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This game doesnt stand a chance against Motostorm 2!

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Im getting the game despite the reviews, i enjoyed the demo and i need something that differs from all these FPS's. I'll be getting this tomorrow, than next week ill be getting Civilization. I enjoy many different types of games, thats why i have 30+ games right now, so i can play a variety of games at anytime without having to go out and rent them. (i hate renting)

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I signed up for it too, guess ill hopefully see you on the other side.

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Yeah, they denied the DualShock controller, the price cut and ect and they came so im guessing this will come, lets wait and see if its unveiled at E3 officially.

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what is microsoft going to gain by having this a timed exclusive? Nothing at all, its not going to sell more consoles. though i couldnt care at all about this game or any other stupid music game like it.

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2.4 is come out July 8th, 2008!

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Another awesome show once again, though the whole crave press event was boring, i could hear the sarcasm though lol. those games are horrible. I cant wait until E3! Dont get a wii there horrible! a waste of 250 dollars.

LOL @ Young Buck. 50 Cent is the real.

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I like the variety, theres not to many games for me. I have over 40 games right now and ill have over 70 by the end of the year.

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@doshey: this doesnt mean it will have in-game music, so dont wait for something that probaly wont happen, Microsoft has a patent on in-game music, so i doubt we'll see it this update or ever if sony doesnt find away around it.

anyways hopefully it comes tonight (the video) annd im hoping to see 2.4 in the next to weeks.

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This is true for me to, ive played xbox 360 games and just didnt enjoy them at all, ive always been a sony fan and i always will be. The playstation 3 has the best exclusives hands down. I have great friends and enjoy gaming with them. Whats your PSN id? ill add you im sure we can have some fun gaming, i own alot of games like call of duty 4 and such.

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are these like rentals or actually u buy them and keep them?

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i hope its pushed back, because theres already to many games coming out this year, my wallet needs a little money for gas, and a couple other things that i do outside of gaming, though my life revovles around gaming mostly, and my writtings.

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ohh wow asia is just getting the darkness? its been out for a long time now.

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Resistance 2 will be Awesome!

Also says on the cover "Open to view expanded cover" i wonder what that shows?

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Its the highest scoring 3rd party exclusive thus far. Even Gears of war or Halo 3 cant outgun Metal Gear Solid 4! Super Mario Galaxy doesnt deserve the score it got, So to me its the highest scoring exclusive this generation.

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It wasnt the 360 that got tagged that, but the people who own the system. Most people who own a 360 are FPS players, unlike the ps3 which has RPGers, FPS players and more. The PS3 is more diverse.

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HipHopGamer is the best. i always enjoy watching his shows.

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Theres no way they could ever put this game on the 360 because not all xbox games have Hard drives. It would also take like 6 fricken discs to play. Its an exclusive and will always be one, so enough with this non-sense.

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MGS4 deserves a 10 out of 10. not any lower. the game is the most epic and most amazing game i have played or will ever play! im sick of these sites marking down games just because there on the ps3!

There has never been a game in my entire life that had me feeling so emotional. The game is epic beyond anything ever created, not even hollywood can match the amazingness of MGS4!

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well oviously since studios keep giving us crappy ports, who wants a crappy half-arsed port when u can get a exclusive game like MGS4?

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