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RIP Respawn

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I mean they own Windows...

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f2p game vs paid...

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On PC, it's the mod community.

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Just a fad /s

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Game will be amazing no doubt

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Third-party deals as a major point is just sad...Exclusive content tied to one system should be done away with. That said, I see no reason to even own an XB1 having a gaming PC since basically everything going forward will be on both and run better on PC anyway.

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"And that's 1 game out of hoe many that are available for pc."

OK League of Legends...there is another one. I can keep going at all the IPs that make bank on PC that any publisher wish they had.

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"Sorry to say moldy, but there is alot more money to be made by companies developing for consoles over PC"

Yeah it's not like PUBG is the best selling game this year on any platform...

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Yup. No going back to the PS4 version after playing the PC one. Feels like a different game.

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Money is a problem Valve doesn't have...

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I disagree about it being the top shooter.

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EDIT: nm

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Larian is an amazing studio. Love all their videos they have been putting out.

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Not just the roster but the graphics aren't too hot either but at least they fixed Chun's face.

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Not going to happen

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It's almost like people are getting tired of the series.

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Hats when?

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I have little interest in purchasing a scorpio seeing that pretty much all the console exclusives stuff ends up on Windows. It will be interesting to watch from the sidelines though.

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Your statement doesn't make much sense. The first game didn't flop (far from it) despite lacking content so why would the 2nd? People ate up the base game and xpacs. Lack of content sure didn't stop it from selling millions.

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