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Don't try talking sense to them. They are too emotionally invested in this to listen to reason, like the fat guy alone in his room wiring money to his Nigerian fiancee.

They should have stopped a long time ago. instead of a great space shooter, you get an okay space shooter stapled and glued to a mediocre FPS and a mediocre MMO. #1.1.1
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PC gamer reads these posts, feels pity. #12
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How can you deliver a better service than FREE?

The courts and the laws have never caught up because like most gov't enterprises they are incompetent and inefficient. If there was strong enforcement from day one, this never would have happened. #3.1.3
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Amuro the Anime industry has been absolutely destroyed by piracy. American distributors have shut down one after the other until only two or three remain.

Anime expanded outside of Japan because it got put on cable in the 90's. That's all. #3.2.1
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Day one purchase for sure! #2.1
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No game is worth the purchase of an otherwise dead system. #1.3
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Venture capitalists, publishers, and entrepreneurs did not give chris roberts any money for twenty years FOR A REASON.

Crowdfunding ... and we all know how smart crowds can be... #1.2
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That is what people don't understand. Once they get your money, they win. No matter how bad the game is.

And suckers buying into hype just ensure that companies do it all over again. #4.3
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I am personally fed up with tlou. Only reason ppl give a damn is because there are so few good games coming out, and zero big budget single player ones. #1.7
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I would play as the rat face hacker Defalt. #1.2.3
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I remember when games were a place to get away from the constant competition and conflict in real life.

Now every company is pushing this pro gamer crap its absurd. Every game has leaderboards and stats and win loss ratios, its pathetic. #1.2
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I really hope you guys have figured out by now that stories like this are nothing more than paid advertisements. #1.12
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Its not PvP its just you and some grade F boot camp washouts shooting AI soldiers. Gets boring.

There are a few pVP servers but few and far between. #1.2
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Leave the union? Easier said than done. Good luck get any work in the US on movies, commercials, theater, radio, or even backup bands on TV shows. #3.1
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I'd be bored too if all I had was a PS4.... well, one less useless gaming blog cluttering up the net. #3
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Have to admit, as a person who games on PC myself, that all the graphics in the world won't save a boring game. Had more fun with Fez. #5.4
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You want to hear a youtuber cry, tug his purse strings. VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS! #3.2.1
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So you are saying the people who create the games these 'lets play' guys are streaming deserves nothing?

Cut the BS, lets play videos have become a cottage industry and its about MONEY and nothing else. Ad revenue from youtube. VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS.
Most of the letsplay youtubers are awful and just blunder through content so they can post it ASAP and get more views.
Also, in the case of single player games, its the same as streaming a copyrighted movi... #1.3
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Uh oh you are speaking logic to the kiddies expect to be downvoted. #3.1
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Most expertly for amusement!

But seriously this article was almost unreadably bad, wtf N4G... #2.1
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