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Gets dislikes for being logical. Gamer logic.

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Rates a game he has not played enough of or at all, gives it a 10 out of 10. Gamer logic.

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I think the biggest fault in this whole situation is the fact that Valve and Bethesda believe they are entitled to 75% of the profits made on mods. Not only does it devalue the mod makers, but it just goes to show how huge corporations try to nickle and dime every part of their product. Eventually, this and the many other things game companies have been pulling off recently WILL cause the gaming industry to collapse.

I think it's time for gamers to take a step back and re...

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The whole "I know this company in the past has done a whole lot of things wrong, with day one DLC, microtansactions, broken online and etc... But since I love the Star Wars franchise, I'll just pretend this title is immune to that and preorder straight away." mentality is seriously getting annoying.

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It's a good way to spread word about the update itself and Playstation 4 in general. It's kinda like easter eggs, rare items and such in video games... It's gets people talking about their products.

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I hope it doesn't get axed. Just hope this whole situation gets worked out, so that Kojima can make Silent Hills.. Even if it's his last game with Konami.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but couldn't Bohemia Interactive file a lawsuit against them considering they own the DayZ trademark? While Brutal is using it as days with a z, it still could be considered brand confusion, especially considering it's zombie themed and DAYZ is all capitals.

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Exactly, but I'm patient enough to wait 'til whenever. It's not like timed exclusive DLC is going to get me to go out and purchase a Xbox One just to get it a couple weeks early (Halo 5 will though).

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@q8kik: They don't really make them, they just help them with resources and such. Sony's San Diego studio seems to be doing the same thing now with Drawn to Death.

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I love how you mention the fact that PS4 can only do backwards compatibility through PS Now, while not giving Xbox One a negative for having absolutely no option for Backwards compatibility at all.

Also, using 'opinions' to fill out your pro/con list does absolutely nothing to help out your cause. At the very least go into reason why you believe such from the get go. Realistically, using facts instead of opinions make for a better list and argument regarding which con...

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If anyone was at PSX they would have seen how humble the team behind Drawn to Death were. Really nice devs and were writing down almost everything people said about the game once they finished playing a round of the game. They even bought a bunch of pizza when i was there and handed it out to everyone trying out the game!

So, I would expect them to have a fair and balanced F2P game. As far as the game was, it felt pretty good for pre-alpha. The art style is indeed fantastic a...

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I wonder if that could possibly mean anything for Sony's MLB The Show then? Probably not, but I think San Diego Studio could make other great games, even if it were a different sports game.

I played their other game (Kill Strain) at PSX and that game is pretty good so far.. So, I'd like to see more games like that from them.

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I honestly completely misread the title somehow. My apologies.

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Sumo Digital/XDev created LBP3, so don't go blaming Media Molecule for another developers product.

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Media Molecule didn't create LBP3 (Sumo Digital/XDev did), so its not their product to patch/fix.

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Yeah I've heard quite a few people talking about the Order and how they had quite a good time playing it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play it today.

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`The developers of Dead Island 2 are actually a completely different dev team (the creators of Spec Ops the Line), so while the first one and a half games were bad... You might wanna hold your judgement and see if this is any good.

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A great deal if you dont already have it. Hopefully there are more Nintendo games on these lightning deals.

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My apologies. I shouldn't have just assumed you were from the USA.. It does suck that it is more expensive up north though.

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FFX/X2 is 20 bucks on Amazon right now

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