pointing out the injustice
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At first I read the website as Shittybox.com. Then i thought the fanboys and finally lost it and came to accept their console is shitty.

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Not if your fanbase were 5 year olds in the first place.

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That's money right there.

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Someone here on N4G mentioned something about a Hotcake business?

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@Live "debunk" Is it some kind of misery now? you fanboys are crazy. Tinfoil much?

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I'll hold out from buying them until there's a Linux port. As of now my statement still stands.

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Steam OS is day 1 for me. I've been waiting for a gaming operating system for the longest. I'm done with Microsoft. Though I am not happy it's backed by Nvidia. It's not going to damper my spirits.

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Koolaid overdose

Edit: the blog does seem bias towards Sony.

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and Ryse gets craped on about QTE you fanboys are all a like.

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its like every other shooter. same old Sh!t. rinse and repeat.

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Sorry dudes i skipped infamous 2. I loved the first one but i hated the character design when they stuck the original Cole head on that new chracter's body who was suppose to be Cole. It felt way off as character design goes. It just didn't felt right at all. It was a huge face palm on both ends. the fanboys who screamed injustice and the game developers who did that. If you would know the back story of why they redesigned Cole then people should have learned to accept him. If they ev...

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don't tell them facts. most people who are on here are defensive and don't keep up to date with news and facts. even if you tell them they'll label you as fanboy regardless if it's true. people are ill informed and a lot of them dink a lot of Microsoft kool aid.

Edit: its like watching ostriches stick their heads in the sand and later coming back telling you it ain't true.

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@balls eye

That is complete horse shit. the joke came from Neogaf reporting on Forza's fake lighting at E3. You fanboys are getting worse and worse. after going through your thread I realized most of the pics were Photoshoped. that is low...

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cool story bro.

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I like how someone is disagreeing that there is NO.....NO!....NO?!......No???? benefit to hardware domination.....really....serio usly. I'm done....there is no reasoning and being neutral with these people anymore.

as the reason i stated above those ARE the benefit. Though, outweighed by the bad, they are STILL benefits none the less.

as i stated below i would never agree to hardware domination it would not be in our best interest if we do have just 1 con...

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hmm, i agree to an extent.

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people are developing for more than one platform to make more money cause the user base is spread over multi platforms... o.O?

uh...........developers want to make the most profit they can..............

then you have certain companies who buy as much exclusive games you can get. Sometimes i want to play the other games too.

Uhhh.....i have friends who argue over which console they have and everyday they're trying to convert one to the oth...

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I would never agree to console domination. What if Nintendo would be dominant. I would never stand the shovelware and Kidish toon games.

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"There is no "benefit" to hardware domination."

you do realize that instead of developers would pump out games much quicker with less time of porting the games.

also more unified gaming community which result of less fanboyism. Since there is nothing to choose they wont fight over which one is better.

those are the benifits but i'm sure you know the other side. So i wont go over it with you.

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so you don't see the fact that they're limiting the users who you can talk to?

Users should be able to talk freely at will. If you don't like it mute them. It only takes a a couple of actions.

It's basically a software created by Microsoft to force you to talk to people of "your own kind". A system built to segregate.

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