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Damn, glad i just upgraded to 32GB of quad channel DDR4. Also one of the few that games at 1080p with a 980Ti, i prefer keeping high fps and it's not a waste as the new Tomb Raider and this shows. #31
5820k here so doesn't bother me in the least, this reminds me of when it was possible to buy some GPU's and unlock parts of it. I had an ATI 9500 Non Pro card a long time ago and used software to unlock it to a 9500 Pro, it was definitely faster in games but had one problem: some textures had a flashing chessboard effect. It didn't happen in all games but it was an issue still.

Anyway my point with PC stuff, usually it's better to get what you should for the c... #12
Danny Devito? But Link isn't a dwarf.. Kidding. I think he is a funny guy, i liked him in Twins with Arnie. #9.1
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One of the reasons i got a 980Ti and i game at 1080p 120hz. I am not sure why some say it's wasted when it obviously isn't on games like this or TW3 if one wants to keep high fps.. Some bang on about 1440p or 4k when 1080p still isn't completely tamed and needs the highest end GPU to run really well.

Graphics get better, of course higher res will struggle. #21
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Good point, i lost interest in Evolve once i read that it was an odd amount of players against 1 boss.. I mean that'd be like 2 teams in L4D with 1 player on infected always playing as the Tank, would get boring real quickly. #1.1.1
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I sent suggestions to Valve over a year ago a few things to improve the formula, though i suspect it didn't even get read.

Really would like to see certain additions like different types of team work like having to put out fires to access certain areas.. nothing that takes ages or is fiddly, i mean the game is about fighting infected afterall.

More randomness to the levels rather than just little shortcuts that open up, add a few more special infected and... #4
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Yeah a new SA game similar to SA2 but with refinements would make for a greatly polished sonic game in my opinion too. #4
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Bold claim there seeing as how the Vita is still getting new game releases. Not as many as it should mind you, but still. #3.1
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There are a lot of great old Sega games, so it would be hard to guess one. Streets of Rage is a big fave of mine though. #13
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I was about to buy it hours ago when it came on PSN just after 12am, not sure whether to wait for the physical release now. #2
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Or just T&A basically ;) #1.1.1
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Finally, been waiting for this. I really liked Oddysee and exoddus on PS1. #4
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Cost is a big factor for me just for a different experience, i don't want to spend 500 on something that i don't even know if I'll like.

For that price i can replace my 980Ti with the next high end card that comes out.. I would much prefer to get better game performance than buy a VR headset. VR is just too pricey, and i don't think I'd get a lot of use out of it either. #2.1
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I couldn't care less about people who say the games are mainly for kids tbh, sometimes i enjoy playing them as they are more relaxing to play. Ill probably get Star Fox and that might be my last Wii U gme truthfully, i don't have that many as it is and I'm not much of a console player anymore.

I look forward to seeing if the NX is decent, will probably only go for their next handheld though as i play those quite frequently. #9
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Sorry but that's the cost of a high end GPU, and I'd rather buy a new one of those than a VR headset and have to stay with an older graphics card. #17
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If it hasn't got a handheld part with it as rumoured, then i won't be buying it more than likely. But still interested to see how it turns out, i wonder if they will go with powerful hardware this time or just 'good enough'. #19
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Yea i guess those had the minimum of moves and kept the classic style of gameplay.. I liked the Rush games though as well. #5.1
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I've lost interest if it's not a handheld/console hybrid personally, i'll probably just wait and see what their next gen handheld is like which should be due this year or next at the latest now. #64
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I'm a huge fan of L4D and Half Life, at this point i really hope they reveal at least ONE game this year.. It has been almost 2 years since those leaked L4D2 plantation level slides running on Source 2 and still no news!

Can't wait.. But my PC is ready. #3
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Considering you can get 1080p 120/144fps on PC or 1440p, 4k 30fps (which is what many ps4 games run at using 1080p) I'd hardly say ps4 destroys pc now would it? Not forgetting free online play. #5.1
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