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Never understood why adult games like this are always censored, in Anime you'd see the full breasts uncensored.

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Typical reviewer who votes down because of fan service, once again.

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Agreed, i only glance over reviews mostly, see what the whining is about, then try and decide for myself.

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It's not a bad score at all, especially when you consider 10/10 is practically non existent, one's 7/10 can easily be someone elses 8/10 as well.

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Who cares, reviews are subjective. Tons of people play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and it's "only" a 7+ on Steam. Total recall the movie is ranked in the 7's on IMDB, so is E.T.. Hell I've watched anime ranked in the 7's that deserved higher scores.

You can't pay attention to what reviews say, half of them are trolls or are easily offended, plus different tastes.. Too much variance. You'd have to be sheep to only play/watch what ce...

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It's looking mighty good so far, especially if you're using it as a complement to a high end gaming PC.

I was really surprised with the Doom and Wolfenstein announcements last night for Switch. Having super cheap online subscription is always a bonus too.

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I take reviews these days with buckets of salt, I've seen films and Anime rated in the 7.x range which some morons say is bad, and thought they deserved higher scores.. even the odd film in the 6.x range.

In the end it's all subjective, i don't follow the herd like sheep because they are not always right.

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I'll stick to my PC and Switch thx, best all around combo.. PC for the high frame rates & quality, Switch for portability. At least Nintendo will be extremely cheap for online fees. Alright it won't quite be free like Steam is, but it's cheap I'll give them that.

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Good thing I'm only a PC/Switch gamer. Really no need to spend big for online services, not when PC has always had it free, and cheaper games to boot!

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Well it's not like my high end PC, that's for sure.

I said many times in the past that not that many games would run at native 4k 60fps and always got down voted for it, now even MS admits many games would be 30fps locked.

Don't get me wrong it will be decent for the money, and i like console gaming from time to time, but it really is nowhere near as good as my 1080Ti & 1440p 165hz screen, any game running at 100+fps is just buttery smooth...

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Vice City, San Andreas and the stories games were most fun out of the earlier 3D titles. Most of the others were too serious and took the fun out.

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Yeah strangely interested in this, i liked Parappa on the PS1 but it was far too short, i beat it as a rental.

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True! Someone usually does here.

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Meh I just got my 1080Ti which is almost 2x as powerful as Scorpio's GPU in Tflops, and i still aint going 4K.. GPU power aint there yet to hold a solid 60fps with little/no dips maxed out, especially not in multiplayer. Staying 1440p 165hz for a while, way smoother than 60hz anyway.

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No chance I'd get a Scorpio with most/all games coming to PC anyway and i have a 1080Ti coming. Maybe I'll get a PS4 Pro some time, or wait for PS5. Plus i prefer higher refresh rate and like FPS games.. since mouse & kb are way better for those they are best on PC.

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You've probably not even played it, just going by lame-ass critic reviews which some seem to follow like loyal sheep. What they say isn't the be-all end all to a game you know.. it's JUST their opinion.

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Nice i'll definitely get this for the Switch, just going to ignore the usual so called critics.

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Yeah 4k isn't that special, i think if you're a PC gamer you'd know higher hz / frame rates looks better over 60hz/fps.

I'm surprised the console will still be using the Jaguar chip too, it will probably be a bit bottlenecked by it like the PS4 Pro.

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Meh I'll be enjoying my new 1080Ti soon which will be much more powerful than Scorpio & watercooled @ 1440p 165hz, 4k can wait.

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Well what do you expect? He's reviewing based on his own taste, because he's biased.. thus it's subjective. Ignore reviews and play what you like, if you enjoy it then who the hell cares what others think. Better than being a sheep who follows only what others do.

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