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60fps feels better in all games.. 30fps "Cinematic" feel is just a bs excuse if hardware can't handle 60fps or if the game is poorly made. #1.2.1
Anyone will need a good rig to play this if it's anywhere near as badly optimized as IV.

In reality this game should run well on high end GPU's from 2-3 years ago because it only looks a bit better than IV, of course we all know that won't happen because it never does.

1080p 120hz for me, 4k is way overhyped and you need to spend a fortune on 2-3 GPU's to get good frame rates. #1.3.1
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I've a strong feeling that the gen after this gen of consoles won't be 4k either, on PC 4k is bad enough as it is because even if you have a high end gpu like a gtx 780 or r9 290 you'll only be playing games that are like 5-6 years old or more at decent fps. Today those cards still suit 1080p well if you want consistently high fps.

Graphics get better, game gets more demanding on hardware even at the same resolution.. gpu's need a serious jump in performance o... #8.1
Nintendo always avoid any type of public voice or text communication in their games, any that does have them means you have to be friends for it to work anyway. #8
I prefer PC but i'm not touching 4k and it's really not much to boast about.

Games run far too slow, and you need to spend quite a lot to get nice playable FPS in most newer games.. as in 2-3x 780's or r9 290's. Better off with 1080p for now or even better yet 1080p with 120hz or 1440p max with 144hz.

Pointless owning a good gaming rig only to spoil it with 4k, though for people who don't mind getting 30fps and lower then it shouldn't... #3.1.4
I got this quite a while back in a sale, i thought it was going to be very similar to the L4D games as i love those, and it kind of is with the HUD layout etc.. but i just couldn't get into Payday so i hardly played it. #8
So texture/model detail doesn't matter? #11.1
Looks like Doom started a lame new trend #6
They have added a lot more checkpoints it seems.. i may still get this game, but they have seriously noobed it up.

How can people complain the original was too hard? I found some parts quite challenging but it was never impossibly hard.. games these days getting too easy. #4
As much as i like my mouse, i don't have perfect aim because my hands are a little shaky.

This thing looks more awkward to use than a mouse, much more touchy/sensitive since only using it with 1 finger.. hmm #6
Overkill? Do you even keep up with game releases/benchmarks? Have you seen people's results with a 780 at 1080p in the Unreal 4 Elemental demo? Fame rate dipping into the 30's at times and over 60 being the average.

High end cards are still needed for 1080p IF you want a smooth experience. #9.6.2
Not for a loooong time, even 1440p you need med settings at times to get high fps.. I wouldn't go near 4k any time soon. Some people don't care about getting 20-30fps but imo that's awful performance, pointless having a gaming pc if it runs bad in games.

Will be staying with 1080p 120hz for the time being.

Not sacrificing nice speed just so games can look more sharp. #13.1
Looks like the 880 could run the UE4 much better, the 780 dips to like 30fps in the elemental demo at 1080p.

Not gonna jump on it tho, will wait to see prices.. if Nv majorly overprice again i'll wait for AMD with the R9 390. #17
Co-op could actually work great, but it'd probably only work right on 2 screens.. like the Wii U and the game pad would probably be perfect for it.

Unless they did it like in Rayman.. #1.2
They'll only play older games that can run fast enough, newer games the last few years will be a no go.. too slow etc.. bad controls.

Mostly a waste of time. #4
Perfect Dark 64 came out in 2000... #3.1.1
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There are PC graphics cards just under 5 Tflops that aren't terribly expensive, and you most certainly can see the difference. #5.1
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They'll hit a wall just like with resolution, graphics will get so good as real life then i don't know what will happen (hardware advancement wise) but it will be a while longer until that happens.

And resolution will only matter to a point where our eyes can't see any more difference, i think according to apple it seems to be around 200 pixels per inch, so depends on the res and size of screen you are viewing. I think this is why LCD's are shifting to have 12... #9
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I have a good feeling about this running quite well on good hardware, it will apparently use ID tech 6, Wolfenstein N.O uses ID tech 5. I think it will look a bit better than that, noticeably but not hugely. Plus if the engine is any good then it should be well optimized.

I just hope there's a lot of possible interaction with the environment, Doom 3 didn't have much compared to HL2 and they were released pretty closely together back in 2004. #25
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In no rush but hoping the newer cards can drive UE4 games @ 1080p/1440p without dipping much below 60fps, i might upgrade my aging i7 920 first and go x99.. best wait to see benchmarks i guess, not gonna waste money on something that aint much better. #10
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