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Cannot unsee Dempeys junk on PS4 cover #4
"Steam is pumping out mediocre games at an alarming speed"

I had no idea Steam was a developer making games #1
We knew nothing about the MP in the game till the last week of release. In ND I trust. #2
My guess:
PS4 - 1080p
XB1 - 900p #1
I'm sure both of those games will be amazing but they still won't (sadly) save the Wii U. #2
I'm a PC gamer but even if I wasn't I still think they won and I don't even own a Wii U/3DS. Treehouse Live was great! I hope Sony/MS take note for next year. #1
It's obviously TLG :) #5
All talk per usual. #1
I beat the game today and had no problems... 280x/i7 4770k #3.2
This option actually does nothing. There is a whole thread on neogaf comparing before and after pictures. Can't tell a difference at all. #1
Looks decent enough to me. Hope the gameplay is there. #1
One of these is not like the others. Ya opinions and all but I think this site is just out for the hits. Game is way better than a 2/5. Site also broke embargo #1
Playing this on a i7 4770k and 280x #2
I remember seeing the commercials for this on TV as a kid but I never had the system. Looks super cheesy and that isn't a bad thing IMO! #1
Embargo is tomorrow morning #4.2
What is the difficulty settings? #4
Deadly premonition $5
http://www.bundlestars.com/... #2
This is no surprise. PS4 has better hw. Not sure why we need an article for every game stating the PS4 version will be better now. It's common sense at this point. #4
No gamestop or bestbuy in my area has a Wii U demo station out EVER since release. I'd love to be able to try MK8 so here is to hoping. #1
I got bored in less than 24hrs and got a refund from Origin. I don't blame the game...it was fine. COD pretty much bored me of that sort of run and gun shooter last gen. #1.1.2
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