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Or you can get Injustice on PS4 for free if you have PS Plus in December.

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Jurassic World is a whole new movie coming oput next year, so I would expect it to follow that story, not the old one.. But who knows, its all speculation at this point

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I'm quite sure this will be one of the games that go for $30 on Black Friday, so if you're planning on buying it, you might as well wait a bit longer.

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I can definitely agree with the entire list besides Evolve. After playing the alpha a bit, I just don't feel the game will ever justify my purchase. I would have either put The Order, Rime or Halo 5 instead.

Star Wars Battlefront worries me far too much for anticipation. Also, I don't believe Silent Hills will launch in 2015 anyways.

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Well, there will be more than 80 Indie titles at the PS Event, so they will definitely have a big presence, but I expect AAAs to take up most of the show. A good variety is good though. I don't expect indies to have as big of lines, so that'll be nice while going between AAAs.

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It might just be early access to the beta or something. Either way, I'm lucky to be going to the event, so I wont miss out. Still would suck for gamers who don't/cant go.

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But hey, at least they wouldn't be taking away a game that was announced for PS4 and than taken away to be a timed exclusive, especially considering they just released the HD version of Tomb Raider on said PS4 months before. This game was never announced for Xbox One, so it's not as bad in a sense. Not saying other gamers shouldn't get No Man'S Sky, but Sony and Microsoft are trying to sell more consoles, so I expect this is going to happen more than I would like.

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They have to make sure the servers are going to continue to keep performing better and better, before they go and add a ton of PS Plus users to the mix. Otherwise not only PS Plus users going to have problems, but gamers who actually bought the game will too.

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Nope thats for CoD: Ghosts and that seems to be for last gen versions only.

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I am doing the same, I expect games like Diablo 3, Shadow of Mordor, and other games that have come out within the last couple months to drop to like $30. Seeing as most games have season passes or terrible online problems when they first comes out, waiting for price drops is the best bet for at least me anymore.

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You've been told there's no real objective by whom exactly? By people who haven't played the game because it's not available? The trailer gives quite a bit of context, though many people will not like the reason behind his murdering, because he's not suppose to be likable. This is a better way of saying here go murder hundreds of people because you can, unlike a lot of video games. They aren't trying to hide the fact to what he is doing or make him seem like a great ch...

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Summer 2015 if we're lucky. They'll just be adding horses and such from 1.6 in a future update, which was 1.6 on PC.

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While I'm sure it'll eventually come to console as well, it's pretty disappointing that it's a seemingly free to play online only game, instead of a story driven single player experience like the first one was. I'll still try it out if it looks interesting at least. Here's to goping we get a sequel this gen

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Review scores in general need to go, in all forms of media. Not just because of this either. Putting irrelevant numbers on reviews doesn't help them one bit, it only blinds people into believing anything below a 7 or 8 is complete trash and a waste of time. Most people judge a game on the sole basis of that and not the pros and cons, mechanics and such of the actual title itself.

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My thoughts exactly. It could literally be any other Final Fantasy game besides the three XIII's and I would cheer to the high heavens (an exaggeration obviously) hearing such news, but this... This is just sad.

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I thought the same for a split second. Pretty disappointed right now.

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@medman: I didn't mean I didn't enjoy open world games, I just don't want so many to go open world, which it feels like it has been more so than ever.

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Exactly and in fact I'm pretty sick and tired of all these games going open world anyways. I do enjoy more focused linear driven games too.

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Or maybe Sony understands value more. $30 bucks a year, or for $20 more, you can get PS PLUS (which was actually on sale for $30 last year on Amazon) which gives you up to 6 games a month across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Sure you don't get newer full release titles, but most of those games are just yearly releases anyways and considering most fans of those series buy them yearly on day one, their actual potential customers are quite limited. Meanwhile, PS Plus offers a huge v...

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"It's getting bad reviews scores because of the deal with Sony... It's getting bad reviews because reviewers didn't get the game early."

Do you guys even listen to what's coming out of your mouths? You're just making up any excuse you can to justify your purchases of Destiny. You both realize a lot of games have had deals with Sony (and Microsoft) and or didn't give out early review copies still got positive review scores?


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