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I hope it happens! same with some other games! theres so many games squeled for fall that ill never beable to buy, unless there delayed!! #3
it looks nice and the music was awesome! i cant wait until 2009 to play this game!!! #10
i was hoping for assassin creed type graphics, but this looks alright, but im going to want to see some gameplay/reviews before i think about getting this game. theres so many other games coming out that i need to make sure the game is worth it... #31
NO! there are way to many games for a fall release already!!!! please delay this game. #5
for once can the fanboyism stop and cant we all just look and see rockstar has done a pretty good job at making both versions looks great, yeah the ps3 might be a little better, but lets forget about the fanboyism for once and just enjoy this amazing game.PSN id: Fallen_Guardian add me if you want (only if u have a mic) and lets do some crazy stuff online! #125
i own 30 something games for my ps3, and its only been out a year and a half about, i wonder how many xbox owners own that many games? by this fall im going to have over 60 games... #23
fine by me, atleast theirs a demo and stuff (still wasnt sure if i was getting the game, though i wont be able to play the demo lng because of MGS4... #2
im glad their taking their time on HOME and making sure us users will enjoy it, not some half @$$ed job like some companys do. #37
Things happen sometimes, im not mad or anything, just glad were still getting the beta a couple days before GTA4 is released (hopefully), i wont be getting GTA4 until a couple days after, because of shipping anyways. so ill have enough time to enjoy it, ill probaly take breaks from gta4 anyways. #6
ok all i can say about this is... WTF?!?! #1
the psn date thing that was released a while ago was right about that siren new translation thing and since it was from SCEE than it will have a demo in the us sometime also. ive nerv played a siren game but from what ive seen i cant wait to play. #1
im really thinking about getting this game, looks fun and i need more games like this. #1
OMFG.... did you guys even look at it? didnt you see how the psn id things were angled and such... its oviously a fake picture, but theres no doubt in my mind that people are playing it... #10
xbox gets Infinite Discovery, PS3 gets Star Ocean 4. Infinite Discovery will sell like 200,000 in japan at most probaly, Star Ocean will sell 2 million in japan easly on the ps3 within the first month. so why would tri-ace be dumb to put it on the 360? #25
its pretty kewl that i was like the first one to prove it was fake. check the news on the gta4 leaked intro video and check the comments. i stated that it was fake because it had xbox live on the top, now it only says LIVE on the top. so what was the point of these news posts? #6
wasnt it that i heard it doesnt say Xbox live any more? doesnt it just say live on the top? im not xbox fan but im sure i read that somewhere... #10
and think this game will use a 50 giga bite Blu-Ray disc. Epic's game will never come close to how EPIC this game will be! #114
sweet, i must try it without the motion control, though i do really enjoy the motion control. #4
microsoft is just mad that google got yahoo. i think its great that google is getting yahoo. its not like their going to do anything wrong as a monopoly. #20
im going to have to read atleast one of his books now to support him since he supports us. #2
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