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Did you even play the original game? If you think the controls are broken on this remake, you must think the original isn't even playable because from what i've read the controls are much better.. and i never had much problem with the original game.

Christ, no wonder more save points and difficulty options were added to the new version. Games are getting too easy and being dumbed down because of people like this. #9
As great as that would be, never gonna happen unless Nintendo can get the rights back to Rare titles.

I'd prefer a complete graphics remake rather than hd remaster though, they look much better. #2.1
Crytek game & 4k can only mean one thing, not just crappy frame rates, but extremely crappy frame rates. #6
Fun? i barely played the first one, made me feel sickly after 20 mins due to all the poor graphical effects and camera sway.. literally the only game i've ever gotten that from, except maybe other than Descent on PS1.

Tripwire and Valve make way better zombie Co-op games, more fun and not so broken. #2
Becoming? It already was a nuisance back in 2002 on PC, i didn't play much BF2 in 2005 but i remember team mates purposely laying in front of a vehicle to get tked and then vote a punish on the player.

Only issue is that it has gotten worse since then. Most online gaming communities suck anyway, and that is the main reason why. #4.1
People were saying PS4 would be able to do 4k games as well, and i knew that was false from the beginning.

Today at 4k with a high end gpu you are looking at roughly 30fps average with frame rates dipping lower than even 20fps.. and even with 2 gpu's in Crossfire/SLi you'd need to lower settings to medium still if you wanted good (high ish) frame rates. Ideally from the performance graphs i've seen you even need 3 high end gpu's to run games at high settings.... #28.1
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I was looking up Conker for the 64 on Ebay and it's at least £70 for the cartridge alone.. and £100 or so boxed new.

I recently got an N64 from my fathers attic because he would've thrown it out and it's got quite a lot of good games with it like DK64.. unfortunately probably the most expensive cart out of the rest.

The most expensive machine i'd have owned by now is my old Sam Coupe which go for like £400+ on Ebay, that is if t... #7
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So ready for this, looks a lot more polished than the first game and i've played that tons. #2
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Patiently awaiting official news so i can upgrade my GPU and maybe the rest of my comp.. It's been way too long. #3
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The 880 needs to perform better in Unreal Engine 4, people are still dropping to 30fps with the 780 @ 1080p in the Elemental demo.

Still need more power for a solid 60fps.. not sure the next lot of cards will even be able to do it, maybe @ medium settings.

Funny how it takes a long time for hardware to catch up to some engines to run well, very annoying. #7
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The only reason i'd want homebrew is to run emulators on the Wii U gamepad, should be pretty sweet with off TV play.

Plus, should be the first console to run Dreamcast games etc.. full speed, even though PC's been able to do that for like 7-8 years. #4
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GTX 880 will be the one worth considering for future engine games like UE4 if you want close to 60fps @ 1080p as often as possible, i might not jump in and choose one until AMD release their cards though. Nv always put a stupid price on theirs to start with. #4
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It'll be a lazy ass port of the 360/ps3 version without enhancements no doubt. #7
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I was interested in this till i found out about it being boss battles only, it just sounds a bit too shallow to me. #13
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60fps feels better in all games.. 30fps "Cinematic" feel is just a bs excuse if hardware can't handle 60fps or if the game is poorly made. #1.2.1
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Anyone will need a good rig to play this if it's anywhere near as badly optimized as IV.

In reality this game should run well on high end GPU's from 2-3 years ago because it only looks a bit better than IV, of course we all know that won't happen because it never does.

1080p 120hz for me, 4k is way overhyped and you need to spend a fortune on 2-3 GPU's to get good frame rates. #1.3.1
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I've a strong feeling that the gen after this gen of consoles won't be 4k either, on PC 4k is bad enough as it is because even if you have a high end gpu like a gtx 780 or r9 290 you'll only be playing games that are like 5-6 years old or more at decent fps. Today those cards still suit 1080p well if you want consistently high fps.

Graphics get better, game gets more demanding on hardware even at the same resolution.. gpu's need a serious jump in performance o... #8.1
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Nintendo always avoid any type of public voice or text communication in their games, any that does have them means you have to be friends for it to work anyway. #8
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I prefer PC but i'm not touching 4k and it's really not much to boast about.

Games run far too slow, and you need to spend quite a lot to get nice playable FPS in most newer games.. as in 2-3x 780's or r9 290's. Better off with 1080p for now or even better yet 1080p with 120hz or 1440p max with 144hz.

Pointless owning a good gaming rig only to spoil it with 4k, though for people who don't mind getting 30fps and lower then it shouldn't... #3.1.4
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I got this quite a while back in a sale, i thought it was going to be very similar to the L4D games as i love those, and it kind of is with the HUD layout etc.. but i just couldn't get into Payday so i hardly played it. #8
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