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More like the Climax of the show. Its built up a little bit, than BAM! Sony steals the show!

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Microsoft conference 2 hours long.
Nintendo conference 2 and half hours long.
Sony conference 3 hours long.

That just goes to show that Sony has alot more to show off than microsoft, which concludes that sony will steal the show once more! Not even a Halo 4 announcement can stop sony now.

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ohh god, im so glad im not one of those developers. when does this game come out anyways? i wanna know when i can read the news "Quinton kills a UFC developer".

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Turning Point was horrible, hopefully legendary is alot better, i wouldnt mind shooting me a few minotaurs and werewolves.

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why want push it back until next year to make sure the PS3 version handles well, looks better and has the best content. from what ive been hearing, the controls and such are horrible. hopefully they fix those before release.

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Im happy with my PS3 and will never buy another next gen console. i dont see any game that has my interest enough to buy another console. ive played games like halo 3, gears of war, super mario galaxy, smash bros ect and havent found a liking to them at all, even if i was using my ps3 controller and i wouldnt ever buy a console when a company who is rolling in gold cant even release a console that has 33% failure rate at lauch, even at 16% its still horrible compared to the wii and ps3. Also...

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M$ official announcement:

Halo 4: The Red Ring of death will be available worldwide in fall of 2010 for the xbox 720 (which will be available at the same time with a 56% failure rate!). It will have the same graphics and blah gameplay as halo 2.5 and the limited edition of the game will include a pair of halo gloves! (someday you'll beable to own master chiefs entire suit!)The game is being developed by rare. The game will be overhyped and overrated, but will still be bought by...

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xbox owners can expect more of this in the years to follow!

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The thing that will make this game suck (even though it will sell because of its name) is that its not being made by Bungie, they've stated their selves they are not working on a new halo game. they are working on a new IP, so LOL to all of you thinking Halo 4 will be awesome.

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I hope it comes to the US

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Very good points, and yet xbox owners keep backing their system. The ps3 is catching up to what the xbox has and also has things which the xbox doesnt have and yet its still free. Micro$oft is already a rich company, yet their still greedy enough to make you pay 50 dollars just so you can play with your friends online, while us ps3 owners get to play with our friends for free. I dont get why xbox owners stand their and defend a greedy company like Micro$oft?

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@XBOX 360: LOL

it says its the 2nd largest free-to-play and subscription-based MMO in the western world, so whats the first largest free-to-play and subscription-based MMO in the western world?

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This game doesnt stand a chance against Motostorm 2!

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Im getting the game despite the reviews, i enjoyed the demo and i need something that differs from all these FPS's. I'll be getting this tomorrow, than next week ill be getting Civilization. I enjoy many different types of games, thats why i have 30+ games right now, so i can play a variety of games at anytime without having to go out and rent them. (i hate renting)

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I signed up for it too, guess ill hopefully see you on the other side.

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Yeah, they denied the DualShock controller, the price cut and ect and they came so im guessing this will come, lets wait and see if its unveiled at E3 officially.

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what is microsoft going to gain by having this a timed exclusive? Nothing at all, its not going to sell more consoles. though i couldnt care at all about this game or any other stupid music game like it.

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2.4 is come out July 8th, 2008!

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Another awesome show once again, though the whole crave press event was boring, i could hear the sarcasm though lol. those games are horrible. I cant wait until E3! Dont get a wii there horrible! a waste of 250 dollars.

LOL @ Young Buck. 50 Cent is the real.

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