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Nor do I. I don't even get weekly store updates from them.

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It's pretty sad when a company can have a top 5 for studios they've killed off.

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Wait, since when did playing a game all of a sudden mean completing a game?

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I think it'll be their secret reveal at PSX 2017, kinda like how The Last of Us: Part 2 was last years.

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I wouldn't expect a New Elder Scrolls for quite a few years, simply because they're still focused on ESO and don't want to cannibalize its future with an entirely different Elder Scrolls.

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Metro never had the term exclusive mentioned anywhere at all(it was merely a world premier) and Battlegrounds is only a 'console launch exclusive' (aka timed exclusive).

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No it's not Saijahn. There's no reason they would write out 'console launch exclusive' instead of 'console exclusive' if it was in fact a pure exclusive.

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They keep trying the same thing with games they announce. Just like Tomb Raider was an 'exclusive'. They're merely wording it a certain way to make it seem better than it is.

@knockknock: No, at their conference they specifically said "xbox console exclusive 2015' for Tomb Raider and they're doing the exact same thing by saying 'console launch exclusive' here. There's no reason to not just say 'console exclusive' if it is in fact...

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Player Unknown is a 'console launch' exclusive, not an actual pure exclusive, merely timed.

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Lets just hope they make a fantastic game with great content, without having to prolong the experience artificially just so you feel like it's worth more in value. Any developer can prolong a gaming experience in a multitude of ways, but that doesn't make the game more worthy of the asking price, nor does it enhance the experience at all. Just let them make a great game, regardless of length.

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I'm not really sure you can call it unfair, considering you bought those games for the systems you had at the time and that was all that was promised for them. There wasn't no guarantee that future iterations of PlayStations would even play them. Would it be nice if they did PS1/2 games BC on PS4? Absolutely, but if Sony doesn't see it worth their time, they won't.

Honestly, how many out of the Millions of PS4 owners would actually play their old games on it...

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Yeah and apparently as of May of this year it had sold over 65 million units across all platforms. Which is insane.

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Well, considering Sony wouldn't want to release two zombie games in one year (Days Gone/The Last of Us 2), this would make perfect sense to release one in 2017 and one in 2018. Plus , 2017 is already going to be a huge year for Sony with the possibility of Horizon, Gran Turismo Sport, Spiderman, Days Gone, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, HellBlade, et ecetra

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@Concertoine: They didn't even say Dead Rising 4 is exclusive though?

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That and I doubt Rockstar would be releasing two games (Mafia 3 being the other game) in one year anyways.

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Yes, but considering a lot of companies don't announce sales figures, we can only get estimates from what we do know. So, lets see.. current available information comes from EA which states that: '20% of all Xbox/PS4 sales are digital' ( )

So, by taking said information and assuming that'd be ro...

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@The_Infected: I have no doubt that it's a great game (just haven't played it myself yet), just think that it deserves credit where credit is due. It's a fact that Ark is the best selling game and anyone can verify that by going here:

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Except the fact that the site left out Ark: Survival Evolved, which is actually the best selling game.

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Exactly and considering its a new studio, they're going to need to get funding from somewhere.

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Thing thing is though, all these games were cheaper on BF.

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