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Second screenshot added. (Not as good as the first)

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May not be immediately obvious in that pic, but the console and controllers are actually see-through. :D

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Pretty sure this will just be the previously announced SmartGlass technology:

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Interesting interview, really good selection of questions!

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I'd much rather pay for content like this that adds to the story of the game and the universe than pay for multiplayer maps that hardly ever come up in matchmaking.

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It's 12 hours of campaign content. That's as much as the whole single player game, how can you expect them to give that for free?

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Original story is from, so give them the traffic they deserve!

Images are easier to view on LittleEnglishHaloBlog.

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Could you add my site as an alternate source, please. Seeing as you've used my image.


Thanks! :)

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