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It's almost like people are getting tired of the series.

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Hats when?

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I have little interest in purchasing a scorpio seeing that pretty much all the console exclusives stuff ends up on Windows. It will be interesting to watch from the sidelines though.

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Your statement doesn't make much sense. The first game didn't flop (far from it) despite lacking content so why would the 2nd? People ate up the base game and xpacs. Lack of content sure didn't stop it from selling millions.

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Also note that an achievement points to a webpage here: that has a timer set for April 11th 8am PDT. Credit to Okami on Neogaf for finding that.

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Yes we do as it offers a better experience than streaming. Also, datacaps.

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Huh? Have you seen the PS4 lineup?

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I imagine it must pull in a good amount of money via DLC. Game was in top 100 most profitable on Steam last year and it didn't even sell that much

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Why is that unexpected? ~45gb is fairly standard this gen

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It's almost like people want to play good games.

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Serious question?

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As much as I want to try the demo out (along with GR2 and NiOh) think I will hold out till the finished product. Playing only a small piece of any of these games and having to wait some months seems like too much a tease for me lol

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Approved hoping more people see this and don't get scammed like this guy. Hope it all works out for him as I've been following that thread as well.

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That is fine so long as it's locked

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Better title but at this point it's still just rumors really

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There are plenty of positive impressions that are also new so why focus on a couple negatives and make a headline like the game is a complete disaster. Also, that "open battle system" that was removed that is quoted in the article is only there during installation. Those guys also said they are enjoying the game so I don't see how that is worrying. There is also another guy in that thread who has said it's his personal goty so far beating out dark souls 3 and he is quite a w...

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If any of it's upcoming exclusives interest you and you have the cash to spare? Yeah why wouldn't you xD

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I like how the writer ignores all the positives mentioned throughout that thread from people actually playing and focuses strictly on a couple negative aspects. Just looking for those clicks I imagine.

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I'm sure we'll get another xpac before 4 but either would work for me.

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Not giving a click just because of the title

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