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Yep. Website got trolled lol #2.2
No offense but you are super late lol. Game came out a long time ago but I'll check out the video :) #1
I have like 260 something games and I think I only had one with an issue and it was like a 10+ year old game and the fix is a sticky right on Steam forums section for the game. Took only a minute to fix. #5.1.1
Ridiculous comment. Also, you think CS:GO doesn't bring in money? #1.1
Pillars of eternity for me.

EDIT: did I miss something? Destiny coming to PC? Does anyone really want that? #4
I'll disagree with you. I think it looks fantastic IMO #1.1
Seen these the other day...aren't they fake? #1
It's really a great game. Will definitely play again when the xpac hits. #1
Hopefully this is a mistake. Makes no sense. Praise the Durante! #1
The most impressive thing about this is no one has disagreed with you (yet) lol. #1.3
Even though I don't own the console, I welcome this. Competition is a good thing. #3
What am I thinking about here? It's also Black Friday this week and there are tons of games that are more than 50% off at retail that just came out. #4
Agreed. #2.1
It is PC exclusive (for now anyway) #9.1
Pls. I can go to the corner store and see women dressed the exact same way as they are on Twitch. If they get viewers and get paid, even only for there looks why do you care? Does it somehow affect you? #2.1
Haven't played to comment but watching streams I see the 360 no scope is still going strong (at least on PC version I watched). #2
Secret Yves :) #1
Last Guardian "

The dream is dead. You will sleep better at night to let it go :) #1.1.1
Not everyone owns a Wii U so no. Also Japan, 3DS is huge so that too. #4
"The final game will be better."

And you know this how? BTW, I hope you're right. I only want good games. #3.1
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