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You know, it's horrible to wish people to lose their jobs, just because YOU dont find the game to appeal to you. You're nothing more than a selfish prick. Not to attack you or anything, but people like you are why society sucks. You care not about the developers who would lose their jobs, but about yourself because not every game meets YOUR standards. #17.1
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Just think of it as another game, just with the DMC name. Nothing more. I don't see why people shouldnt atleast give it a chance, considering that it looks like it'll be awesome. Reminds me of How some people hated on Castlevania LOS, but really, the game was one of the best games this generation. #9.1
Yeah, I really do hope people give this game a chance. Sure, it may see nothing more then DMC by name, but it looks awesome none the less and I am sure the story will be awesome (considering Ninja Theorys past games). #5.1
No, Bioware stated that the other studio is working on the multiplayer portion fo Mass Effect 3. #1.1.2
You are aware that a different Bioware studio is working on the multiplayer portion fo Mass Effect 3 right? Because if you actually cared to get your facts straight, you would understand that they aren't taking anything away from the singleplayer at all. It's the same team as the last two games making the singleplayer portion and another bioware studio making the multiplayer portion. #1.1
I really do hope SR3 is a hell of alot better then too, because I tried the PS+ game trial of it and it just didnt feel great and wasnt enjoyable for me. I might give this a try later on, but I really feel like GTA is a better series, despite it taking away the fun parts. #2.1
So far (IMHO), the BF3 campaign has felt lack luster really, but I havent played too much of it yet.. I just think it's shooters in general that have felt that way (MW2, Blops, KZ3 and etc.), while I enjoy them enjoy enough to complete them, i'm left feeling nothing after completing them (like WOW thats was awesome or anything), but the online has me addicted! I never got into the Bad Company Battlefields, but this has me hooked. I really do think the multiplayer portion is essentiall... #3
I hate the idea of multiple characters. I love that GTA has focused on one character. It makes for a better story. #3
Yeah, anyone can just rush through a game and make it short... #4.3
The multiplayer is where it's at, while the singleplayer just feels like something you've played before... Of course that's what you could be playing, but if not, you should. #11.1
Yes, but usually bigger maps just feel more empty, take Just Cause 2 for example or even Fuel (which holds the record I believe for the biggest map)... They may be huge, but they feel so empty. I would rather it be packed with tons of things to do, then have endless horizons of nothingness, though I do hope it has some country to it like GTASA #5.1
They should have started this earlier and at most places the game is sold, I'm sure preorders would have went up massively. Either way, with this, Rage, Batman AC, TES Skyrim, Halo and I'm sure MW3, ill have about 80 dollars worth of credit from Amazon :) #1
And there lies the problem... Enough people won't. There's too many people that just accept things and roll with it. It does NOT effect me or anyone else who buys their games new and personally, I don't really care that it effects people who don't buy their games new. If people can't afford $60, then they should wait until its cheaper, while still buying it new. And also, EVERY company is out there to make a profit, no matter what. A company needs to make money to stay afl... #4.1.1
When I was first starting to read your post, I was like what the hell!? But then I noticed you were only joking lol. Was about to go on a long rant about how people shouldn't post on posts about games they don't likr.. Haha. #3.1
Damn JPS, you were quick to react to that, wasnt even 20 minutes ago they posted that on FB. #1
Seriously, try AC2! You'll find the second game to be so much more in so many ways. Trust me. Play it. Now. #1.2.2
To those (like the person above) who jump to conclusions without first proof reading/getting the correct info:

•Owners of Battlefield 3, on any platform, who activate their Online Pass will automatically be granted early access to the multiplayer portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo. There is no need to enter any other codes, the early access will be applied to the EA Account associated with the Online Pass.
•The single-player section of the demo will be available to... #2.1
@alien: Exactly! People are making a big deal out of this for nothing really. #3.2
How is someone who buys their games new getting screwed over? The only ones who get screwed over are the people who don't. It's like buying a used 1989 car, sure most of the package is still there, but there's bits and parts you'll have to pay for to keep it going. Simple as that. If you can't afford it $60 dollars at launch, wait a few months before buying it, that way you save and still get the conent. #3.1.2
I highly doubt these passes are ever going to go away, so I don't see why people think it's going to do any good by boycotting it. All you have to do is buy it new. If you can't afford it new, then just wait until it gets cheaper and buy some other cheap games until then. #4
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