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2015 will redeem 2014 #1.1.5
Totally man, me and my mates are loving it as well. It helps having low expectations
If only the load times were better.. that's one of my main gripes #1.2.4
Yeah, the presentation and atmosphere is lacking. Sometimes it can feel a little barren and hollow. For example, aside from the Speaker, I cannot recall the name of a single NPC in the Tower. I refer to thr NPCs in the nature of "the gunsmith" or "the decrypter".

Now, besides all that (too much negativity these days), I am still having lots of fun simply playing the game and not rushing through it. #10.1
Same here!

I was expecting a pretty stale game. But I've been thoroughly entertained thus far (11 titan) #5.1
I think he means spoiling the experience. Ie. Finding all the loot crates, seeing how things work as opposed to learning by trial and error.

I was skeptical , but I'm having fun so far #1.4
Gotta say, didn't get hype until this week. But now I'm ready!

Wish I could stay up for server launch! EST.... #4
No Japanese cars either.. #2.1
Two of my friends are upgrading their consoles and we are all getting Destiny.

It should be a great game with friends! #1.3
Patience is my horse.

Going to wait for legitimate reviews on Destiny,and base my decision off of those. It's looking a little light on content atm.. #12
I bought it on both PS3 and PC, and I'm so very tempted to pick it up again!

I might cave in tomorrow...

Edit: on PS4 #5
One reason to hold off on Destiny.. #7
Not to mention all the quality titles releasing immediately after Christmas! How to make the time for those + the Xmas releases? #5
It's always been a pop song..

Same mechanics in every God damn game. Hey, if I climb a tower, do you think there will be a haystack for me to jump down to?

What? F**k innovation when we can use the same stuff and get paiddddd $$$$$$ #1.3
Better delayed than rushed/unfinished imo.

Early adoption may have been a bad choice. Should have waited in retrospect #3
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Good thing I got FFXIV :) #5
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But but... I want to buy 40 mcnuggets with that $12!!

Joking aside, great game and I havent regretted my purchase at all. #4.1
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Sigh... cant wait for years 2-3 of the current gen when actual proper titles release #1.9
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Boxing fan over here.

There are a lot of us purists out there ya know. A boxing fan is also very loyal to their sport! #1.1.4
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GOTY in any year it releases #1.7
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I dont know man..

Dead space 1, mirrors edge, Dragon age origins... once upon a time they did actually take risks with their titles.

Heres hoping #1.11
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