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Wow, good news for PS Vita? I'm glad I still have mine! #37
would Adam Sessler be getting all this hate right now if he was biased towards Sony rather than Microsoft? #97
Portal 3 #4
I was thinking something like that but more of a GTA open world type thing. Like have 8-12 players running around on the map free roaming.

You can lose karma by killing idle players, and you can gain karma by killing hostile players who initiated a fight with another idle player. Your clothes will be dark colors with bad karma and light colors with good karma for easy recognition.

If done right, I'd really like to see that. #1.1.1
with all due respect, everybody says that after every CoD ever since MW2 #1.7
That's actually really dope. I'll have to download it next time I'm on #1.1.1
"Try" #3
They actually have fun with the censoring and make it funny still. #1.1
That's really dope. I wonder if the same can be done with any older console that doesn't support HDMI such as PS1 or even PS2. I would assume so. #2.3.1
Didn't ReviewTechUSA do this with a Sega Genesis? #2
I'm not sacrificing 50gb on a shooter I'll probably play a few times. #2.3
Does this article really belong on N4G? It should be on Anime Shinbun. Just because there is a Pokemon video game doesn't mean this has anything to do with it.... #3
It's funny, because those are the four games I'm getting this month. (Not getting Ninja Gaiden). #4
technically, it is. Nobody can argue it not being a survival game, and come on, when you see a creeper, we have all been more sacred then we care to admit by Minecraft #1.1
South Park, Dark Souls 2, MGS Ground Zeros, and inFAMOUS. Most Day 1 games in a single month I've ever had. #7
@FlameHawk Did you read my comment? "The Japanese aren't as big on shooters..." not "Every single Japanese person on planet earth hates any game that has a gun in it" #2.2.2
Not too surprising. The Japanese aren't as big on shooters as we are (assuming you're from US). #2.2
Why would I buy a new TV, or keep moving my PC back and forth, back and forth, just to play video games, when I get a more relaxing, and simpler way to play video games from my console? #7.2.1
Another reason Console gaming will always be better than PC gaming #10.1
But then I have to have my PC in a room where my TV is. I use my Personal Computer in my room, as it is more personal. My console lives in my living room, which is shared with everybody in my house. I'm not arguing your lifestyle I'm arguing why PC gaming just isn't ideal for my life style. #7.1.1
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