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"Play games, not sales."


Being published by EA I have very little faith in the quality of Battlefront. #1
Bungie are independent, so therefore Activision do not own them or the Destiny IP. We can all assume that Destiny is safe for the time being. #15.1
Which more than likely means they won't. #10

Just.....can't...... Breath!

Hilarious 😂 #2.2.7
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When somebody blames Microsoft, have a little cry! #1.4.2
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True, but at least GTA V was polished and relatively bug free compared to BF 4. Isn't BF 4 still bug ridden? #6.1.1
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With their reputation of kicking games out of the door unfinished, EA are going to struggle attracting anybody new. #6
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Best Microsoft presser in years, don't see that as a bad thing. #8
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Never enough is it Crytek?

If it's not good enough, then don't bother, I'm sure you will hardly be missed. #32
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Much like Sony and the Ps3 launch it's going to take more than a few months to accept a change in attitude.

Microsoft have been acting detrimentally to gamers for 3+ years up until now, which is far worse than anything Sony have done. To this day there are still those that don't see it. There is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution. #1.2.2
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Mobile gaming exists and that's fine, occasionally I will play something on my phone, but when all the bandwagon jumping journalists are telling me that mobile gaming is the death of console and Pc gaming I will have something to say.

Yes, some individuals will overstep the line but voicing an opinion much agreed on amongst gamers is not bullying. We are the ones who ultimately dictate the industry with what we buy and we are still buying console and Pc hardware and soft... #9
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Why not?

Today's successful indie devs are tomorrow's AAA devs. Why stifle hidden talent? #6
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What about genuine criticism? What you suggest is censorship, and if game devs don't see any criticism then they could be missing improving a genuine gripe. #5.3
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This is normal practice folks, normal now and has been normal on consoles since the beginning of the last generation. Normal on Pcs for much longer.

Just because Microsoft have a name for their future graphical software upgrade and are using it as a selling point DOES NOT mean it is a new practice or the end of non XBOX gaming hardware.

A message to the gaming media: stop baiting the fanboys. #13
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What an insightful and well thought out comment........well done. #1.6.1
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Wipe the rabid foam from your chin, and take a good look around.

There is dirt flying around from both sides, the only way to stop it is to remove all social features from websites. Not gonna happen.

I assume your lack of bubbles is for good behaviour huh? #4.5.2
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More is more regardless of what it achieves. #4.4.1
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Free-to-play has a future in the games industry, it's certainly not THE future.

Candy Crush definitely does not have a future when the casuals move on. #15
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Difficult question to answer, each generation has made it's mark in the history of gaming.

With that said, reading your blog has been a pleasant trip down memory lane. I too started out on a Pong rip-off, then on to the Atari 2600. They haven't aged too well, but they were fantastic systems. #5
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TF is only a 200+ hour experience if you are partial to repetitive online shooters.

If you have 1000 developers itching to work with your platform, automatically you will have a majority of those being independent. Whether you like it or not, Sony have fewer and less restrictive terms. Good news for those who like Indy AND triple A titles. #1.1.7
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