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Well, I'm not a PC gamer, and I own a PS4/Wii U/Xbox One and a 3DS, so that's a lot of money I'm spending to not play video games at all.

EDIT: My bad, I do play Minecraft on PC, and I played Garry's Mod once. A few indie games too, but I prefer to play them on PS4/X1 #4.1
I'm simply predicting the game will be bad/mediocre. The gameplay shown so far doesn't look fun IMO #3.1
Quantum Break is pure speculation and pure guessing on my part.

The Order 1886 is based on the demo I have played, and all gameplay I have seen so far, none of it looks exciting, and it will probably just be a boring corridor shooter.

No Man's Sky is on my list specifically because we don't know a whole lot about it. How many conventions has it been at, and the developer still hasn't shown what we do in the game. I feel like they are hiding the fa... #2.1
Drawn to Death is very intriguing, I am very excited to get my hands on it. Hopefully there is an alpha/beta for it. #1.1
Ape Escape needs to come back #2
I just played FIFA 15 through share play... you must be experiencing the glitch that disabled shareplay for some users #3
I prefer FIFA, but I might pick up PES just because Gotze is on the cover :)

PS: Go Bayern and German national team! #2
no, publishers/developers won't give out their game early anymore and just give codes the day it comes out. #9.1.1
If a reviewer breaks the embargo, they will not receive games from that publisher anymore. Simple as that. #9
This is incredibly old news, I forgot this was even announced. #2
agreed. Splatoon will be a sleeper hit. I just hope it gets a good online community so I can actually play it online and it isn't a ghost town. #1.1
Killzone is a quality FPS IMO, and Resistance is mediocre. #1.2.1
I think Joker will be a child/teenager on the show. I'd rather they have a kid who is really messed up in the head than an older guy playing him #1.1.1
I hope Splatoon comes in the first half, because I'm really excited for that game. #3
only the host needs Plus? That's awesome (even though there is no excuse not to have plus at this point) #1.1
Most likely. It's probably only limited to 60 minutes so you can't just give your friend the controller (figuratively of course) and let them get all they need out of the game so they have no reason to buy it. #1.1.1
I was a young lad when the Wii came out, I believe 6th or 7th grade. I wasn't following advertisements, I just wanted a Gamecube 2, and I didn't get a Gamecube 2 when I opened a Wii Christmas morning. I got, the Wii..... #3.2.1
Yes, I did forget those. I went off the top of my head, I'm sure there are plenty of other important disappointing moments I've forgotten too.'s better they stay forgotten..... #3.1.1
No order
1. PSN down for a month, the month Portal 2, SOCOM, Mortal Kombat, and other games came out at that.
2. Xbox One reveal
3. Zipper Interactive shut down
4. PS3 from launch until 2009
5. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro not owned by Sony or ND and Insomniac respectively.
6. The Wii
7. RRoD
8. Microtransactions
9. Activision killing Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero by releasing it too often
10. David Hayter not voice of S... #3
No install time > 5 minute install time. This article is about how gaming used to be simpler with things like no install time, and saying that installing a game takes under a minute is false when some games take longer. #2.1.4
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