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Yeah, wasn't there a Gears of War: Exile game trademarked last year? That's probably the 4th one.. #1.1.2
For one, they had already sold you the full game for 10 dollars and never had to even update it after that, but they did and it has a ton of content for hours and upon hours of fun. Be a little more respectful towards the few developers that actually support their games at all after launch. They could always add content forever, but there comes a time when they need to stop and move on. They need to make money just as much as the next person. #2.2
RIP Coca Cola... #6
Even if Naughty Gods wanted to make another Crash game, they couldn't because Activision own the IP from what i'm aware of now and I doubt they would buy it back from them. As for another Jak & Daxter game? I think another studio will be working on one someday, like how Sly 4 is being developed by a different developer than the original developers, but Naughty Gods have moved on from those types of games, into more realistic and movie like games #1
Yes, but sequels tend to cost alot less compared to the first game, because they get better at working with the engine, have a better understanding of where they want to go with the sequel and everything. #1.1.1
@h311rais3r: That is honestly the most BS excuse ever. If they were never going to buy it, what gives them the damn right to beable to play it honestly? What if everyone decided they werent going to buy it? #3.1.2
I'm thinking after they saw that alot of people wanted it upgraded to HD with trophies, they decided to do that, instead of releasing it just as it was. #1
Naw, after his newest game was cancelled, he got depressed and started eating heavily. #1.1.1
I really doubt they'll end it for the simple fact that it is one of Ubisofts best selling franchises. #2.1
For me, as long they keep inproving it slightly and keep the story good as it has been, i'll keep buying them, but if they dont do atleast that, i'll be done. #1.1
If they did a sherlock holmes game, I would hope they change detective mode so that you don't have to switch between that and regular mode, because pretty much the whole game your in detective mode and you dont get to see the beauty of the game. #1.2.1
If you would have read their PS Blog, it didn't say you wouldn't beable to sign in or play games online. It was only for the PS store, Account Managment, Music already and etc. #1.1
If they did indeed say that, they probably changed their stance on that, due to the high demand for them? #1.1
More guns give diversity, as long as they arent like the same. Different guns suit different players, some people might enjoy a slower fire rate with more bang, or more fire rate with less range, etc. The looks, the feel. It all depends on a players play style. That, or if you are able to have only 8 weapons, but with lots of customization for each one (as long as they are kept balanced enough). That would work too. #9
Is it wrong for people to disagree with an opinion because they don't agree with your opinion? From my experience, that's called an opinion. Dah. #5.3
We can thank Sony for that. A lot of Sony developers are diversifying and working on more then one project now. Naughty Dog is has two teams now, Guerrilla games is working on a new IP, Santa Monica is working on a new IP (and possibly GoW4, plus they are helping out other developers on projects) and so many more. There are so many upcoming games I can't wait to see. #1.1
Yes, but did you know they were employing 50 more decay or spending that much on R&D? No. #3.1
I can't wait to see what Media Molecule comes up with next. I expect wonderful things from them. #4
All it really has to do for me is take the place of Modern Warfare in terms of fast, quick, arcadey style shooter so I don't have a need to buy MW4. #8.1.1
Well dah, but I could imagine them doing the maps more like MW3s Survival mode, where the zombie maps are also the multiplayer maps, but with traps and such still. That way they don't have to make specific zombie maps. #5
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