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Yes it is

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Bunch of Vita titles, Pink Vita, Vita getting themes and such in a upcoming update, and new Hot Shots Golf for PS4. Thats about it so far.

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Next up, Titanfall!

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What needs to happen, is that both Sony and Microsoft need to stop this, same with retailers. It does nothing but hurts gamers experiences.

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As a PS4 owner, even I understand that exclusive content only hurts gamers. The same goes with preorder/day one DLC in general. Any content that is being cut out of a game is a terrible thing. Sure alternate costumes and such weren't so bad, but now its getting to the point where full missions are being taken from gamers that either don't have a certain console, don't buy from a certain retailer or don't feel like that should have to spend even more on day one to get the full ...

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Considering The Last of US is a new IP and GT has been around since the PS1 days, it is extremely impressive.

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You did, it was introduced as P.T. at the conference from 7780s studio.

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There's definitely potential for him to still be part of Watch Dogs though. It'll be nice to see a new character though.

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Batman was delayed til next year unfortunately :'(

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Batman AK has been on Amazon for preorder since it was first announced...

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You just don't get it, there's a reason why it took this long to get here. They are not only working on fixing bugs, but working on other DLC as well. That and you really don't realize how long it actually takes for them to make maps.

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So, you wanted them to rush the MP maps out instead of taking their time on them?

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I actually hope Sanzura games keeps making Sly games and Sucker Punch works on a new IP. I loved Thieves in Time a lot.

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It does look quite good.. I'm just really getting sick of the whole alternate view that makes games easier. I hope you can turn it off like The Last of Us' listen mode.

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Youtube has to make money somehow, otherwise it would not exist and such is the same with video creators. Some can spend hours, days, weeks editing videos for viewer entertainment and yet you being as dull minded as you are think they don't deserve any money for that? They work harder than a lot of celebrities for a small fraction that and yet YOU think they don't deserve anything for the effort and time they put into the videos? Honestly, I am sick and tired of people like you saying...

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I'm sure it's another DOTA/MOBA game by the sounds of it.

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Yes, but a demo itself can take the best part of the game and make you feel like the whole game is as good. That and it's a waste of resources for a lot of devs, especially for smaller devs without much time, money and resources. The best demos are PS Plus' 1 hour trials, they give you 1 hour to get as far as possible and see how you like it, which probably represents the product better than a actual demo. Though half that hour is probably tutorials and crap. I'd expect those to t...

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2103? Did I just accidentally time travel again!? No!!!

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Yeah, because you've obviously played it.

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