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not much competition at all. I wouldn't be surprised if Smash gets it #1.1
Any Minecraft player knows that finding a Creeper in a small, condense space (like a mine) is terrifying. Especially in your house, because even if the explosion misses you it's going to destroy it. #1.1
When is this game going to start being fun? #2
You forgot LittleBigPlanet 3! #3.4
Why would a non-Wii U game effect the sales of a Wii U exclusive in any major way? #1.1.7
Why are people so mad that some people base their purchases on reviews? Sure, one reviewer's opinion is understandable, but when every reviewer is saying the same thing (aka repetitive, nothing new, terrible story) than can you blame somebody for passing on this game? #1.1.15
a really good story would have saved this game in my opinion. People would have been like "it's repetitive, but the story keeps you coming back for more", but instead the lackluster story is another fault that keeps this from being a great game #1.1
Next comes the Fifa 15 trailer review! 4/10 because Messi wasn't in it long enough, but it showed off a lot of cool gameplay !! #4
looks like GTA V and The Last of Us are going head to head for GOTY two years in a row lmao! #17
I agree with every single thing on the list, although some are gimme's, like Uncharted, Halo, and Zelda being the highest rated game on their respective platforms #6
agreed! #2.4.1
Well if PlayStation had Parity Clause and not Xbox this dude would be cheering for glee and laughing at PlayStation fans for not getting this game #1.1.1
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Mojang won't remove Minecraft from PlayStation or Android. It will kill all hope of a Minecraft Wii U, if there was any hope. They might also cancel the Minecraft Vita version, which will be sad. Microsoft will cut off updates for Minecraft and force Mojang to make Minecraft 2, which will be exclusive to Xbox One, with maybe a PC release a few months later. #5
yeah these have been listed on GameStop for months. TWD season 2 gets a platinum on disc?? That's not fair #1.2
That title made me LOL #1
maybe it's just the Ps Plus price, so you don't have to go through the middle man of having the Ps edition first #3.2.2
I was expecting February myself. I actually thought it was already announced for February for some reason, maybe because of all the potential GOTY's that month has alone. #1.3
Nintendo is all about tradition. The Gameboy went through the same type of upgrades as the DS. #1.1.1
Mostly because Nintendo fanboys (not fans, fanboys) damage control every mistake Nintendo ever makes and usually blame 3rd Party devs for being lazy rather than Nintendo themselves, among other things. This video is terrible, however. Not even a little funny #8.1
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