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Like i said before, end of the day play what you enjoy, scores are all subjective on anything. Then you get trolls muddying the waters.

Anything 7+ is good also.

As for people who say something is bad that i enjoy, am i suddenly going to start hating that? Nope, same for movies as well. I'm not a sheep and i don't follow everyone around like all what they say matters, because it doesn't.

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Like i said before, end of the day play what you enjoy, scores are all subjective on anything. Then you get trolls muddying the waters.

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PC Gamers mostly build their own PC and use it for PC games & video editing or whatever etc, as well as a media centre. Everything else it can do is just a bonus. If you don't skimp on hardware you can run pretty much anything you want, though obviously this game has only just been able to be run, so you can't expect too much.. at 4K though yeah the frame rates aren't going to be up to much.

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Knew this would happen sooner rather than later, i even mentioned it a few times here before, though admittedly i thought it would happen pretty much on launch day. Still close tho.

I only just upgraded to 2560 x 1440 165hz and still using my 980Ti, i won't be going 4K for a while because it's too demanding in most games unless you don't mind hitting below 30fps quite often in intensive titles. Plus i prefer higher refresh rate than 60hz, it's so much smooth...

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Might see it on the Switch then i guess.

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Meh i always ignore women who do this stuff because it just encourages it all the more, Ecchi & Hentai is where it's at. No harm done xD

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Right, it's like useless film critic screaming rubbish they hate about a film, when in actuality it's usually tiny things they complain about and blow it out of proportion. Their opinion means little as everyone has different tastes.

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People moan about the Switch being underpowered, yet most of them use a console as their main gaming platform, pretty ironic.. lol.

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Well anime blurays and DVD's usually have teen/adult age ratings.. so yea, obviously nudity is nudity regardless if it's a "cartoon girl"

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Meanwhile there's tons of Mario and Sonic character porn out there, and both Nintendo & Sega ignore it.

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It's probably possible for them to modify the XB1 versions to run on Switch, they would be 720p though but that doesn't matter anyway when using it as a handheld.. I bet they could downgrade the graphics a bit without affecting it too much to run at 30fps and still look better than the PS3/360 versions. They likely won't do it but who knows.

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Dreamcast was a great machine, too bad they put people off before it released with the 32x and Mega (Sega) CD.. some would say the Saturn didn't help either. I had a Mega CD and while the graphics looked really no different to me than the Mega Drive, i thought the music was awesome on some games like Final Fight and Sol Feace.

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Ordered via Very with Zelda with the £30 discount and buy now pay later :)

I really hope this thing gets great support, for power i have my PC and a new 2560 x 1440 165hz G-sync screen coming. For me best of both worlds IMO, a nice handheld and high quality high fps with my PC.

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As soon as there is a nude mod, probably.. well no, people complain anyway.

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Sorry but there is a large difference, 30fps = 33ms in response, 60fps = 16ms response, 120fps = 8ms response. I've been using a 120hz 1080p screen for the last few years and there is a big difference playing at 90-100+fps, even dipping into the 50's and 60's you can feel and see the difference. It's just so buttery smooth.

I'm about to upgrade to a 24" Dell 1440p 165hz Gsync screen and i aint going back to 60hz, becau...

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I'm 50/50 on the Switch to be honest, while i think the price at launch is a bit high and it's lacking games at launch, i guess it does have potential. I know i should probably wait a little while to buy one but i want one at launch, guess that's what happens when you have the urge to buy new stuff. Saying that i also want to buy a new 24" 1440p 165hz g-sync gaming screen for my pc.. sigh, it's always money.

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Doom 3 was pretty lacklustre compared to HL2 tho, you could hardly interact with anything in the world. Well it was good but more for jump scares.

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Meh, this game was awesome back in late 2004, i built a new PC just for this and Doom 3, HL2 was amazing for its time. It had a really good physics system as well which is actually still good today! With the Havok physics engine.

Way better than anything on console.

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Well the online price is supposedly less than half of XBL/PSN, being a PC gamer who always uses Steam this suits me fine. Of course free would be better, but if it's dirt cheap like they say and has decent online games then i guess it's not bad. Don't care too much about PC ports as i already have a gaming PC, i just want a lot of decent games.

And hopefully there's enough incentives (many MP games) to want to pay the subscription fee.

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Basically, this is why Anime ain't for kids, well.. mostly ;)

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