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PS3 is a blight

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Lol I bet this clown said the exact same thing NXE was first introduced. He'll probably say it again when the next dashboard comes along too

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RAM. Holding back the generation. Great for pretty games, but not much else.

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looks good

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Probably the only update on a console worthy of a review, esp a great review. I am beyond satisfied.

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Best User Interface in a gaming console ever. Very intuitive. Very impressed.

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Maybe its because I like moving with the times, but the moment I updated to the NXE from the Blades, I never looked back, I absolutely loved it and thought those who were complaining about missing the blades were just letting nostalgia get the best of them.
As much as I loved the NXE, I'm totally in love with the new Metro.
For those of you who don't have a 360, you should know that its more than just a new look, it really feels new and very upgraded. Xbox Live has b...

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Looool! Well deserved for releasing 3 NFS games in the space of 12 months.

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Could be months or even years before we see SKYPE integrated into xbox 360, if ever. Just because they bought it, does not necessarily mean they intend on using it for xbox live.
If they do intend on integrating it then I'm glad they are taking their time doing so, wouldn't want it being a rush job that negatively impacts gamers. Then they'd have to remove that feature which is so not how updates work on xbox 360.

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More like I Am Comatose until further notice

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1.2 million in one week. Xbox 360. Beast.
All the top 40 games sold more than 100k thanx mostly to black friday week.
Forza 4 used to be in the top 40 then it took an arrow in the suspension :(
Speaking of which, Skyrim 360 has sold almost double Ps3 version but BF3 and MW3 both have an attach ratio of 1:1.3 in favour of the 360.
So 1:2 for the fantasy rpg in favour of 360 and
1:1.3 for the shooters.

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You mean not getting hacked, not having scumbags have your personal details and not being able to play online for a month? *sigh* Yeah, those were the good ol days. . .oh wait, thats everyday :) no drama at all.

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Hey you go buddy
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Future-proof my foot. To the people comparing inFAMOUS to SKYRIM, lol, are you serious?? When was the last time you spent 200 hrs in inFAMOUS discovering new content and an ever-changing world influenced by your decisions?
Ps3 is the reason GTA V won't be dynamic. . .in fact, PS3 may have been the reason for no towns in FF13, not enough RAM.

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Oh good, because it was totally stupid

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It's funny that the ps3 fans are split on this. . .much like the ps3's RAM. . .which is the reason for all this. Lol.
Gimped for the Cell's pleasure.

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Yup. Hardware limitation. Gimped for the Cell's pleasure

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Lol 500k the entire year and people are having an orgy over that? Yikes! 360 sold almost twice that on Black Friday alone.

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I like how you are trying to pretend that over the last 6 years there hasn't been a single article that pointed towards xbox 360 about this issue.
Don't be retarded, you don't always have to go pointing at other companies that do the same thing whenever the company you worship gets a negative article written about them.
Do you honestly want to bring up a 6 year old console each time somebody has a problem with a console that is yet to release? But bu bu but Micro...

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Not big on multiplayer but absolutely love it in this game. Not at all like the dead space tacked on multiplayer, I've sunk many hours into this game's multiplayer.

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