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You have forgotten Voice Recognition, The Ability to Scan things, and it can detect you whole body, regardless where your positioned (which the eyetoy didn't. If you had one you would know that you have to stand where the silhouette suggested.) Also the EyeToy couldn't make something like Milo.. That Demo showed that Kinect could pick up emotions from facial expressions and your voice, and this isn't just from the stupid trailer, this is what I have heard from Reporters who have e...

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You guys don't understand that, bashing Microsoft on the net is praised by Sony because it makes them more money.. It's simple peer pressuring people to buy the console, or brainwashing them... It's simply a marketing campaign, and I bet you a lot of people "converted" to another console because of this internet phenomena called "console wars", both companies love this because it's free marketing, and a lot of the rumors bashing a console spread around the ...

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It costs more to have the full experience for Move...

Kinect is $150 (This was even shown at Microsoft's booth at E3) and you only need one for two players..

Move for two player requires you to buy A starter Kit ($100), 3 More Controllers ($150, This is for the full experience, and so you can play every Move Game) and 2 Navigation Controllers ($60).. Making a total of $310

Also to note the 250 gig 360 is near the same price as the 120 gi...

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They predict/assume their rivals product is bad, regardless of them playing it or the feedback....

They Predict/assume their companies products to be better regardless of them playing it or the feedback....

I have to agree that the games on Kinect are nothing too new, but there is new technology to Kinect, look at the Milo Tech Demo

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Kinect at E3 was a let down.. A 3rd Part Developer said that it didn't show any of the new features.

Things the eye toy didn't have were:
*Voice Recognition
*Couldn't pick up emotion (Look at Milo for instance)

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This is the type of games that MS should of shown at E3.. I'm expecting the Tokyo Game Show, to show these off more (I believe they will do this to help boost the sales for th 360 in Japan, now that the Slim sold a descent amount) or show this at PAX.. A lot of people haven't looked at all the new features on Kinect, and shrugged it off as an Microsoft Eye Toy..

Both the Move and Kinect I'm looking forward too, since Sony's Move has been called WiiHD, and Kine...

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Geez, you have no idea about the Japanese education system.. It's very strict, with kids often doing cram school till late, after school.. A lot better than Americas

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What are you talking about the XboxSlim is already dead in Japan.. Have you even checked its sales... It's now actually a threat to PS3 in Japan, and has had its best month... If Microsoft keep pumping out titles similar to Monster Hunter: Frontier I'm pretty sure Microsoft will do well.

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They are in Aus

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I have to agree, that soo far the only games that seem to look good for Kinect are Child of Eden and Dance Central (I know it seems like a casual game, but many sites gave it game of the show.) I hope to see games like these though which don't mimic the Wii... Where is that technology, shown at last years E3. I was listening to a podcast from IGN, and someone said that Microsoft really stuffed up when it came to showing off the Kinect, It can do a lot stuff than just the launch titles

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Wow are people suprised about thi?

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Developers have to think of something new.. Instead of doing something already done..

However I really would rather just play the game with no motion control

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How can you judge something you haven't played.. At the moment I stay nuetral to both consoles... I'm looking forward to the Move more, but that Milo tech demo was pretty sweet

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All the spin-offs on the protable I expect to be poor, and I'm not sure about Brotherhood, but we'll see. But AC 3 should be be good.. i hope they chose another location which is rarely seen in games.. Personally I would like to see Ireland during the Easter rising & Irish Civil War.. Although I'm not sure if the buildings were that large during that time

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You can't say this till you played the game.. There has been effort put into this game, just had flaws... Basically don't judge a book buy it's cover, and play the game

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I don't think this is good news since the PS3 will be downgraded.. Personally I would rather Sony say "We are making it harder, so people with talent make brilliant games.. Otherwise we get the Kinect effect, where you get a bunch of simple games on the console" Although it's not too obvious if you got the PS3 Slim, but stuff like the PS3 using Linux (which I actually used) wasn't available anymore.

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To compare the two is weird.. Not saying it's a flaw in your argument, more the fan-boys.. Crackdown 2 isn't meant to be played for the story.. More for the orbs and co-op, it's basically screwing around.. It would work better on PC, since there would be some fantastic mods... Infamouse though is more serious and has a story.. Also one of the reasons Crackdown 2 got a bad score was the city was it was too similar to the first.. Therefore you can't really compare Crackdown 2 wi...

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I disagree, the real reason why the launch titles are all family orientated, is not that Kinect isn't suitable for hardcore games, it's because Microsoft want to widen their audience, they've tried it with releasing games like Viva Pinata in the past, yet it hasn't worked.. Once developers become better in make games utilizing Kinect, we will see some hardcore titles... I expect the hardcore titles to use both the controller and the kinect, than just the kinect itself. You als...

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Sorry Alan001, i've looked on the net and you must of looked at an old article

Also with Move you have to buy the starter kit, and a second controller to play all games.. People forget in total the kinect and the move starter kit (and anothe controller) add up to the same. I give kudos to Sony in marketing, after the pricing at E3 I was thinking of getting only one controller, until I looked into the pricing more.

I hope to see more games like Child of Ed...

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I'll pay $150, if Microsoft actually did something innovative with Kinect

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