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could work

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Looks interesting might try the trial//

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Suspiciously near Moves launch, obviously a lot of marketing research has gone behind this

@Srh12 I wouldnt say Nelson would have ago at the Move, despite that I do think of him as a 360 fan-boy..

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I think MMOs should stay on PC regardless.. Mind you people thought FPS should of stayed on PC 5 years ago

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You speak the truth, mind you this article is prone to console wars, as is Kinect, Move, 360 & PS3 hardware and any exclusive game..

@pippoppow: You have anger issues mate, I think you need to calm down about this stuff.

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I would like a link to where you got those pictures, just out of curiosity.

But honestly do sales matter, we're all gamers we shouldn't be fighting about which console is better.. At the end of the day what do you get out of it..

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God you see the poor feedback in videos for Kinect from NY and Miami at Macy.. But when you see people playing Kinect at the Microsoft stores it seems to be very positive (to the point of people pre-ordering it, yes I'm not bullshitting..) It makes me think that lighting, angle and even the amount of people in the background play huge variables in making Kinect work.. Also obviously the people at the MS store would actually know how to work the thing.

As for warzone gamer...

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Hahaha, good joke.. Ofcourse people take this serious, like as if it's a personal attack..

Otherwise PM isn't the best at keeping promises, really it Fable 1, where he made lots of promises that never came, Fable 2 was just hyped up a lot.

I like how Fable 3 isn't as hyped as Fable 2, so expectations won't be soo high, and so far the only promise he made pre-Fable 3 that won't be there for when it comes out is the use of Kinect.. But i thi...

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what you say is true, but we all know the biggest troll is Kevin Butler.. Pisses me off how he promotes console wars.

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Regardless of who says what, I hate these amatuer predictions... Especially when you haven;t looked a the latest NPDs and not taken into account how Microsoft are going to advertise the heck out of Kinect, to wining kids and soccer mums, which will eat it up.. It'd be nice to see the Move do this well, however to grab the soccer mums attention they would have to scrap all the core games

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I'm not sure what your trying to say, but regardless i think the gamerscore set up has not too many flaws, about the same as the trophies

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I think 3 years ago you could of said that, as I imagine N4G was plaged with kids talking about how superior the 360 was any other console. However this has changed completely mate, look around.. There is a lot more PS# fan-boys than there are Xbox. And if ur the type of Fan-boy that likes to start console wars, regardless of your actual age, your brain is simply as mature as a 13 year old

Edit: looking back at previous Xbox articles Kisprollsm you simply are a Sony Fan-boym...

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I'm not going to believe any of these rumors about Kinect till I see it, honestly everyone got worked up on the theory that you can't sit whilst playing kinect, well that was then dos-proved. I just don't know which one to believe

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Your a hypocrite mate, unless someone else has an avatar just like yours.. If not, your the guy talking trash about Microsoft in general

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Nice to see you not hassling us with nasty comments about Microsoft that we've heard in the past, I give you bubbles for voicing your actual opinion, unlike others who would refuse to buy any game that was released by Microsoft.

Keep being open-minded, and we can get rid of trolling people.

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I think I won't pre-order Fable 3, but if it gets good feedback it is a buy.. But yeh nothing can been Lost Odyssey, I reckon it is probably the best exclusive on the 360..

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Can't understand what your saying.

Also none of these games are sold retail

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This looks fairly similar to the current dashboard style, I hope they go with it, I prefer it to the dashboard IGN previewed. Unfortunately I think this was a beta to the new dashboard, since there was no sign of Kinecy, but instead Natal

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98% of the buyers will be casual

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Does the noise really make that much of a difference to the games???

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