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Silent, why? What makes SOE special?

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Yet another over-hyped game that did not translate to actual sales. What happened to all those articles and people saying it was the most beautiful game on ps3?? Why are they not buying it? How did MW3 outsell this in Japan?? Lol looks like its a universal thing to talk big about exclusives and not actually buy them.

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People said oblivion ran better on ps3 though, so. . .

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That plus the controls really did suck

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So when bungie decided they wanted to be independent they should have kept them against their will?? They never owned Bizarre so . . .

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This, and only this. Polls are pointless if they don't translate to the real world. I'm sure if you were to ask all the members of n4g what franchise is the most popular on ps3 many would name Uncharted or GT or some other ps3 exclusive, but real world says CoD, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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Lol, I approve of this article, simply to have it known what retardation fanboyism leads to

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Resistance 3 flew under the radar outside gaming sites. Game hasn't even reach a million sold yet.

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Not my type of game, but I'm glad this industry caters for so many different tastes.

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Lol must suck that your bretheren didn't come in here and support you like you were hoping

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I was talking about Mario as a whole genius

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Ok we got it the first 20 times, they have united

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Its people's opinions, not everybody likes what you like. I was suprised to not see any current gen Halo on the list or GT whatsoever but I'm not going to say its a horrible list because of it.

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Only a normal guy can't date her, what with her not being real and all

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The leap from Assassin's Creed 1 to 2 floored me completely, it was the biggest improvement I'd ever seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brotherhood is somewhat of a let down for me, I just bought it and expected the same improvement I suppose. Revelations seems to be the worst one since the original and I can't help but wonder if a 2 year dev circle might help matters.
Fifa should not retail for full price each year, plain and simple. In fact they should just sell expansio...

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Best racing game this generation. Worthy of that nomination.

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When a spin-off gets to its 7th iteration you know the series is Milked.

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Confirmed a year ago but comes as a suprise? *sigh*
Vitality is such a stupid title. Better than Gold at least.

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This article is about you
In fact, this part describes you perfectly:
Fact is if you don’t like something in a game, there are probably plenty of other people that don’t like it either. If the controls feel clunky in an FPS that doesn’t mean you are a Call of Duty fanboy, it just means the controls are clunky and need some tweaking. Fanboys don’t ...

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Lol i find it ironic that your name is zealous.
OT, I do not owe Microsoft jack! I paid for my console with hard earned money. They don't get anything else out of me. I'm not going to pay tribute to them for providing me many hours of gaming and for the legacy of bla bla bla, they provide a service and products and I PAY for them. End of story.
So it really boggles my mind when someone calls me a traitor or backstabber because I owned a ps2 last gen and now I've ...

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