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"Play games, not sales."


Cliffy B had been a resident of his own backside in recent years and he's also a supporter of fleecing the customer so I suppose we'll have to wait and see. #13.1.1
Sorry Cliffy, I don't see you doing spectacularly well on Pc so I think it's you who should be hitting up Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. #13
Has to be said I enjoyed it too, and I'll be giving this one a try....albeit with low expectations. #2.2
It's a shame because Hitman is perfect movie material. #3
Get off your high horse there chief, the disdain for Cliffy has very little to do with Xbox or Playstation. If you've been around games as long as some of your comment history suggest and not since June this year as your profile suggests then you would know he is a compulsive defender of the corporate shill and customer fleecing. #17.1.1
Surely that says more about Titanfall than PC? #9.2
Because it's running the map on dedicated servers in multiplayer and running it locally on single player.

I suspect that "cloud compute" (dedicated servers) will likely be utilized in this manner due to there cost to run. Multiple players on one server or everybody needing one server each, the latter required for full destruction in single player. #3.4
I would happily agree with your reasoning completely, except with Gta of course. For sheer content alone, nevermind everything else it does beyond your average mainstream game it deserves the sales it has received. We'll have to agree to disagree. #7.3.2
Care to furnish us with an example? #7.3
We accept this now in any form or by any excuse and it becomes the norm, then what?...Publishers are always looking for more ways to fleece the consumer, so we have to stop this now.

Fine, it helps fund free maps, but my issue with unlockables being available for cash is that the said unlockables are usually made more irritating gain than normal to incentivize the player to pay...something that will get worse if not stopped.

The Championship reason I don'... #2.1
Video is better!

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #2
Milky, milky! #8
Well said, It's getting increasingly unbearable contstantly reading misandrist opinions thinly disguised as equality championing. #1.3
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How about don't publish unachievable release dates! #4
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Sweet mother of Hades, here we go again!........anybody that doesn't live in North Korea can complain as much as they bloody well like. #25
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It's not a perfect world where everybody has the same opinion on anything and everything. Criticism is inevitable and necessary. Before having an aneurysm it might be worth remembering this. #14.1
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Too soon Ubisoft....... Too soon! #10
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No.....that is all. #13
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If the end result of my work was anywhere near as bad as what we are seeing lately, I would no longer have a job. I would likely be up in front of a judge also.

There is making a living, and then there is making obscene amounts of undeserved money. Everybody should strive for something between the two, whereas some of these publishers will accept no less than the latter. #1.3.1
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Because I can buy whatever the hell I like.

But if a real reason is required then so be it. I bought GtaV for the simple fact that it is immense fun with friends, and all my closest friends have bought it too. With Tomb Raider and Diablo 3, due to too many games to catch up on last gen they didn't get a look in, but thankfully due to normal first year drought on new gen I got the chance and in an improved state. #21
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