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That it would be. But I don't think we'll ever see that, simply for the fact that Prototype 2 will never sell the amount COD does or even close. #1.1.1
It is? Awesome! Guess I missed that bit of news. Thanks :) #2.2
I was hoping for a release date.. Damn. #1
The star wars edition was already announced and I'm pretty sure Halo 4 edition will be coming out before the next COD (probably September)... #2.1
@RIPSKATEDESTROY: Never said it wasn't fun (I have no opinion since I havent played it yet), but im just saying it's not really a Batman game. When you think of Batman, you don't think of people dressed like the characters from the series, you think Batman going around solving crimes, catching criminals and the sort. #1.1.2
But can you really even call this a 'Batman' game? This could just be character skin DLC for Call of Duty really, with some more Batman themed modes and levels to go with it. #1.1
I don't get it either. It sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Going out, finding parts to build up your fort before zombies and other creatures come out to kill (with friends) sounds like so much fun honestly. #1.1
Kinda like how the fire increases in Uncharted 3, but to a far greater extent? That would be epic. This game really has me excited. I know Naughty Gods will deliver. #1.1
I can't wait for this game! Makes me love being a gamer, with all of these amazing games that keep coming out. #1
It's a second team at Naughty Gods working on this, so it's easily possible for them to release this next year. #3.1
Yes... 'Back to normal' is the perfect words for Gotham ;) #17.1
Didnt show to much (which is probably a good thing, I dont want anything spoiled), but the song set a good mood. #3
Kinda sounds like Minecraft doesn't it in a way (not that Minecraft created that), but still, i'm looking forward to the game! #5.1
Hmm... If true, I'm kinda disappointed. Was hoping for a new IP atleast. Even though I'm not into RTSs, I might try this out none the less. #1
That's pretty crazy really, Selling 400K in a couple weeks, after the game has been out for over 10 months. #1
Because they were once human beings? #4.2.1
I don't think any of the Call of Dutys since COD4: MW has been nominated for GOTY has it? #2.3
So is Walmart :D #2.1
Looks pretty fun. I wonder if it'll be on Steam? #1
They are going to 'announce' a 'very exciting new title'. Homefront 2 has already been announced. #5.1
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