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I quit just before Naxx came out and picked it up again.

There's a lot more variety now which is what the game lacked upon launch. With another expa releasing this month adding 130(?) cards.

Give it another shot, I think you'll be surprised #4.2
I can't play without my fightstick :( #6
Same here man!

Booked time off and ran all my errands. Enjoy my friend! #1.1
Man, I'm loving all these remastered games this gen.

I mean, that's why we got a next-gen console, right?! #3.3
Why bother, everything is being remastered these days anyway! #1.2.17
The game is fantastic, but some of the issues, such as delayed textures, sound etc break the immersion #1.10
There's a reason SF is still strong 20+ years later.

As someone that's been playing fighting games that long, this game actually looks dope. #2.2
What a joke.

W3 is superior in every way. Story, mechanics, combat. I can't think of anything that Skyrim does better than Witcher.... Anything.... #1.13

Besides the visuals, the game felt rushed. Void of any variety, character and substance. What a forgettable experience that was! #1.2.9
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Agreed, the reason why it was so special was because it was the first of its kind. Nothing can capture that magic again unless they deviate and do something entirely new. A remaster won't help

I'm kind of souled out at this point, bloodborne included #3.1
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If only Capcom sponsored SF from the beginning. Im talking mid90s. Fighting games would be at the same level of popularity (maybe greater) as LoL/CoD.

Instead they left it up to grassroots communities to organize and sponsor tournies. Smh at what could have been #7
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Late to the party!!

So much potential in the game, but it ended up as an unpolished turd #7
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The flashbacks...

That bike level...


But, yes! #5.1
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"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"

One if Nimoy's final messages to the world.

Rest in peace #6
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Ubi simply recycles the same mechanics in all of their games. Its horrid that so many people still subscribe to their regurgitated garbage. #1.4
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Same here man.

Was indifferent before, but I'm getting more and more hyped as time goes on #1.8
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Way to have a spoiler as the article thumbnail... #5
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Never heard of this brand for sticks..

Would advise waiting for reputable brands HORI, Qanba, MadCatz #2
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Nah man, I need to jump in those haystacks!

Its an annual tradition! #3
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I'm with you on this.

Exotics aren't as, well, exotic.

It's a standard to have an exotic armor/weapon now. I think they should add another tier of gear that's truly difficult to acquire #2.4
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