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Looking forward to this. I enjoyed Bayonetta, depite the PS3 port being one of the worst I've encountered. The game was HUGELY underrated, and probably a better overall game than God of War 3. Platinum bounced back with Vanquish so I'm expecting the same with this Bayonetta sequel.

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Well said, and a superb analysis by Digital Foundry yet again.

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It's Kaz Hirai,

Kaaaaaaaaaaz Hiraiiiiii

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Anyone who feels the need to refund this is batshit retarded. First of all, PC owners got the ass end over everybody. I have the PS3 version and it plays as it should. Yes, there are one or two features that have been left out, but look at all the material Treyarch packed in people. The reason it is sub-HD is to get THE BEST POSSIBLE PERFORMANCE, which makes sense considering they had about a year to churn this game out. Hell, given the condition it's in, i'm surprised how well it act...

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'09 was the golden age. Let's hope it can be repeated.

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In all honesty I'm not sure why the game was so hugely hyped in the first place. Yes there are a few tweaks here and there but most of it remains the same, which was probably a good thing. It's hard to expect anything more from the series though. It's a racing simulator, and a great one, but is it going to revolutionize racing games like it once did? Probably not. Where do they even go from here? Who knows. I expect to get the same tight, incredible car control the series has alwa...

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Wow, this game was unexpected. Is it getting a release in Australia or will I have to import it?

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Is there a possibility that it's Agent?

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Good lord, this makes me never want to play Crysis again, purely because this video puts my PC setup to shame. Some of those explosions were breathtaking.

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Whilst the symbol does offend the masses, it's also totally unoriginal at this point. 90% of the emblems I've seen are completely creatively devoid. Make an effort kids.

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The game is still in its alpha stage. It's also a multiplayer BETA, not a demo. The intention is to provide Guerilla with feedback on the issues it has right now.

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I can't download it, you do have to be a PS+ member in Australia.

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Is it possible to download it without PSN+?

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I saw this earlier today and didn't expect it to be the el presador video. He makes some unbelievably hilarious commentaries for the Call of Duty games. He bitches a little too much for his own good, but I still enjoyed this one.

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This garbage passes as an "article"? I just stopped playing minutes ago. Machinima Respawn is streaming the game live right now. Not only is the article poorly written, but the tard who wrote it can't even get the facts straight. It's well documented that the PC version isn't up to scratch at the moment, but the console version is not having the same issues.

Enjoy the hits gamers-space. You won't be getting anymore.

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I actually didn't even use them because I assumed you just had to push forward (similar to the end section of Killzone 2). It was only after I finished the level that my friend had told me what to do. I made it to the bottom, in a small barricade but they just kept flooding in. I was almost dead a few times, but I managed to hold off the assault, wondering why Woods and my team wouldn't run down to help. I just got supremely annoyed at that point and made a break for the checkpoint. I...

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I think it's fair to consider BFBC2 the better game, but when a juggernaut release like Black Ops comes along, it's bound to be exploited unlike any other game. I'm absolutely addicted to it at the moment and Treyarch have worked their asses off in trying to make this game as cheater-free as possible.Thus far, they've done a fair job, but obviously they still need to fix a few things. I haven't needed to report anyone just yet, but the feature alone and the theatre mode ar...

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I think too many people dismiss Call of Duty online early on because they get bad k/d's or frustrated with some of the problems the game might have, but I think they should persist with it. Everyone starts off terrible at it, it's the nature of online gaming. Starting off in any online game can be a baptism of fire. Hell, I bought a 360 for Halo: Reach and I got my ass handed to me, but I kept playing, learnt the nuances and the rhythm of the game, and I get better every time I picked...

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Were they expecting the game to be absolutely pristine? I mean, goddamn, some of these articles are garbage. With popularity comes exploitation. It's bound to happen. You think the biggest game release of the year ISN'T going to be hacked or exploited? You'd have to be kidding yourself.

Yes, the online has it's share of issues, but it's been launched on a strict deadline by Activision, and considering the condition of the game and the sheer number of opt...

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Shades are cool, even indoors.

Everyone else says, you look like a douche-bag.

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