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Exactly and in fact I'm pretty sick and tired of all these games going open world anyways. I do enjoy more focused linear driven games too. #1.1
Or maybe Sony understands value more. $30 bucks a year, or for $20 more, you can get PS PLUS (which was actually on sale for $30 last year on Amazon) which gives you up to 6 games a month across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Sure you don't get newer full release titles, but most of those games are just yearly releases anyways and considering most fans of those series buy them yearly on day one, their actual potential customers are quite limited. Meanwhile, PS Plus offers a huge v... #1.1
"It's getting bad reviews scores because of the deal with Sony... It's getting bad reviews because reviewers didn't get the game early."

Do you guys even listen to what's coming out of your mouths? You're just making up any excuse you can to justify your purchases of Destiny. You both realize a lot of games have had deals with Sony (and Microsoft) and or didn't give out early review copies still got positive review scores?

Fa... #1.1.1
@Kingthrash: A MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. Not a 3 man fire team/6 man raids per world. The only place that contains a good amount of players is The Tower and that's in no way a MMO because of that.

And Borderlands has all of that and isn't called a MMO. #4.1.2
Not that there has ever been much balance in CoD, but that would make it completely unbalanced. #2.1.1
I'm sure they're including variants in that number which is BS in itself. #1.1
I hope so! They could also throw in Ground Zeroes with the rest of the collection and I'd be happy with that. Makes me glad I decided to skip the Legacy collection. #1.1
The problem with this is that the map would eventually be leveled to nothing and the game would suffer from that a lot. #5.1
Just because a bunch of Playstation owners on N4G are trolls, that doesn't make up the mass of the Playstation community as a whole... You know what right? If it would have come to Playstation (PS3/PS4) as well, the game would have potentially doubled the sales of the game at least. Especially considering PS4 games have at least doubled Xbox One sales. #1.1.5
That's what happens when publishers don't give reviewers the review code for their game far enough in advance, reviewers will rush their review in order to publish it close to the launch date of said game. That and the fact that they actually removed a lot of features to sell as DLC later is sickening. They deserve the low score.

Also, reviewers don't need to play through the entire game to get a good judgement of the content that is available. The only problem wi... #4.1.1
Yes it is #1.1
Bunch of Vita titles, Pink Vita, Vita getting themes and such in a upcoming update, and new Hot Shots Golf for PS4. Thats about it so far. #12.1
Next up, Titanfall! #1.2.1
What needs to happen, is that both Sony and Microsoft need to stop this, same with retailers. It does nothing but hurts gamers experiences. #5.1
As a PS4 owner, even I understand that exclusive content only hurts gamers. The same goes with preorder/day one DLC in general. Any content that is being cut out of a game is a terrible thing. Sure alternate costumes and such weren't so bad, but now its getting to the point where full missions are being taken from gamers that either don't have a certain console, don't buy from a certain retailer or don't feel like that should have to spend even more on day one to get the full... #1.2
Considering The Last of US is a new IP and GT has been around since the PS1 days, it is extremely impressive. #14.1.1
You did, it was introduced as P.T. at the conference from 7780s studio. #1.1
There's definitely potential for him to still be part of Watch Dogs though. It'll be nice to see a new character though. #1.3.1
Batman was delayed til next year unfortunately :'( #1.2.5
Batman AK has been on Amazon for preorder since it was first announced... #2
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