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Eh? AMD may be behind in CPU's but their GPU's are pretty competitive with Nvidia, and with all the consoles using AMD hardware they are not going anywhere any time soon. #2.1
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You got those words right, judging for the article picture makes for good (even if unintended) innuendo. #3.1
Where did i read about that self learning A.I that plays pong over and over until it learns to play properly?

They said it will end up in FPS soon and be tested in Quake 3, i think.

Surprised nothing like that exists yet for real robots. I guess not enough money and research has gone into it. #8
Cost.. i thought most console players don't like PC because you need to spend 700 or so to build a good one for gaming.

That won't stop people buying consoles, it just means you'd get a better experience on PC if you can afford it, like it has always been. #4.3.1
How can people go ape sh*t over some things and not this series when it features a 15 year old character showing.. skin, so to say.

Oh well. #5
VC had the best music but SA had some good ones too, i liked the humor in VC as well as the seriousness of it. If they made a new VC today i guess they would have to expand the map quite a bit, not that it's too small but it is a lot smaller when compared to SA.. even the amount of missions. #5.1
That's pretty good for a cheaper GPU, hopefully all future PC titles that come from consoles will be as well optimized.. maybe i won't have to worry about GTA V running poorly on my 970. #2
Dead Island isn't a very good game though, average at best.. would be really interested to see a movie of Left 4 Dead or Half Life though, now that would be awesome. Even Killing Floor might be interesting, though there's not much of a story explained about it so not sure on that. Maybe after the 2nd game. #8
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Even if they take the sites down it won't really stop them because the problem is like Skynet in easy to put terms. Peer to Peer, as long as there is at least 1 person who has a particular torrent and files, and a user can get access to that torrent from any site - then anyone can access it. #6
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Not sure what you've been smoking but the Vita's screen is 220 pixels per inch, hardly low res.

Apparently 300 pixels is the sweet spot but even then you'd literally have to have your eyes just inches from the screen.

Do you see anyone complaining that their 50"-60" HD TV's have poor picture? And they have much lower pixel density. Even 4k won't bring large TV's up to huge pixel density numbers, i thi... #5.1.3
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Only likely one is a new Nintendo console, doubt it's for a new handheld?
New SEGA console would be surprising, but it also could be a reason they've stopped fan remakes of certain games and haven't released a new Shenmue. Because they would want them as exclusives.

SEGA has potential for their own console, especially if they could bring back a lot of good games that were on Megadrive and DC. If made right today they would be pretty fun. #11
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I wonder if the day will ever come when we can simulate a world with real thinking A.I like consciousness, and what that would mean for our existence. I wish i could live forever to see how far tech takes us.. this sucks. #5
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Soul Calibur was one of the last beat em ups i ever played a ton of, it had a lot of content for a fighting game. I always had to laugh at Voldo.. such a weird character.

Also had Metropolis Street Racer, my faves would have to be Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur and that Extreme Sports game was fun to play now an again because it was similar to Road Rash. Played quite a lot of Shenmue as well. #11
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There is some genuine BS going on with the law, we have games like Senran Kagura that features a flat chested 15 year old girl.. her clothes get ripped off, there's even a figure of her which allows you to take off the top part of her clothing revealing her chest.

Then there's other questionable content which is just as bad in their eyes and it's illegal, yet the above that i mentioned is legal? Really where is the sense here.. do we have monkeys in charge or what? #9
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Have you even seen how lazily ported some games are from console to PC? It can ruin a lot of things, performance, limited graphics options and can even have content release delays if they go for parity.

There was no parity with L4D2, and on 360 MS charged people for DLC that was free on PC and already released months earlier.

Tripwire listen to the community so i think they won't screw up. #7.1
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If we want to pay for more powerful hardware to run games better i don't see how that makes us fags. If anything you're the one coming off as upset and pathetic with a comment like that.

You should be ashamed if your username indicates your real age too. #29.1
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Hopefully a gtx 970 will be enough to hold 60fps+ at 1080p.

CPU's have been stagnant for years, so anyone with even an early first gen i7 would be well off i imagine. #7
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First game is pretty fun, been playing on and off since the day it came out. Glad to hear PC version won't be affected.

I remember MS made 360 gamers pay for L4D2 DLC that was already free on PC.. and it came many months late. I'm glad there's at least 2 devs left who don't give us the crap end of the stick when it comes to PC/console versions, Valve and Tripwire are my favorite developers now along with MachineGames (new wolfenstein) #7
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So where is the UK release? And what was the point of listing the console in Euro's if they didn't give us a chance to buy one? #26
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R.I.P.. Ever since Aubrey de grey has thought of ageing as a disease i kind of agree with him, hopefully we find a way to defeat it soon. #13
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