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Straight up! I was fortunate enough to to just get mine from amazon, which i will be returning in the near future!

Still, for Capcom to enable backwards compatibility with the sticks is a nice gesture to their fans. One more week!! #3.3
Woo! My body is ready!! #6.1
Velius from FFT says hello #8
Why o why, I'm here for you! #1.1.2
EVO my man!!

Nice avatar ;) #3.1
Evo's view count continues to rise.

Too bad capcom was late (like, reeeeaaally late) in endorsing, sponsoring and creating tournament awareness for their own games. So sad, fighters could have been much more prominent today. #3.3
One of the greatest RPGs #3
:'( #12
I don't know.. I prefer Seinfeld over lord of the rings :D #3.1
I quit just before Naxx came out and picked it up again.

There's a lot more variety now which is what the game lacked upon launch. With another expa releasing this month adding 130(?) cards.

Give it another shot, I think you'll be surprised #4.2
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I can't play without my fightstick :( #6
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Same here man!

Booked time off and ran all my errands. Enjoy my friend! #1.1
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Man, I'm loving all these remastered games this gen.

I mean, that's why we got a next-gen console, right?! #3.3
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Why bother, everything is being remastered these days anyway! #1.2.17
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The game is fantastic, but some of the issues, such as delayed textures, sound etc break the immersion #1.10
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There's a reason SF is still strong 20+ years later.

As someone that's been playing fighting games that long, this game actually looks dope. #2.2
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What a joke.

W3 is superior in every way. Story, mechanics, combat. I can't think of anything that Skyrim does better than Witcher.... Anything.... #1.13
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Besides the visuals, the game felt rushed. Void of any variety, character and substance. What a forgettable experience that was! #1.2.9
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Agreed, the reason why it was so special was because it was the first of its kind. Nothing can capture that magic again unless they deviate and do something entirely new. A remaster won't help

I'm kind of souled out at this point, bloodborne included #3.1
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If only Capcom sponsored SF from the beginning. Im talking mid90s. Fighting games would be at the same level of popularity (maybe greater) as LoL/CoD.

Instead they left it up to grassroots communities to organize and sponsor tournies. Smh at what could have been #7
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