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"Play games, not sales."


What an insightful and well thought out comment........well done. #1.6.1
Wipe the rabid foam from your chin, and take a good look around.

There is dirt flying around from both sides, the only way to stop it is to remove all social features from websites. Not gonna happen.

I assume your lack of bubbles is for good behaviour huh? #4.5.2
More is more regardless of what it achieves. #4.4.1
Free-to-play has a future in the games industry, it's certainly not THE future.

Candy Crush definitely does not have a future when the casuals move on. #15
Difficult question to answer, each generation has made it's mark in the history of gaming.

With that said, reading your blog has been a pleasant trip down memory lane. I too started out on a Pong rip-off, then on to the Atari 2600. They haven't aged too well, but they were fantastic systems. #5

TF is only a 200+ hour experience if you are partial to repetitive online shooters.

If you have 1000 developers itching to work with your platform, automatically you will have a majority of those being independent. Whether you like it or not, Sony have fewer and less restrictive terms. Good news for those who like Indy AND triple A titles. #1.1.7
You didn't just try to make a point whilst claiming opinion as fact?

Oh!you did?..........priceless. #11.2
Well ok then? #12
You and your PC are the centre of your universe, not everybody else's. #1.3.1
While I agree somewhat with the sentiment, I can't help thinking that overall it amounts to censorship.

Yes, there are bad apples in the community and a more robust moderation process is required, but let's not dismiss what a genuine negative perspective can provide. #2
Obviously that is personal opinion, but it does appear to be the polar opposite of your audience. #6.1.1
Another reviewer that doesn't get it. #6
Staying within the confines of the Batman universe, he is a night prowler. As such general public would be at a minimum anyway, even without an overshadowing threat. #2.2
100% agree #17.1.1

Just wow!! All that to say I can't play Titanfall on Ps4, when at the end of the day I don't need one anyway.

In response to your Pc rant, by today's standards a low spec one will suffice. #18.1.2
Where did i say Sony were perfect?

That's right I didn't!

As for damaging the industry, obviously this is an opinion:-
Parity clauses, stifling devs.
Timed exclusive dlc, fueling hostility and wasting money that could be spent on full games.
Attempted policies on X1 and blaming gamers for not understanding the message when they didn't give a clear one.
Charge fee for p2p network which annoyingly Sony has f... #17.1.2
We can easily enjoy it without an Xbox. Have you forgotten it's not exclusive.

As for boring, I could say the same thing about Titanfall if I haven't played it, which I haven't so I won't. #18.1
Unfortunately double standards are a part of human nature, but it still doesn't detract from the opinion that Microsoft are treated as the media's sweetheart despite being damaging to the gaming industry. #17.1
That's very unfortunate news. #17
The CoD community is toxic to everybody. #23.1
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