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wow. puts certain things in perspective.

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all you guys are short sighted!!!!
you only talk about content in the first month. How do yall know whats coming in the next 14 months? Kz3 beta, maybe starhawk beta, Last guardian demo? or other 3rd party betas. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. for me its great buying psn + since im an active gamer. I dont stick to halo, codmw2 or battlefield for 6 months. I'm constantly playing new games via disk, or download. im not just looking at whats available now im looking t...

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lol good one mate some people can't read between the lines. Not that they need to with a title like that.

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I don't see the problem anyways, I don't walk in to buy god of war and toy story in one go. As long as they have the game at y disposal im cool. besides some parents need to take iniative. We can't blame people for our mistakes.

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never played it! is it a hack and slash rpg like champions of Norrah? if it is count me on board!

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some of you people are worthless. your paying 50 bucks a year to play games you may never buy. in 12 months youll play 12 psn games guaranteed and you won't even spend half of what their worth. and thats not even including ps1 and minis which i think suck. but atleast your not paying 50 to play online like xbl. You people complain about paying 50 for games while xbl people gladly pay 50 to play online on top of already paying for internet, and they don't get games.

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if your not a manc your a wank!!

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im getting psn+ i already subscribe to qore for 24 a year so an extra 25 which gets me exclusive stuff and free games is just icing on the cake. truthfully its a lot better than xbox live where you pay to play online and on psn you pay to access content like games. pfft the only time you get a free game on xbox live is when the servers go down. and thats if we are lucky. but then again the free game tends to be crappy.

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Sad that xbox fans only look up to Halo or gears.....

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lol saw this on qore last night looks like ign is lacking on time

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Don't you read the news mate. sony is keeping online free while adding services for a fee. sure doesn't sound like gold sub does it?

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i think its an attachment

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lol actually this is the first time i hear msoft being doomed in over 5 years, you must be mistaking it for sony

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well no offence but I disagree with you on part 1. Ill give it to you on 2 I hated 2 because I knew its potential after playing 1

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Resistance is still my favorite fps shooter over killzone or codmw2, it really took skill to play online and the story on the first games was excellent being narrated made hale seem mysterious and intriguing. Overall the levels on Restitance had an eerie vibe like somewhere inbetween horror and suspense. And on top of that they were really fun to play. Heck me and my friend played coop on superhuman 10 or more times. And we always went through the story from beginning to end.

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Oh and I hate the penalty engine in fifa world cup. the penalty shots just plain suck they also need to fix the tackling ai and hit detection. I play games where I'm getting dropped all the time or at times when I try to tackle a clean ball and get fouled for it. grrr so frustrating.

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U can't con the ps3 version. thats what I hate about it Ive bought every fifa since 98. I thought by 2008 we'd have our own custom tracks but noooo. only to find out we will have music but only during the menus that blows the psp does this as well. I want music anywhere anytime while playing fifa 11.

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none at all superstrokey you know how these lameass people are if they get out of their cod gameplay style they freak out like a bunch of pansies. I mean what happened to playing a game the way it is and not complaing cause it isn't similar to cod. Killzone 2 got the same treatment cus people couldn't stand change. I played Cod, Killzone 2, BBC2, U2, Halo Reach beta and not once did I complain about the way a game played. I played them and learned their styles EASY AS THAT!

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I get that they are rating press conferences based on hype and delivering but last year I watched sonys conference with a grin from beginning to end. In the end I was more satisfied with what sony presented, even though im looking forward to metroid, mario, crackdown and reach.

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oh yes you got me there mate. sony has to rely on motion control and forget about blu ray hi def and superior gaming. man what was i thinking the wii had it all along/ extreme sarcasm

so now implementing motion to broaden an audience is bad? lol at least with the ps3 you get the best of both worlds. The wii oh only waggle tough break kid

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