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Agreed, GLnext may well be part of Source 2 too so it will be interesting to see what Valve show off.

Looking forward to AMD's upcoming high end GPU's too. #3.2.1
The best thing I've read about multi GPU so far with DX12 is the possibility of stacking multiple cards' VRAM, but they still need to solve micro stuttering to make more than 1 GPU worth it.

DX12 is looking good aside from that though. #7
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Valve will be demoing "real world applications" so if it's Source 2 then yes it relates to any games they make. #13.1
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Well the engine has been in development for over 4 years now, so i think it should be obvious that they are also working on the games.

It's definitely time for Valve to show off something even if their games aren't due this year, better late than never right. #4.1
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Been hoping they show off Source 2, i really want a new L4D, it really is time for a new one.. been overdue for ages now as it is. HL3 would be a nice bonus, i'll be picking up a 390/390x GPU when they release, so hopefully something new from Valve soon! #11
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Hopefully it's more like the n64 version but with more and bigger/longer levels, and harder bosses this time.. not holding out hope for the last one though as people seem to complain if games are challenging these days :/ #6
True, they got the formula down with SA2.. that could be hugely expanded upon these days with lots of tweaks to fix the camera issues etc..

Same for the Chao, could be much more advanced than they were in SA1/SA2. They were more like a Tamagotchi since they worked with the Dreamcast VMU so they were kinda simplistic back then. #12.1
They're talking about the 390/390x no doubt, as for what I've read about multiple GPU's being able to stack Vram that is pretty neat, though the issue of micro stuttering still exists so 1 card will still be better than 2. Leaves 4k out of the question really, but 1 of those cards should handle up to 1440p (possibly) really well. #12
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Eh? I believe even the best AMD processors which aren't expensive, come with APU's capable of playing fairly recent games at 30+fps, some maybe 60 average at medium/low settings.. albeit at a 720p resolution, not 1080p though.

There's a guy on youtube who showed performance of BF4 (i think) running on one, i think it was jayz2cents or whatever his name is. #4.1
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I have a 65" 1080p screen and if i sit right at the end of the room, 20+ feet away, standard def looks decent.

Standard or high def, I've never sat less than about 8-10 ft away from it so far.. I just checked this calculator here that i got from your link http://referencehometheater...

According to that, a 65" 4k screen viewed @ a 9 foot dista... #20.1
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I was put off of this game as soon as i found out they strayed from what made L4D2 so good. #49
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They should have stuck to the SA2 formula instead of screwing around trying different things, at least they could have improved what made the first 3d games decent. #3.1
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Doesn't bother me, this game looks nowhere near as fun as L4D2 released over 5 years ago..

Now if a new L4D is shown running on Source 2 this year i will get excited, but 4 v 1 just doesn't sound fun to me at all.. it's basically like always being the Tank in L4D, would get boring fast. #25
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Anyone wanting a Quake/Doom style horde based fps should look out for the upcoming Killing Floor 2, it's looking to have plenty of gore as well. #7
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Problem with 4k is that to run it well you need 2-3 GPU's, and multi gpu setups have micro stuttering so it kinda defeats the purpose of high frame rates.

Single cards are quite a way off from handling 4k well. Only need to look at benchmarks today to see that single higher end cards can just handle 1080p, at 60+fps in newer games and 1440p is fairly decent at medium/high settings, 4k has huge drops below 20fps minimum. #2.1
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I think even fairly cheaply priced tablets are as good as Dreamcast/GameCube/PS2 now, it is hard to gauge how powerful mid/high spec tablets are against consoles though right? Unless they are using similar chips.

But i agree with what Snookies12 said above, actual hardware meant for its purpose is better. I guess even weaker handhelds (over stronger tablets) would produce just as good graphics since it can be optimized for that specific hardware, games on tablets have a range... #6
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I've already played the hell out of L4D2 and still play it, i'm sure Valve have long been at work on L4D3. We also have Killing Floor 2 Early Access real soon so there's at least that to keep us occupied.

I hope when Valve attends GDC in March that they show off a demo of one of their new games running on Source 2. #4
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I personally wouldn't call III anywhere near the best, in fact i think it's the worst for these reasons, the car acceleration & top speed is way off, mute main character, hardly any humor compared to VC & SA.. and the city, it's kind of boring. I think GTA IV is better than III, but for fun VC and SA are best, the stories games were good too with VCS being the best of the both, i can't speak about V because i haven't played it. #1.3.1
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Diggin that 80's style music, reminds me a bit of Final Fight on the Mega CD. #6
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Wolfenstein aint far off the same size, takes up 43.5GB on my 512GB ssd. #7
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