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That's funny man, funny considering 4k screens with 120/144hz don't exist yet. Normal 4k already needs 2-3 gpu's just to hold decent fps, i've got a 980Ti coming to run on a 1080p 120hz screen. Performance comes first, resolution second. And right now and for the next few years 1080p and 1440p will be king for speed and a smooth experience.

Quite a few people have moved away from multi gpu to single gpu because of the stuttering... #1.1.7
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Heh no chance am i buying any of their next consoles at launch, 3DS was overpriced and so was Wii U. They also have a habit of not having any big games release with the system these days. #26
It is, i remember reading that isis brainwashes young kids to become suicide bombers. They take advantage of people that are easy to manipulate basically. Sick bunch of life forms.

Why do people even disagree with what we have said? I've seen that happen on news sites, it's obvious some of those sickos are down voting us. #4.1.1
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I don't even know how people even manage to fall under the influence of these backward terrorists, must be extremely weak minded at the very least. #4
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I kind of get your point about the arcadey part, i wasn't excited by it either. There was supposed to be tons of enemies crawling all over you, from what they said a long time back. All we get in the trailers is few enemies at once. It didn't really have a Doom feel to it, something is definitely missing.

Tbh it looked a bit boring compared to the carnage in games like Killing Floor 2 where the game swamps players with loads of enemies. #14.1
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I haven't backed a game before but i really get the urge to back this, i probably will too. Though it doesn't feel quite right if i bought the PC version, i guess i can always stream it to TV. I also need to play the 2nd game, i only had the first on DC. #9
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Wouldn't a refresh imply they increased speeds of the cards? I think clock speeds got a tiny boost, that's it. They literally rebranded old 2xx series cards.

Fury/Fury Nano/Fury x are the only new cards worth looking at, i see little point in the 3xx series if someone is looking to buy one, may as well just get a 2xx card now instead. #3.1
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i'm glad at least that fans got to get it started off by paying to fund it, if Sony did this first it would never be coming to PC.

It's a bit sad that Sony only funds it now that it hit its goal so fast, they should've listened that so many people wanted it from the start. #5
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This is getting funded extremely quickly, not so surprising though. There may even be another game after this, not so sure they would bring a new one out after so long only to have the story finish there. #10
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The problem is Doom is supposed to feel like Doom.. not any other game, the new Wolfenstein got the feel down of feeling like Wolfenstein.

But this game, I'm not so certain. #2.1
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For some reason i didn't get much of a Doom feeling from this, the graphics look good though.

I don't know, might be judging it too early but it had a slightly generic feel. I still hope it's a good game though.

Still holding out hope a new L4D is shown at E3 as well! #7.1
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The specs seem vague for the processor, 6 core cpu as in actual 6 cores from Intel, or AMD cores?

And 24GB of ram? jeeze, i thought having 16GB was lots as it is, but then it is a tech demo. Playable games don't even need half that amount of memory so far. #2
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Hoping the new Doom turns out good and has online co-op, if a Source 2 game is revealed it will be the icing on the cake for me.

Also looking forward to AMD's Fury cards, though the 390x looks like it's going to be a simple rebrand.. Some guy did an unboxing of it and is already selling his 390x on Ebay, doesn't speak much for how good they will be. Let's hope the Fury/Fury x is good at least. #8
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60fps or greater isn't much of a problem these days, at least not for higher end mid range cards like the 970. Some games need a 980Ti like Witcher 3 though, at 1080p anyway. #2.2
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Not exactly a smart thing to have it titled Sonic Boom after the flop of the first game.

The DS Rush games were very good, SA1,2 was good. How can they screw up the formula? For a 3D title take what made the SA games good, for a 2D title take what made the best 2D games good. Can't be so difficult surely. #10
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Still have mine, seems to have turned a bit yellow though.. Don't remember leaving the sunlight hit it. #3.1
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That's actually great. I can now demo games and if i hate them just get a refund. Wish i could get rid of Dead Island, it's certainly no L4D or KF2 standards.. ugh. #5
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I have a Retail copy of 7, no idea if this upgrade is in OEM style.. if so i guess it's a good thing that i just upgraded to x99 if it has to be tied to the motherboard. #12
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SolidStateSnake, you get away with this comment with no consequences? If i had said something like that i would've gotten a bubble down for being immature or trolling.

The double standards on this site are astoundingly pathetic, shows how many console lovers defend this place. #1.3.5
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The best way to see and feel the difference is to play a shooter on PC, open the console and limit the fps to 30 and try playing, then unlock it or limit it to 60+ and play again. For me games begin to feel and look laggy once they hit below 35fps, in fact i would say the absolute minimum should be 35-40 with averages above 60. That gives the best smooth experience if not wanting to sacrifice details in new games. #7
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