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Welp. I was expecting a bit of a price increase, but not by that much :/ #1.1
It does. It completely unraveled my heartstrings... #1.1
You're a squid now!... What the sh*t now..? #1
They wanted to show off their new playable character, what's wrong with that? It's great they're showing Emily front and center. They'll have plenty of time to show off Corvo before release. #7.1
Exactly. While we can praise them for not wanting to do yearly releases of their games, they should still be accountable for other terrible practices. That goes for any publisher/developer as well. #1.1.1
Yeah, but those games were absolutely free. Dont have to pay a extra $30 per year to play them on top of the $60 you pay for XBL, just the $50 dollars it costs if you want to play them online. #3.1.2
Youtube user Proxel said this: "I think even if they did not mention Dishonored, just the fact that Harvey Smith from Arkane Studios (Aka, the people who make Dishonored) was there... shows there is is high likely hood of a sequel."

So, that seems reasonable ehh? #5.1.1
I feel it was pretty much a given considering this is Bethesda's first E3 and they want to start it with a bang. So, the real surprise will be hopefully seeing the world beyond Dunwall. Seeing the world they continuously teased us. #3.1
That wouldn't make sense considering they released DMC remaster for both PS4 and XOne already, and are releasing DMC4 for PS4 and XOne this month. If they hadn't done that, it'd be a little more believable. #2.2
Unfortunately he already claims its not God Hand: #1.1.3
Regardless, lets hope this game turns out to be great and challenges Madden head on. There NEEDS to be competition in order to wake EA up and make them realize they can't get away with doing minimal changes to their sports games. #3.2
Exactly my thoughts. Catalyst sounds like a great subtitle IMO. #2.1.1
I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be more of a reboot than anything. Proof here: #1.1.1
They do specifically state that it is Nathan Drakes last game, not the Uncharted series' last game. That and the fact that Naughty Dog has proven they can make multiple different IPs that sell extremely well, that I don't think they're worried about having to make a new IP. #1.3.8
The thing is though.. It doesn't state they will be announcing the game during the IGN live show, but showing gameplay of an unannounced Platinum game. They could announce the game at any publishers conference with a CGI trailer and then later show gameplay of said title at IGNs live show. #2.2
@Rimeskeem: That is true. The last two years they have released four games. I'd take my bets on a multiplatform release, but a PS4 exclusive would be great. #1.1.5
@Rimeskeem: You must have misunderstood him. He was asking if you felt like this announcement was kinda early considering they are already working on Scalebound and just finished up work on Bayonetta 2 and Legend of Korra last fall. #1.1.2
It really is. PVZ:GW would have sold a whole lot better if it hadn't released on different dates on each platform. By then people had forgotten the title.

And the real only way PVZ:GW had somewhat a player base on PS4 is because it was given away for free during the PSX event. #4.1.1
@cra2yey3z: But who are you to say that nobody on earth asked or begged for women in Fifa? I have a couple female friends who play Fifa quite a lot and really wanted women teams represented as well. Adding women into the game really isn't going take away from them actually fixing problems.

Would they actually fix those problems if they didn't add women? Most likely not. That is what gamers should be raging about. Not the fact that they're adding women into the ga... #1.1.3
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