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Well even in older teen/adult anime that has 15/18 ratings they have nudity, hell even 12 ratings have some nudity but only just slightly in a sexual context, wonder why they blur it in games.

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Tbf now is not a good time to be comparing base cost of console to PC, what with mining and shortages causing GPU prices to rise along with RAM costs.. Not a good time.

The GPU in the 1x is almost equal or a bit less powerful than the midrange GTX 1060 i think, judging from test videos anyway. Good for a console, but of course a 1070/1080/1080Ti would wipe the floor with it.

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I want both, L4D is a weird one.. The sequel came one year after the first game, and since then.. Nothing.

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Don't see what the fuss is about with this series myself, i always found it quite shallow.

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I used to play one on the Master System, great platforming game and at least as good if not better than the other good platformers at the time. It was actually quite hard too, i guess again like other games back then. Today they tend to add easy modes, and then the original/hard mode is what the base difficulty would've been like at the time.

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Huge fan of L4D2, have an insane amount of hours logged in Steam for this game.

Been waiting for a sequel for years. Weird how the 2nd game came just 1 year after the first and we're still waiting for a third entry! So much more can be done with it.. I'd preorder immediately tbh.

Still got Bill's hat for TF2 that came with my L4D2 preorder, hell i played L4D2 on release at like 12am because of the time difference with the USA. Will do the sam...

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With all the sexual stuff in anime and anime games, I guess it's not too surprising some countries would be offended by it.

Much of it is mostly suited to the teen/adult audience anyway with all the adult themes. A lot of Ecchi stuff is basically borderline porn too.

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It's probably because i use a KB & mouse for most gaming, while i can use them for platformers i don't think it's ideally suited to that type of game. Plus if one already owns a Switch then it's just easier because of the portability etc.. I guess.

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Even though my PC would show this game in the best graphics, I'd end up getting it for Switch most likely.. for some reason I've never been that big a fan on platformers on the PC.

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Already got mine preordered at for Switch.

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Mario hardly speaks in the games, i wonder if they'll use a new voice actor or keep it the same, either way i guess it will seem a bit strange at first seeing him talk a lot.

Being made by the same people who did Despicable me apparently, so i reckon it will be good at least.

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The fact new games are rare showing up just means Valve are being extremely slow with Source 2... I'd like to know what the hell's going on myself.

I want a new L4D with great graphics and enhanced physics etc..

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PC online should always be free, we've always had that freedom and it should stay that way except for subscription based games.

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I keep waiting for news of L4D3, which was supposedly "nearing completion" a while back.. Yeah right.

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The DS Sonic games were enjoyable too IMO. But yeah i agree some of the 3D games weren't up to much, funny how they seemed to do better with SA2 than most of the other 3D efforts considering it was an early one.

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I loved my Dreamcast, it was a fine console.

Saying that i also quite enjoyed Theme Hospital. That game was actually free with my first PC back in the late 90's, so I'm glad they are making Bullfrog type spiritual successors.. The games they made were quite challenging.

Theme park after this if all goes well i hope.

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AKA attention seekers, i avoid those kinds of videos/streams like the plague.

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Bit of a useless comment, handhelds are held closer to your face. There's such a thing as viewing something up close you know.. Plus you aren't forced to play it as a portable.

Did you expect a huge chunky 10"+ screen which would be difficult to handle in some situations?

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Yeah, they could easily take the good of SA2 and make it better for today's standards. A new Chao garden would be pretty great and advanced if they did it these days too.

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Looks awesome TBH, Valve have apparently been using Unity & Source 2 for some of their stuff.. a bit odd and not sure why though. A new L4D with those graphics would be amazing.

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