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I'm actually not even banned on GAF right now.

"LOL you know what..We didn't throw money at the game. The game earns money for us..We are investors. I just got payed over 50€ of revenue."

That's even worse as now you even have a reason to shill. #3.1.7
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You can't tell Project Cars fanboys this, what do you expect from a community that threw hundreds of dollars towards the development of a game?

Project Cars basically has free astro-turfers just by having their community drop money for the game to exist and they need to defend their investment at all costs.

Project Cars allows you to get away with unrealistic amounts of traction around corners, racing slicks aren't magical and if they were we wouldn&#... #3.1
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The amount of traction you get in Project Cars is completely unrealistic, you can actually feel a car in Forza gain more traction as the tires warm up. Project Cars might as well glue the cars to the road in comparison.

I just drove the same car on the same track and unlike Allen I did it with simulation steering and no assists and managed to keep the backend under control on the same corners.

A game's physics shouldn't be blamed because the drive ca... #2
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He said big exclusives not indie games on PC and niche titles. #1.1.3
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"DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12"

No one has ever claimed that DX12 is going to make a dramatic change to games on Xbox One. Even Phil Spencer says in the same quote you use to try and disqualify DX12 on Xbox One that you will see improvements to games on Xbox One using DX12. #1.6
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You're not going to be touching the controller very much from what we've seen of the walk throughs. #1.1.6
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When did The Crew get 230 cars?

Meaningful content counts and Horizon 2 has tons of it. The Crew is most likely just going to be mindless driving with a few cities and cool monuments but in the end just a big empty map. #4.1.1
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Eurogamer tested the Xbox One version in the toughest to run part of the game and found a drop to 53+ fps but all other times the game stayed at 60 fps.

They however seemed to not find it needing to also test this PS4 version in this condition too saying themselves that they did not even try to replicate it with the PS4 and only tried it out after the update in normal areas where both the PS4 and XOne version stayed at 60.

Eurogamer if you're going to do... #3
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Microsoft does leave it up to devs... they've said this countless times. #1.1
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His comment is a snarky gesture that a few XOne games are native 720p.

Nevermind the fact that we just found out Killzone's multiplayer is barely above 720p and actually under the Titanfall beta's 792p. #1.3.1
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When is Killzones 960x1080 stream going up? (barely above 720p in pixel count)

Oh look snarky comments are so easy to make....

I guess you'll just have to deal with your 540p streams on PS4. #1.1
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Nah definitely PS4 it had variable framerate too. #7.1.4
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They should have rendered it in the cloud. #7.1.2
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That applause was native 720p, Sony should upscale it to 1080p. #7.1
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That's why BF4 looks better on Xbox One.... #2.1.1
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@Tapioca Cold

Misleading articles with the intention of stirring controversy are exactly the kind of articles that generate a lot of traffic.

I'm adding to the pile by releasing a article trying to counter-act a misleading article? Ok... whatever you say. #3.2.2
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The information is strictly being used to verify account information with services such as HBO GO which already have your account information. Sharing is a bad word to describe this, in reality they are just verifying. #3.4.1
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Damn I wish I had some of that Microsoft money, you don't have to believe me though you can read Microsoft's ToU and see exactly what the intentions of the changes are. #4.1
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Actually the website was made around a podcast we do called XVox which is actually uploaded the N4G every week. #3.1.1
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We have no advertisements on our website and we pay to keep it running out of pocket. If we were really trying to get hits we would be releasing misleading articles like Polygon does. #3.2
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