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If you want freedom to do what you want, whenever you want, you simply stay single.

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This was obviously gonna happen, glad i didn't put custom fw on mine.

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Couldn't care less about following gaming trends, i only play what i enjoy.

Also I'm not really surprised that games that can run on lower end hardware are more popular.

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Both consoles were great, i loved the PSP GTA games as well, LCS and VCS both pretty fun and a good step up from GTA 3. I never really had much of a liking for 3, i think it was too serious and the vehicle acceleration/speeds seemed off.

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"mild adult content" man this person has no clue..

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Yeah i hope there's quite a lot to the story mode, and hopefully there's a decent amount of levels/missions and unlockables or whatever.

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"As the new architect and Director of Two Point Hospital, it’s my responsibility…nay…privilege to get very, very rich off the very, very sick."

Is that supposed to be a joke about those conspiracy theories you read about? You know, the ones about not wanting to develop actual cures, or purposely keeping them because they make more money from ill people?

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Maybe they'll actually learn and put proper age verification measures when mainstream games like GTA get ever more realistic. But then we have morons like ZacCoxTv actually encouraging kids to play those games.

Violence/Porn etc, is all over the net.. and all sites are getting in on the act for views, including N4G, just look at the preview thumbnails this site allows. Hardly any clean sites anymore, all they care about is making money.

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Grilla can't count i guess, many seem to think that a 7.x score is bad, 6 is average and 7 is good so anything above there is decent if you enjoy the type of game. Plus taste differs, that's why scores change depending on the website. I don't pay that much attention to scores unless it's a terribly low score.. too many sheep these days.

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It's like they took the craziness of Saints Row and mixed it with Killing Floor.

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A Star Fox game in the style of Diddy Kong Racing would be interesting i guess, could be fun.

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Agreed, loved the first 2 on PS1.. Could never get into the 3D one on Xbox.

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No shit sherlock, you do know most porn is fake and totally unrealistic right? And some have the nerve to knock hentai, lmao! Better than supporting some wh*re on a camera.

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There's a problem and it's with parenting and being online also. Can't tell you how often I've heard what sound like 10-12 year olds being in teen/mature rated games. Then almost everyday you will see at least one person using foul language in the chat, so they pick up on that too.

So the problem is trolls and parents.

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This is why we need major funding for fast AI advancement, that would seriously quicken the pace to finding cures for things like this. It's coming, just not as quickly as it could.

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Senran Kagura does it (breasts) best, but then again they are mostly adult games and are borderline porn anyways.

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Yeah looking forward to this, it looks decent.. First new zombie game i am interested in since L4D, KF and gmod zombie survival. I love the multiplayer portion of these types of games as that's usually where the fun is, barring moron trolls of course.

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Well the way some people harp on about 60fps, you'd think it's a golden standard and higher fps doesn't exist. On PC if you play 100+fps with the right monitor and Gsync/Freesync it looks and feels smooth as butter even compared with 60.

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Interesting but half the point of the Switch is that it's portable with proper controls. Nice to see they already have a working emulator though.

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No PC release, pass, I'll wait for L4D3.. If the damn thing ever comes out.

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