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I don't see such a major difference in the following images, however the graphics in the Starfox like missions look stunning.

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I hope developers from all companies start doing a pre-order exclusive as unique as this. I have to say the costume packs aren't really a seller

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I would imagine a month.. Alan Wake was set to release a month after, however due to poor sales they canceled it..

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Although I t does anger me that nowadays it is almost impossible to get all the bonus features, if you don't pre-order the game (especially games such as fallout New Vegas and Mafia II where each retailer has a different pre-order bonus), it is really our fault that it has come to do this, due to the high amounts of piracy in gaming and pre-owned games (although justifiable and a legal way to sell games).. I'm happy though to see that Microsoft aren't copying Ubisoft in which to p...

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Sorry to break it to you mate, but excluding Valve (when they released Left 4 Dead 2) Sony and Microsoft pay companies for this.. Companies will never side on a console or be biased like fan-boys when it comes to things such as exclusives or getting something first, if third party developers had a choice they would go multi-platform as it provides more sales, however sonsole exclusive extras will part of a deal. It's all about profit for EA and every single other country.. I'll post e...

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Would Playstation owners really care about this game if it had exclusive Move compatibility?

Also we're going to see a lot of trolls shouting out "I told you so, all games just don't work on Kinect" without reading the article.

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Instead of disagreeing with me listen to what I say. The blu-ray player isn't coming anytime soon.. Simply because people would be pissed off after just buying the new 360 to go buy a new accessory.. Although there seems to be more developer complaining about the limitation in 2010 (Previous years a lot of the complaints have been one off issues), not the majority and in particular companies that sell well on the Xbox such as Ubisoft and Activision. Thats not to say I don't want one, ...

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Although I was a bit annoyed it basically ripped off a game, I found the art syle in 3D Dot Gamers had a nice look. However Braid and Zelda: Windwaker will always win me over with their visual styles

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Think of it this way, if the XNA development kit was completely free imagine the amount of annoying kids making shovelware where they spent maybe 2 minutes on and couldn't be stuffed finishing it or realized to make a good game requires effort. And imagine the amount of them involving Halo.. And therefore Indie Games would lose its proper developers who would earn no money or incentive on Indie Games, as they couldn't sell them.

Also Captain Obvious you probably won&#...

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Looking forward to it, send me a PM when your finished.. Definitely go for a unique style and good luck

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The GTA article is extremely old, meaning it is really irrelevant as back then there was different circumstances.. Yes maybe one developer had issues however back then, alot of developers didn't know how to work with Blu-Ray and few needed to actually use blu-ray however you can add Capcom to the list. Although Capcom could be putting the blame on Microsoft for such a crap game.

Edit: Yep Final Fantasy is another you can add to the list, however once again they game didn...

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For this writer it's more like

5 Games I Justify Why I Wasted My Money On Them (The Developers Brainwashed Me)

I hate these articles

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It is a shame that developers now concentrate on co-op and forget people that don't play online, and pretty much every that buys this game will have Live since it is the only way to buy this game. I think Meh, I'll see more reviews, especially if he is marking this down because of its difficulty..

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Facebook allows one person to be on at one time on one computer.

Kincect allows two people to be on at one time on an Xbox

I aint defending Kinect, because personally I don't like the looks of it and there are many flaws with Kinect, however that argument kind of back-fired on you.

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Kinect feature or this Sword Marketplace (which seemed like a good idea) are my two bets

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I'm sure there will be plenty of Indie Kinect Shovel Ware.. But Indie Developers that have experience could make some interesting games. I was hoping for this.. Although until I see these games and Indie games is released in Australia I doubt I'll be getting kinect.

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Yep so you think the main online feature on consoles is to be abused, if you want go get abused hire a dominatrix, people don't get Live and use PSN to get abused.. I aint going to compare the two, as both are completely different however I honestly like going on my PS3 and there being less people using microphones because I don't want to have to listen to comments like that which make no sense at all.

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Sadly news for games don't actually get posted on this site. A lot of it seems to be lists or articles bashing a console.

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Don't call me a fan-boy for backing microsoft, but the blu-ray issue has only been mentioned as an issue for one developer. A lot of developers keen to use the blu-ray to their advantage just make exclusives (E.g. Rockstar making agent. Although arguably both Sony and Microsoft would pay these companies to make exclusives) However the title is mis-leading as so far there has been one developer that has stated this, instead of millions of developers. This 'issue' may become more ap...

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Stop spamming PS3 Exclusives, you do that in topics related to the PS3. Same with 360 owners.. It's just sad that people do this

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