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If you would have read their PS Blog, it didn't say you wouldn't beable to sign in or play games online. It was only for the PS store, Account Managment, Music already and etc. #1.1
If they did indeed say that, they probably changed their stance on that, due to the high demand for them? #1.1
More guns give diversity, as long as they arent like the same. Different guns suit different players, some people might enjoy a slower fire rate with more bang, or more fire rate with less range, etc. The looks, the feel. It all depends on a players play style. That, or if you are able to have only 8 weapons, but with lots of customization for each one (as long as they are kept balanced enough). That would work too. #9
Is it wrong for people to disagree with an opinion because they don't agree with your opinion? From my experience, that's called an opinion. Dah. #5.3
We can thank Sony for that. A lot of Sony developers are diversifying and working on more then one project now. Naughty Dog is has two teams now, Guerrilla games is working on a new IP, Santa Monica is working on a new IP (and possibly GoW4, plus they are helping out other developers on projects) and so many more. There are so many upcoming games I can't wait to see. #1.1
Yes, but did you know they were employing 50 more decay or spending that much on R&D? No. #3.1
I can't wait to see what Media Molecule comes up with next. I expect wonderful things from them. #4
All it really has to do for me is take the place of Modern Warfare in terms of fast, quick, arcadey style shooter so I don't have a need to buy MW4. #8.1.1
Well dah, but I could imagine them doing the maps more like MW3s Survival mode, where the zombie maps are also the multiplayer maps, but with traps and such still. That way they don't have to make specific zombie maps. #5
That it would be. But I don't think we'll ever see that, simply for the fact that Prototype 2 will never sell the amount COD does or even close. #1.1.1
It is? Awesome! Guess I missed that bit of news. Thanks :) #2.2
I was hoping for a release date.. Damn. #1
The star wars edition was already announced and I'm pretty sure Halo 4 edition will be coming out before the next COD (probably September)... #2.1
@RIPSKATEDESTROY: Never said it wasn't fun (I have no opinion since I havent played it yet), but im just saying it's not really a Batman game. When you think of Batman, you don't think of people dressed like the characters from the series, you think Batman going around solving crimes, catching criminals and the sort. #1.1.2
But can you really even call this a 'Batman' game? This could just be character skin DLC for Call of Duty really, with some more Batman themed modes and levels to go with it. #1.1
I don't get it either. It sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Going out, finding parts to build up your fort before zombies and other creatures come out to kill (with friends) sounds like so much fun honestly. #1.1
Kinda like how the fire increases in Uncharted 3, but to a far greater extent? That would be epic. This game really has me excited. I know Naughty Gods will deliver. #1.1
I can't wait for this game! Makes me love being a gamer, with all of these amazing games that keep coming out. #1
It's a second team at Naughty Gods working on this, so it's easily possible for them to release this next year. #3.1
Yes... 'Back to normal' is the perfect words for Gotham ;) #17.1
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