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This is my most anticipated game coming out in 2014. I can't wait! #1
these costumes look hilariously awesome #2
I was wondering the same thing. Never heard that phrase before #1.1
It's confirmed we are getting another Mass Effect game, but this could easily be a trilogy remastered game like many rumors are saying. And yes, placeholder dates are used when we don't know the release date... #12.1
But there is a Mass Effect 4 coming out, so it's not like they are exclusively working on the remastered trilogy. #6.1
clickbait #2.3
I'd love to, but the Xbox One version didn't get posted on Amazon until after the article got approved :(. Hopefully a mod can fix it for me. #2.1
I agree, and I hope so because I'd love a chance to play the Mass Effect trilogy on PS4/Xbox One! #1.1
oh man, this is the single game I'm looking forward to most coming out soon #2
Nobody wants it to be like Darksiders, we all want it to be like Demon's Souls #21
what I meant is more classes, as in more starting points to build your character #1.1.1
I can't wait to play this game, I hope there are more classes #1
Outlast is fantastic #3.1.2
If you're offended by the boxes, you were never a Metal Gear fan and you don't deserve to be excited for this one. That's like being excited for the next MLB: The Show but wish it didn't have so many baseball players #3
would you be able to translate by any chance? We were able to get a translation from Spanish, but we'd love another set of eyes (or ears) on this #1.1
They didn't do anything did they? I haven't heard a single Nintendo announcement since E3... besides Meta Knight in Smash and the Smash bros 3DS #1.1.1
if you don't like something, simply ignore it. The indie game movement does not impede on the AAA games. Don't play them if you don't like them. #6.2
I agree, if MS tried this, N4G would attack them. However, personally, I defended Sony in my article and I'll defend Microsoft follows suit. Fanboys will be fanboys. #2.4.1
There are an unlimited number of "keys". You may be thinking of Far Cry 4's multiplayer #3.1
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