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Bayonetta! I can only dream :) #1
You are quite aware that this wont effect consoles already sold right? And thus, Activision will still see just as strong of sales on the 360 as it always has. It might lose new console owner sales on the 360, but it'll still sell more i'm sure and at this point, MS will have their next Xbox out within a year or two, so it wont be that bad. #1.5.1
Blizzard don't really announce things at E3, they like to announce their stuff at their events and not everything is announced at E3 also. #10.1
And he's actually well suited for it too. He has his gadgets and creative abilites, so I don't see why he wouldnt be. #2.1
I may have to preorder it now. I was going to wait for it to drop to 30, but this is a great deal. #1
At this point, there's no hope for it coming out this generation... I guess hopefully next gen..? I just don't understand why they haven't made a Battlefront game yet. It would fly off the shelves. #2.2
I will be getting all three ( I have Torchlight 2 preordered on Steam [Which comes with Torchlight], I'll be playing Path of Exile once it's released and I will be getting Diablo 3 once I get my new computer), so i'm going to be having a blast. Grim Dawn also looks fantastic as well. #1
If the milk isn't spoiled, i'll continue to drink it. I just hope they stay away from anymore underwater turret sections. I thought that part was horrible. #1.1
Too late, I just exploded all up in my pants yo... #1.1
While i'm afraid this might turn out like Resident evil 5 (not scary at all), but I have hopes they'll keep it horror. #2
I'm going to start PC gaming more (especially when I get my new PC) and since decided that a couple days ago im going to be watching Steam like a Hawk for awesome deals like that, I just hope it goes on sale for $5 again. #4.1.1
If these are from GTA V, I'll be one happy gamer. I can fly for hours in a jet just doing stunts and things lol. I really hope they bring back the harvester, semi truck and trailer, bmx bike, jet packs and tow trucks too... I had so much fun In San Andreas. #2
The game shipped full of features (more than alot of games) and if you preordered, you got the first DLC free and the other DLCs are being created after the release of the game, so yes it is the full game. These DLCs are more like expansions, which did exist back then. #1.2
Just don't buy the DLC and it's still just what it was before. DLC is an option for those who want to prolong their game. It's nice to see that they are working hard on the DLC instead of just rushing it out like MW3 is. #1.1
It definitely does look fantastic. I never played the first one (due to it not being on PS3), but i'm definitely going to play this one and maybe if I get a new computer before this game is released, i'll pick the first game up on Steam. #1.1
They really need to ship Arma 3 with Day Z already included and really up the anty with it, because they can seriously flesh it out to become even more awesome. #2
I personally enjoy the combat in Skyrim, but that's obviously my opinion. #4.1
With Borderlands 2, XCOM Enemy Unknown, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite and more releasing in the next 8 months, I think they're definitely going to pull through. #2.1
It is probably the most unlikely, but it's the one I hope for the most out of the three choices said. #3.1
So... They moved Bioshock Infinite back 4 months for this game? :/ #2
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