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Wonder why they said tekken was the first 3d fighter. Could have sworn I've seen virtual fighter in an arcade way before tekken entered the scene. #3
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And irony is microsoft intially wanted the One to be always connected. Just saying. #7
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Agreed although i think the main criteria for it coming close is simply the life of the console, which i'm not sure it'll match the ps2. The PS2 seemed to live on forever well into the following generation. But in today's world were technology is even faster paced, I dont think even the ps4 has a shot in hell being marketed past 10 years. #2.2
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I'm sure their "big release" will be something ridiculous like ffXIII-4 #10.1
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Well I won't be holding my breath. As I recall, the game orginally (ff 13 verse) was announced before the ps3 release and missed a launch window of an entire console generation. Almost reminds me of the duke nukem forever fiasco. #7
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I'm kinda curious what the price will be. Hopefully not too expensive but i'm not holding my breath. #8
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as great as that would be, it would be too much of a gamble for capcom. instead they'll make a crap game, slap resident evil followed by some number on the cover, and pray it sells millions. #2.1
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a new powerstone would be amazing! #16.1
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Yes it would indeed be amazing, it would also be nice if they made minish cap downloadable for everyone but apparently the big N doesnt like money. Whoever is make the decisions over at Nintendo needs to wake the F up! No wonder the WiiU is doing so poorly. #8
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I'm thankful for the new generation. Game on gamers! #331
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HBD NES! you made my childhood awesome. #2
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I've always liked the idea of second screen gaming but it definitely didnt start with the WiiU. The gamecube had a couple games that utilized the multiple gba's like zelda four swords and final fantasy crystal chronicles.

That's why my hopes were so high for remote play between psp and ps3. Such a shame that no developer utilized this feature. In that regard, i'm glad WiiU bought this feature to the forefront, although I dont plan on buying a WiiU. But b... #6
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F2P =/= F2P #4
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definately not the sole reason from their problems but it sure didn't help them in any way either. #15
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While i do agree that it seems ridiculous to pay console prices for tablet games, i'm suprised that the pricing isnt on par with portable console games. I feel the hardware is equal if not better in most cases so the games should be every bit as good if not better than those available on portables.

My only explanation for the difference in price is i believe gaming on tablets (in most cases) are designed for the pick up and go casual gamer who's just looking for a... #5
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in all fairness I think the list was pretty solid, other than sc2 (would have replaced with KI2). #5
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funny how no one mentioned what I consider the most important aspect of the update. forget the characters and extra stages, I want those balance changes. I swear everytime they've done a balance update in the past, all the characters i use get nerfed but according to combofiend things will be different this time. for god sake let guile have regular meter building and rose have zero frame startup on ultra 2. #10
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Does anyone remember star gladiator on psx? Used to love that game but i highly doubt we'll be seeing it again. #8
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Didnt realized simpsons, final fight, and double dragon were actually considered fighting games. I've always known them to be sidescrolling beat'em ups but whatevers. #5
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announcing a price cut is the dumbest thing nintendo could do and let me explain why. they have no need to sell at a lower price until sony release the ps4. they can sell at the current price to maximize their profits and until that time. announcing a price cut early will only server to throw away potential sale bc people would just hold for the price cut to happen. #15
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