is a "premium" product. I can totally see them charging more than the ps4 pro at launch.

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Better than chubby chocobo.

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Looks fanastic but at a $500 mark up i can think of several other ways to spend that money.

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Wonder if the dlc characters will be included.

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Lol too bad mega man isn't on that list.

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I recall the big wigs at nintendo were saying that the NX, when it was first announced, wouldn't actually replace the WiiU in the market place but be a compliment to it but from everything I've been seeing lately it seems to be a straight up new stand alone console. Funny how things have changed.

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True, but if you think amazon (the largest retailer in the world) is only stocking 100 units in major territories such as Europe or Australia then you're out of your mind.

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Only if they bought back the crappy post victory dialogue ;)

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A spiritual successor to powerstone?! How did this one get passed me? Seeing how Capcom is dropping the ball I'm glad someone else is trying to fill the void. How awesome would it be if we could have a powerstone like brawler with marvel characters? Only in my dreams I suppose.

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I've become a big fan of the series; hopefully this is localized to the US.

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That's what happens in a society where the young are not taught how to deal with losing and everyone get a participation trophy

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I've felt the same with nintendo naming their current console WiiU. IMO it caused more confusion initially than Microsoft. When they first showcased it i thought it was a Wii add-on.

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This doesn't really surprise me coming from Nintendo but I can't understand from a business aspect how they can financially make these poor decisions.

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From my understanding you can make a separate user login on the console with your old account and make a new user and new account on the same system and still have all the content you had before.

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My top few in no particular order: N64, Mini PS1, Dreamcast, and super famicom.

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So you think its a good idea moving around a room with something on your head that obstructs your view? Interesting.

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Is that deal still available? Thought it ended awhile ago.

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