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Because they were once human beings? #4.2.1
I don't think any of the Call of Dutys since COD4: MW has been nominated for GOTY has it? #2.3
So is Walmart :D #2.1
Looks pretty fun. I wonder if it'll be on Steam? #1
They are going to 'announce' a 'very exciting new title'. Homefront 2 has already been announced. #5.1
Most likely at the VGAs i'm guessing. Hopefully not an FPS. #1
Anyone who has yet to buy Terraria should, for only $2.50 (75% off the regular price), it's a steal. They just released a new update for it (1.1) that included 36 new monsters (+3 harder versions of older bosses), 222 new items (including 4 new armor sets and 21 accesseries) and so much more. It's honestly a hell of alot of fun. It's in concept kinda like 2D Minecraft, but has so much more to offer. (Sorry if this seems like spam, but it diserves more sales and recognition.) #1
Ohh come now, live a little, it's better than all those damn flamebait articles. This is actually pretty freaking cool lol. #1.1
I think the developers added a bit too much up draft in 1.2 lol #2
Thanks for that tip! #9.1.1
Why would he hate his parents? It's better then naming him a common name like Michael or whatever. I'd love to be named a cool name like that. Wouldn't matter to me if people made fun of my name. #1.1
Why does it matter if they announce it now or later? We know its coming obviously, this is pretty much just for share holders to know what's coming and whatnot. #1.1.1
Yeah, because the competition would license Frostbite 2 to them... That's never going to happen. #2.1
Sales don't make any game better, it just means more people bought it. To make my point clear, does Call of Dutys consistant yearly record breaking sales make it the best game ever created? I wonder how many people would say no to that? Which, would by your definition, should also have made it GOTY since 2007.

Also, YOU say UC3s multiplayer sucks, but that's just your opinion. Lets look at the metacritic:

Uncharted 1: 88, Uncharted 2: 96, Uncharte... #1.13.3
I already own it. Got it cheap a couple weeks ago, but I just wont have the time. There's no way I can wait to play Skryim and I also have to play it when my brother is here to watch it (because he wants to see it, but doesn't like the controls), so next year will give me more time. #1.1.2
Yeah, i'm loving BF3s online on the PS3 too. I just gotta get into other game modes though. I've just been playing TDM to get a feel for BF3 and such, but I really wanna experiance team work at its best.

Btw, if you haven't, you should really try Crysis 1/2, you might find those games to be awesome FPSs as well. #1.1
Sadly, I won't get to play this game until sometime next year, with MW3, Skyrim, HALO AE and ACR coming out within the next two weeks. Still, it does look like an awesome game. #1.1
Its enjoyable enough for a FPS, but compared to the multiplayer, it's meh. Seriously, the multiplayer is addicting and a hell of alot of fun. #3.1
I just don't think the idtech5 engine would work for the fallout series, simply because I doubt it could handle a huge open world (thus limiting Obsidian and the Fallout universe). I would rather them have the Skyrim engine (which is just a upgraded Fallout engine if I remember correctly), because even though it doesnt produce the best visuals, it works for what the Fallout series. #2.1
Wait so I should hate myself for buying a electronic device? #1.4.4
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