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Yea I wouldn't have disagreed with ya buddy. But yea next time i'll vote with my wallet.

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Nothing shocking. My friend had that happen to him and everyone was rubberbanding like hell (after the rubberbanding update) and two of my friends got kicked out of the match. Bravo EA you got my $100 and I can't get it back.

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That would actually be awesome lol never thought of that.

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100% truth. Sad but true.

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I swear I was about to say the same thing. Their giving people dislikes because they had an issue with their contoller. I'm a sony fan but I don't praise every single thing they do and I can see through some of their bs.

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I hope its God of War 4.

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Sad but probably true

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True, theres no comparison. Well after EA fixes everything. Sunzabyches.

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I don't understand this "you have to be a KZ fan" thing because I loved Killzone way before BF and never really like COD since 4. But killzone is not that hard to play and they basically dumbed it down to a COD game after KZ2. KZ3 was good but you could feel COD creeping in and shadowfall honestly doesn't feel like a KZ game at times. The weapons hardly have weight theres barely any recoil and no innovative weapons at all. As far as trade-ins go I would never sell a brand ne...

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I'm not bad at killzone at all. I owned 2,3 and shadowfall but after 2 they took a few steps back and shadowfall is just barebones as hell. Seems like they basically stripped the entire game down just for the graphics or to rush it out for next gen. The online was solid but it got boring extremely fast because of limited match types, classes, weapons, etc. Btw I literally couldn't connect online when I purchased it because I kept getting an error code until they patched it the next we...

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Got about $43 with the recent trade bonus for ps4 which only cost me almost $8 for another used game.

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A 7/10 is pretty below average man.

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Damn, you should work for a major game review website because if that's not honesty idk what it is...thanks for the heads up man.

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Sad, but true.

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What do I do?

Step 1. Buy the game new after GOOD previews and reviews if its a new franchise that I've never played before or if its one of my favorite franchise games made by a top company who I feel that I can trust these days.

Step 2. Play it until I get bored with it

Step 3. TRADE it to Gamestop to get another GOOD new or USED game until I get bored with it and repeat the process from step 1.

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That almost brought a tear to my eye lol...that's what some of these people defending this article don't understand. Times are getting harder by the day and no one has a lot of money these days to spend on a $60 video game. If the defenders have that type of money I can't hate on that, but everyone cannot cover expenses on food, gas, children, etc. and try to buy brand new $60 games at the same time because the developers aren't getting A complete share...WHO CARES!!!

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You couldn't have said it any better.

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It's a video game and Kratos can be whatever color David Jaffe chose him to be. They made him tan and chose T.C. Carson for a reason. The original character model had dreadlocks. Out of everyone Kratos is the only one thats extremely tan. Btw the oracle was black, she sure as hell wasn't an old white lady.

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uh yes

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