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Agreed. #2.1
It is PC exclusive (for now anyway) #9.1
Pls. I can go to the corner store and see women dressed the exact same way as they are on Twitch. If they get viewers and get paid, even only for there looks why do you care? Does it somehow affect you? #2.1
Haven't played to comment but watching streams I see the 360 no scope is still going strong (at least on PC version I watched). #2
Secret Yves :) #1
Last Guardian "

The dream is dead. You will sleep better at night to let it go :) #1.1.1
Not everyone owns a Wii U so no. Also Japan, 3DS is huge so that too. #4
"The final game will be better."

And you know this how? BTW, I hope you're right. I only want good games. #3.1
You mean like Guitar Hero? #1
It's a Blizzard game so yeah it's certainly possible. The only ones that could kill the game really are Blizzard themselves but even then there are unofficial servers to play on #1
It's probably in response to the huge movement earlier this year on Neogaf to bring more Sega titles to PC. Also this:

https://www.change.org/p/se... #7.1
But did you even see the pic Kamiya tweeted today at Valve HQ? #5.2
Same here. I always heard people say how good this game was but my PS3 broke before having a chance to try it out. #1.1
Will buy #1
Deserved going by reviews #1
Going to go out on a limb and say there are different teams for the weather and network issues. #1.2
I haven't played the dead rising 3 pc version but ff13 pc is just essentially the console version. No extra effort whatsoever. Scared what dr3 is now. #1.1
I've already played it on PS3 so I'll probably just wait for the PC version to check out the future mods. #3
Ubi PC ports pretty much always perform like shit so I do not have my hopes up #1.3
Need more stability? #1.1
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