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The problem is that with 4K average fps is 30-40 with a single high end card, if you look at any benchmarks of fairly recent games and the minimums are awful dipping lower than 20fps at worst. Frame rates will be jumping all over the place, and it's way too low.

Any gamer used to 60fps, or higher with a 120hz/144hz screen will be really disappointed of how bad 4K runs.

There's 2 issues with 4K right now. First is you need 2 good GPU's for good per... #2.1
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Why do this? The original one is still fine. They didn't support it enough and left it up to 3rd parties or indies to support it.

I would probably still buy a next gen handheld if they made one, i just hope it gets more support. #6
I played this so much during the Beta that i burned myself out on it a little, but it's fun. Will be much better with extra content when it's in. I hope the objective mode is much better this time, the game could be much more than a horde based shooter.

Loved playing the Doom 2 modded servers in the first game. The 10-12 player servers were hectic.

Glad to hear there will be at least 3 bosses this time too, Patriarch isn't in yet, they put in Han... #5
I for sure will be making use of the free upgrade, may as well go from 7 to 10.

Was thinking of upgrading to a 4K screen too but not with the performance games suffer from. Think i'll stick to 1080p for now with 1 high end GPU or maybe go for a 1440p Freesync screen.

Too bad 4K is in a rough position right now, only people capable of running it need to have 2 gpu's and they have to deal with micro stutter as well as not being guaranteed smooth perform... #11
3DS successor is due next year, don't they release new handhelds every 5 years?

I'm very interested in finding out about it, i hope it's more powerful than the Vita and has a bigger screen than the standard 3DS this time. Hoping they go for a more comfy rounded shape as well. #12
Surprised to still see some jaggies on diagonal lines etc at that resolution.

But i'm not sure what's up with all the speculation about their next console being 5K, 4K is barely playable with a single GPU now on PC.. Even Nv's ridiculously priced Titan X can only run games @ 30-40fps at 4K and it drops even lower than that. Though 1440p appears to run games really well now with new high end single GPU's.

Issue with 4K and higher is right now y... #8
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Well if they port it right then it will obviously be a well performing and nice looking game. Vita has obvious graphic advantages over 3DS since the Vita is practically almost a portable PS3, it's a shame there has been some broken games but i haven't bought any of those, just the good ones. #8.1
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This is where the biggest difference between console and PC will come, in the game graphic detail and frame rate. Not screen resolution.

Now back to playing the Killing Floor 2 beta xD. #21
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Mirai is 15 right? According to law she is underage, but they sell a figurine of her that allows you to take off some of her clothing.. full breast exposure, in europe and the US.

Now, they censor the games.

Can anyone else make sense of that? #15
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Not all characters are even legal age to see mostly naked, yet the games are allowed in the U.S and U.K. Basically stuff is only classed as illegal whenever a bunch of people kick up enough fuss about it and it gets noticed. This pretty much proves it. All i can say is that laws are stupid and random at best of times.

But i like Anime so, not complaining about most of it. It's not even real anyway. #12.2
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It's DOA, even Beach Volleyball on original Xbox had a full nude version. #8
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At least Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit aint listed, it's at least a little fun to play. #8
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The funny voice lines seem to be missing from the first game, i hope it's not going to turn into a generic serious zombie like shooter. The funny lines are what gave the first game much of its charm, the pod trader sounds lifeless.

Still, i'll reserve full judgement for now because i like most of what i can see. #5
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When i was still in school people were installing and playing GTA 1 on PC's not long before we broke up for summer holidays, wonder what the cops would've done about that? #35
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Yeah that's why Left 4 Dead 2 is still so popular online right?

Speak for yourself, if a game is quality made from the start then the multiplayer can be awesome fun. #4.4
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Doesn't suprise me at all, i wasn't sold on it as soon as i heard the first info on it. Meanwhile L4D2 MP is still going strong all these years later. #17
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Titan X is massively overpriced regardless, AMD r9 390x/390 will win alone in price/performance. #5
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And announced by Johnathan Ross #19.1
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This is what i'm liking about the new engines, up close details in the past were usually a bit low res looking. Looks like that is sorted out, same goes for ground textures as they are looking less muddy and much more detailed than before.

I look forward to seeing what comes out of both UE4 and Source 2. #1.1
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Whatever they release on Source 2, as long as there's a new L4D, Portal and Half Life i will be happy. I'm upgrading my PC at just the right time, i did the same in 04 for HL2 and Doom 3. Can't wait to see new engine stuff. #10
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