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Would love it to be Age of Mythology.
Keep the Norse, Greek, Egyptians and I guess Atlantians

Chinese mythology
Celtic (Irish) mythology. They can kind of be the Joke class, with goofy Leprechauns. I'm Irish so don't get offended, be we need a race like Orcs in Dawn of War.
Aztecan mythology

And possibly a Pacific Islander Mythology (not sure if it has many creatures to work with). #15
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Another unrealistic list. With majority of the characters being either third party characters (Which the company already has a rep for) or franchises which Nintendo don't own but also aren't big enough.

My list goes (most wanted)
1) The Masked Man*
2) Vaati*
*Both of these have little chance of making it
3) Wonder Red
4) Impa
5) Tetra

As for Ridley, would be great if he was playable, but I doubt Sakurai... #8
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I hope Chocobo Farming returns. #24
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Release Beyond Good and Evil 2... That is all #17
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Bring me Beyond Good and Evil 2, and I won't care what Ubisoft does. #3
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Honestly this is just a sign, on who bought Capcom (if you remember a couple of months back they went up for sale). #171
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Ah man, I think this is one of those games, where playing on an iPhone won't capture the atmosphere. I'll stick to the console version. Been meaning to play the Dragon Quest ports though. #6
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Hope to see Conker reboot.
Wouldn't mind Viva Pinata, removing some elements which just made it a game where you farm sell, and get to a stage where pinatas are too scared to enter your land. I don't know it would be interesting if they copied Happy Street and Animal Crossing, and made a game where you also build a town on-top of luring animals.
I do hope we see more Crackdown, and I do hope it is more story-driven (but I doubt that).

Honestly if Phi... #3
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Could see Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) making an appearance (and I welcome that). Two series that deserve reps are Golden Sun and Sin and Punishment (as they represent a new series in the early 2000s [which Nintendo has no other series to represent that time period]). But who I would really like to see is a character from either Advance Wars (most likely Andy), or Battalion Wars (Brigadier Betty), to make an appearance, as a part from Snake (who is unlikely to return according to Konami) ther... #10
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From the list, the game I care most for is Beyond Good & Evil 2. As for Rare, I'd much rather they release a new Conker game rather than a Banjo game, and also make Conker's Bad Fur Day available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One #4
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Hope we see this at E3. Needs to have a handful of side quests where you help renovate a town, just like the villa in Assassin's Creed 2 #16
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Saddens me that we probably won't see Beyond Good & Evil 2. #7
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Wonder red still has a chance, however beyonetta I doubt #14
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Looks like smash bros background. Had me convinced #2
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True #2
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Nintendo need to focus on still delivering fresh ideas like the wii stick and gamepad. But with the next console, they shouldn't rush to release it first, being the first console released (as shown with the WiiU) doesn't necessarily mean you sell the best. But also have a strong focus on the hardware specs.

As for getting a wider audience, maybe copy SquareEnix and Eidos, in which Nintendo of America have more American/Canadian/European developers, under their belt ma... #43
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Th guy probably didn't want to lose his job (Microsoft losing sales wise.) Hence why he rocked up to Best Buy.

End of story. #14
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Would be nice to see a third-party western character make it to the roster. Such as Adam Jensen. #2.2
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Nice to see a non-iconic 3rd party character, making it to Smash Bros, perhaps a Western character from some of the games on WiiU. If Adam Jensen doesn't make it, "there will be blood". #11
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Waiting for Adam Jenson to be added #18
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