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I would love for Watch Dogs to take place in Camden, right outside my home town! #3
we can only hope! #1.1
Obviously the greatest game last generation is currently the greatest game this generation. Id be surprised if anybody was surprised. #1
Seems interesting, I'll have to check it out #1
Awesome! I need to hop back into this game sometime soon #1
Shit I should have kept my copy of The Last of Us. #2
Any video game journalist with even the slightest bit of integrity would not write flame bait (IE: Last of Us Sucks, here's why) or something like that article the other day about Uncharted 4's villain being announced, but it was pure speculation. #9
This game looks so dope #2
C.R.E.A.M was the only good song on there. I think Day n Night is also on it #1.2
Run down corridors #14
You bring up a good point. Wii U is getting a ton of exclusives this and next year (Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon), but both Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of exclusives coming next year.

EDIT: @wonderfulmonkeyman: I don't count "Also on PC" games like Titanfall and Planetside 2 as exclusives at all. Also, timed exclusives are usually Microsoft's thing, but I was referring to games like The Order, Halo, Uncharted, ect. #2.1
Nothing is impossible. I guess we'll see. #7.1.1
I can't shake the feeling that this does belong to the new IP, along with the previously reported on work. #7
Ehh, I never liked the Xbox controller myself, but hopefully I'll like this one more. #3
then why click on this article if you don't care for the series at all? #8.1
By original, I meant he's the first one we were introduced to, hence "if that makes sense. Although he's just a clone".

I understand Naked Snake is literally the original, but the first one we were introduced to or played as is Solid Snake.

To reiterate a point I thought I made clear in my first post, I understand chronologically MGS 3 comes before MGS 1, for instance, MGS 1 still came first and we played it before MGS 3. #3.1.1
Solid Snake is the original, if that makes sense. Although he's just a clone (spoiler), he was the first we played as in MGS1. (I think you played as him in MG and MG2 as well.) #3
I would have rather had LeSean McCoy on the cover, but "the best corner in the league" isn't a bad choice. #1
Not sure if Xbox Fanboy, Flamebait, or trolling, or all 3 #97
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