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I actually hope Sanzura games keeps making Sly games and Sucker Punch works on a new IP. I loved Thieves in Time a lot.

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It does look quite good.. I'm just really getting sick of the whole alternate view that makes games easier. I hope you can turn it off like The Last of Us' listen mode.

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Youtube has to make money somehow, otherwise it would not exist and such is the same with video creators. Some can spend hours, days, weeks editing videos for viewer entertainment and yet you being as dull minded as you are think they don't deserve any money for that? They work harder than a lot of celebrities for a small fraction that and yet YOU think they don't deserve anything for the effort and time they put into the videos? Honestly, I am sick and tired of people like you saying...

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I'm sure it's another DOTA/MOBA game by the sounds of it.

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Yes, but a demo itself can take the best part of the game and make you feel like the whole game is as good. That and it's a waste of resources for a lot of devs, especially for smaller devs without much time, money and resources. The best demos are PS Plus' 1 hour trials, they give you 1 hour to get as far as possible and see how you like it, which probably represents the product better than a actual demo. Though half that hour is probably tutorials and crap. I'd expect those to t...

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2103? Did I just accidentally time travel again!? No!!!

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Yeah, because you've obviously played it.

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You should definitely go out and buy Fallout New Vegas. It's not only a great game, but quite cheap nowadays.

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Timed exclusive content maybe, but Bethesda enjoy releasing their games for all three main platforms. Microsoft couldn't pay Bethesda enough to warrant them making Fallout 4 exclusive.

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I know it's fun taking a stab at Kinect (I personally don't like it either, mostly because I have yet seen a game that really showed me it's great for gaming), but that can be true for anything really, devs focusing on too many different input methods or options can effect a game sometimes. They either work on making the game an overall better experience or make Move/Kinect/or whatnot work with their game. I definitely love options, but I would take a more polished full fledged ex...

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Nope, it'll be available sometime next year

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It's also for PC and it was chosen for the Wii U platform because it's a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, which was a Gamecube exclusive. It would also come to PS4 if an unknown stretch goal was met.

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Except the fact that they'll still be releasing patches for the PC version even once the PS3 version releases, thus exists the problem

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You do realize that Naughty Dog consists of two dev teams, thus they can make two games, releasing a game every year. So, an announcement of Uncharted 4 in December would be a perfect time for them to announce itand release it the following year.

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He thinks 1 billion on games equals best thing ever. What does that even entail anyways? They could be including marketing in that figure for all we know.

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Sony has 30 PS4 titles in development for the PS4, 12 of which are new ips and 20 of those games are coming out within the first year... Meanwhile, Microsoft has half the amount of titles in development with 8 of them being new ips. Just because Microsoft stated how much they were spending on games mean nothing, because i'm quite sure Sony is spending more anyways. Not having a always on Kinect, not having to sign online every 24 hours, no DRM are just some features Sony has over Xbone. ...

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EA definitely has a grand opportunity to turn things around following their great conference, so I hope they do. Even Plants Vs. Zombies looks like great fun!

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The same week as the Next Gen Xbox unveiling... Hmm.

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It doesn't make sense from a business stand point though, releasing it around the time of the launch of the PS4 for the PS3 would hurt PS4 sales. The games a system seller, so what better way to sell the PS4 then making it available for the PS4 sooner than GT5 for the PS3 was released. Like a year or two at most. Just make a PS Vita game to also sell that system right now, because they're both in different markets.

I understand the potential amount of sales they could...

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I hoping that they use the evil ending for the basis of multiplayer, if there is a multiplayer that is. That would be a great way to use both endings.

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