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Regardless the social aspecgt of this is very clever, I think i might go get the phone, if it has good reviews

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I liked Yakuza 3, I hope this is good too

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Bubbles my friend, very funny

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I hope they're making an exclusive for Kinect, It would be nice to see a talanted developer like Kojima make a Kinect game, since so for the Kinect title hasn't had too many talented developers working on games (excluding Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Peter Molyneux.)

Despite what I said I imagine its Microsoft asking to some how use Kinect in Rising.. Regardless it's finally nice to see Microsoft working more closely with Japanese developers.

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As much as fan-boys wish to deny it, Square have already revealed they approached Microsoft.. Regardless I'm more hoping for a Lost Odyssey sequel.

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I would love to see a sequel to this as well..

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Agree mate, people get so upset over exclusives, I sometimes wish they weren't true so people wouldn't wine about them..

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The hardware on Windows Phone 7 looks descent, anyone else looking forward to it

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it does depend on how old the Xbox is, mine has still been working since 07, and a lot of my mates haven't had the issue either, it's more the launch titles that had high failure rates

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It's funny I would argue that this is more aimed at hardcore Sport gamers (as it isn't cartoon). I don't think I'll enjoy the Skiiing game, but the Footbal game look likes fun. Regardless this isn't enough to get me wanting to get Kinect, but definitely a game to consider buying If i do get Kinect.

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It's all fine and dandy to compare games that you have played, but for you guys to come out saying that Forza 4 or GT 5 will be better than the other, how can you tell. Forza 4 is in its early stages, and to be honest no one knows weather that was actually Forza 4 or a tech demo. I agree SOAD, but this applies to all Microsoft exclusives, I feel Microsoft are pushing developers too hard to release more exclusives, I mean Ruffian had less than a year to develop Crackdown 2.. An Xbox drivin...

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The launch titles for Kinect aren't appealing, but once we see more innovative games like Child of Eden I will be excited.

Seriously the Move launch titles are, for me, more appealing.

However I'm not in a rush to pre-order either of them

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I wonder how many virtual couples will have the woman in the relationship, being played by a man.

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Nor does every PS3 exclusive

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Change the title to something along the lines of "Kinect Makes An Appearance in The Jensen Project Trailer" Keep it Professional, titles like these try to invite fan-boys to debate over pointless topics

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Love Kid Icarus

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Wow you guys are not open-minded, I hope you understood I was joking. Kids need to grow up

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My mate got Metro 2033 and from playing it i thought it was a descent game

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@Nicaragu Give me a link.. The lag I've noticed, but I've also heard that it isn't noticeable when your actually playing the game.

Also I'm not talking about the web cam response it is the last line of your message "The reason dev's arent implementing Kinect is simply because its utter shite." I ask you has the lag on Kinect given it reviews saying its "Utter shite." You have little evidence to base any of your theories.

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And also Sony win at anything

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